Homosexuality is a choice, not a sin And she obsolete from my life forever

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Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



Homosexuality is a choice, not a sin

And she obsolete from my life forever…..

Some stories sounds very dramatic, but every drama inspired by some real life events. Few years back when I was passing from some dark phrases of life, I locked myself at home. I was completely broken down due to some very personal reasons. My parents tried hard so that I could recover myself from those sorrows. But, all in vain. Finally, my Dad took me to an education centre for some further education. I took admission in that very small institution and it was just near to my house. First few months I kept very silent, not talked too much with other students, never laugh upon jokes and chitchat even. I used to sit quietly not too much responding to others except teachers. I had been to institution in very ordinary dresses like no other girls.

I meet Papri there. She worked in that institution as center coordinator as well as she attends classes over there too. She was a good student. I liked her because she was so simple and I found such a peaceful kindness upon her face. Even she tried to talk to me. Gradually we became good friends. One day I shared my sorrowful story with her. She holds my hand and assures me that she would remain with me forever. I felt a deep inner peace in her words. Now I am starting regaining myself. But among all I noticed that she always tries to hide something from me. Even upon my asking, she ignores several times. One day I caught her firmly and ask her that secret she tries to hide from me. She tries hard not to revel but that day I was so firm that she could not be able to ignore. She revealed her secret. She said she is a lesbian. After hearing this first few seconds I remain quit looking upon her face deeply. She leans down her face. Then I burst out into laugh and hug her tightly. She became confused upon such behavior of mine because she knows very well that I am straight in orientation.  I said with all smiles upon my face that her orientation never matters into our friendship. In fact, she is my best friend and that best person I ever meet in my life. She smiled in a very peaceful way. She said she was afraid to losing our friendship, as our society never accepted homosexuals. I explained her that homosexuality is not any sin. It is simply a choice of love and I never see anything wrong in this. I asked if she is lesbian why she feels shy to tell this to others. She said society consider this as immoral. I answered her that who the hell society is to decides what immoral and what not as everyday three girl in average has been raped in heterosexual manner. Every day thousands of girls pushed into prostitutions. Every day many female died for domestic violence. Where the dam mortality is there dear? I am heterosexual that is my choice of love and you are lesbian that is your choice. We all are free to choose for our life. After hearing such words from me she felt relief and very happy. Now we enjoyed our friendship with all the happiness. We been to movies, had ice creams together. We had long walk. We shopped together. It was the time started relive. She tied to find boy friend for me and I tried to find girl friend for her but all in jokes. It was great fun, we flirts over the phone. We laughed together in full madness. I started forget my sorrows. Even she too felt too relaxed with me.

After few moths something is changed, I got a new friend and it’s a boy. I started dating him. Do not sure why but somewhere I afraid to tell her about him. My behavior started changing. Perhaps she noticed that. I discussed with my boyfriend what to do. He said simply make a distance from her. We had a fight over this. I said that it is impossible for me to leave our friendship. He calmly agreed upon my decision. On the next day, I told her about my new relationship. She gave a very calm reaction. Saying nothing and left the place sitting me alone. I was confused. I tried to call her several times but she did not pick up my phone. That night I could not be able to sleep for a minute. I called my boy friend and cried aloud. Next day she was, absent in the class. Her phone was switched off. I was in deep tension. I called her hundreds of times in the entire day but her phone was switched off continuously. By the end of the day, suddenly she rang me. I picked up the phone and almost screamed upon her. She replied calmly that she been to some friend’s place, not to worry and she is all right. Next day in the institution, she came and sits, smiling at me very calmly. I asked her what’s wrong. Nevertheless, she was ignoring me. I was very confused and astonished upon her such behavioral changes. I asked her several times, but gradually she distances herself from me. Even she left the institution too. I asked her why she did so, but she just smiled and replied nothing. My boy friend guessed and told me perhaps his presence creates this distance between her and me. Completely unbelievable for me perhaps somewhere this was the reality. However, why so? Both the relations had different places in my life. She was my best friend and he is my boy friend. Nothing relevant between these two relationships. Finally she obsolete from my life. Meanwhile my marriage date was fixed withhim. I called her, invited her. On my marriage ceremony day, I was expecting her. During my makeup time, I called her and she replied I loved you. But you are heterosexual and that is why I afraid to opened my feelings in front of you. She continued I could never be able to share you with any other person. Nevertheless, I know that you wants him in your life as your life partner not me. Moreover, I want you to be happy forever in your life. Therefore, stay blessed and be happy, and she cut off the phone. Somewhere her words made me numb. I could never consider anything from her. Tears flow out from my eyes. I also loved her but as a best friend. I never forget her. She has done a lot for me. Never wrong to say she gave me myself back.

Today she obsolete completely from my life. Still I support her. I am with her with all my heart, in my prayers. Missing Papri.


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