Footsteps in the corridor.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
A critical short-story exploring the inner insanity of a persona who encounters a deominc creature; foreshadowing his ulitimate doom.

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



The night was bitterly cold; the clouds lingered in abeyance and the gusty wind rose in intervals during the tranquil period of darkness. The mansion was benighted as it resisted the luminous moon beams from penetrating its sturdy and domed structure. A sense of insufferable gloom pervaded the spirits of those who gazed at its outer appearance, though its inner appearance was foreseen much more harrowing. The leafless trees dropped sullenly to meet the withered frosty grass as the dwelling stood on a bleak, windswept moor. Ravens could not find a more suitable place to reside than on the roof of this melancholic mansion of malevolence. Its structure of absolute seclusion silhouetted luridly against the dimming sky and evinced the eeriness of its diabolical state. The solitude of the place solemnly imparted nourishment to Judas’ state of dementia.  


The pendulum of the gigantic clock that stood distinctively at the end of the lengthy corridor began to suddenly oscillate from side to side. ‘Ding-dong’, ‘Ding-dong’, ‘Ding-dong.’ The discordant sound continued to reverberate throughout the mansion, getting louder with each shake of the pendulum. It was three in the morning. The clock would not normally sound at this time. Judas immediately woke up; frantic with worry and trepidation that virtually paralysed his pale body. Hid blood dreadfully curdled as he vividly imagined all types of shadowy fantasies that he could morosely contemplate.


He was shuddering in apprehension as he vigilantly trod as softly as impatience would give him leave. He recoiled a few paces as he stretched his arm across to the drawer to procure the candelabrum and matches. His hand quivered fitfully in fear, making it strenuous for him to illuminate the candles. The clock was still eliciting its tumultuous reverberations and now it louder than ever. He threw the candelabrum in agony but instead of crying, he drummed his fists upon the brick wall in a burst of violent rage until they throbbed in anguish.


Judas, as he crossed his room to grasp the door handle, listened to the tempest with sensations of awe. He chuckled as the winds became more tempestuous and uproarious. Lightning started to suddenly strike; accompanied with tumultuous thunder that never seemed to seize. His energy drained, as immense amounts of sweat overflowed his whole body, drenching his skin as it diffused in it. The door creaked so eerily as a cranny was extended and he stepped outside with a heartbeat of a blistering pace. An ambience of stern and irredeemable gloom portrayed utter poignancy and pervaded all.


Having deposited his mournful burden upon this region of horror, Judas was standing athwart to a scary figure of a dark and proper malignant countenance. He saw him; a huge black gargoyle standing at the end of the corridor with evil red eyes that stared sternly and furtively back at Judas. His eyes were deep and sombre watchful. It made it inevitable for Judas to eschew away from his irrational appearance. Judas’ sweat was universal cold and tasted tremendously acrid as it rolled towards his mouth.The creature snarled loudly,  evincing its grotesque appearance and hideous serpentine attributes.


The pendulum of the clock still elicited its loud reverberations as Judas remained stagnant in the lengthy corridor. He felt the heat of the creature’s breath on his forehead despite being about five meters away from him. Judas cursed the elements with the curse of tumult and the frightful tempest intensified in the heavens; causing the heavens to become livid with the violence of the tempest. Judas’ fear was beyond comprehension as he was severely affected, aghast by the pernicious anomaly he was experiencing.


Goosebumps appeared countlessly around his pale body as he was oppressed by the demonic creature and unable to move. Abruptly, the creature started humming unintelligible sounds. “Who are you?,” “What do you want from me?” clamoured Judas loudly. The creature’s black beady eyes continued gazing at Judas menacingly until all of a sudden, the creature started running at Judas. “A place in hell is awaiting you, for your ultimate time of doom has arrived,’ uttered the creature with his hoarse and inharmonious voice. Judas was so perplexed. He shrieked loudly as he ran vigorously towards the other end of the corridor. A cold, damp air met him in the face; close and malodorous. He dared not look back.


He walked into one of the rooms and she the door with relief. He could see the dark silhouette of the creature in front of his door. In spite of the chillness of the night, there was something in the air of the room that cried for an open window. But there was more than this. There was something that acted directly on the nerves, tiring the resolution and enfeebling the will. Suddenly, the ambience of the house became gravely silent. Judas heard the blood pumping inside his veins. It sped so loudly as a sound of small hooves moving stealthily along the corridor outside. Judas turned quickly to steal a glance at the demonic creature sitting beside him.

Judas stared in speechless amazement that was dangerously near to horror. The demonic creature was in his room and suddenly waylaid Judas. Judas was trying his utter best to vociferate and escape the tyranny that was bestowed upon him. It was too late. The creature grabbed Judas’ feet and dragged him to the attic. Abruptly, the creature inserted his long razor-edged horns straight in the heart of judas with a vigorous shot. His blood stained all the curtains and furniture; not leaving a place unblemished.

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