And her day comes

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An ordinary girl turns into entrepreneur

And her day comes…..

One very fine evening in a very expensive restaurant while my husband and me celebrating my birthday, suddenly a very decent woman in a very attractive black dress came and wished me on my birthday. I was very surprised as she also calls my name.  That beautiful lady was in full luxury with all expensive stuffs upon her body.  When I looked upon her face for few more seconds, I realized that the face was very much known to me. With all confusion, I asked her identity, upon which she laughed aloud and she gave me her identity. Believe me I was completely astonished. For few seconds I could not be able to rely upon the entire thing. My mouth left open, she is none other than my old friend Amrita. I was so astonished that how it is possible that Amrita is in such an expensive restaurant and in such luxury.

We meet after so long time. I still remember all those incidents, which took place with Amrita. She stays at some distance from our house. Her father was an accountant in a Company. We are almost of same age. When we were in our 1st year of graduation suddenly, a big storm came in Amrita’s life. Her father died. She and her mother were under loans and debts. Amrita’s father took a huge amount for her education. They decided to leave the place and settled down in their rural house that is far away from main city. They left and I saw Amrita that day for the last time in a very ordinary cloths. They sat in a local train with all tears in their eyes. I had been to railway station to bid Amrita good buy forever. I remember the last words Amrita said with all tears and a painful smile, ‘The Day Will Come’

Amrita invited me at her place in South city residential complex, among some very expensive complexes in Kolkata. Her residence is very beautiful, completely furnished with beautiful furniture and decorative.  I asked her how miracle happens; she narrates her journey from a commoner to entrnurprenur.

 At that crucial point of time, no relatives of them came for any help. Some suggested about Amirita’s marriage, some suggested not continuing studies anymore. Everybody demoralized them. However, Amrita was too stubborn. Every negative hitting made her strong to strongest.  Due to lack of money Amrita’s education been stopped. Her mother started working in a saree packing factory. Amrita faced the ultimate black days throughout those days.  Then she decided to turn back against all the problems and walked ahead. She started her journey from wholesale saree market. She visited many local saree retailers where she supplied sarees initially. Later every week she been to wholesale saree market from where she buys sarees and sold them to local retailers as well as door to door too. After sometimes now, she bought sarees from manufacturer directly and sold them to retailers directly. Meanwhile she started her own designer creation sarees with innovative ideas. She made samples and meet with some famous designers. They buy her designs but later she realized that those designers have sold her designs in big price in the market.However, comparatively she paid very low. Then she took the biggest risk in her life, which changes her life completely. She decided to put her designs for fashion show. For participation, she needs a huge amount of money, which she did not have. She took some loan from bank, arrange money from market, and mortgage her last property on high risk. She knew, either she would have been successful or finished. So many famous directors, movie stars, entrepreneurs, businesspersons attended that show. And, the show had begun. Amrita was standing upon the threshold of life and death. After the show ending, Amrita started believing that her life has been ended up in this gamble, while busy organizing her designer clothes,  she has been called by one of the famous movie star, asking her weather she would design her marriage saree. It was some unbelievable proposal for Amrita. She agreed, and later her designer wedding saree were so appreciated that she got more and more contracts. Now she exports her designs to foreign countries. She has three big factories where almost 500 workers working today.

Amritas yet not get married, upon my asking she replied I do not need any kind of support from anyone to continue my life happily. She said her relatives prompt her and her mother that without any male’s help they would not be able to survive. She proved them wrong. She adopted a girl child. Now she stays with her mother and her little angle that she named Prerna in full luxury of life.

Her life is full of inspiration, while coming back to home her faces in her different stages flashes in front of my eyes. I could not resist my thought focused upon Amrita. Now I clearly remember those words repeatedly, ‘The Day Will Come’.

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