A soothing nightmare

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A soothing nightmare, something that may not seem right, is it really possible to find peace in your own demise?

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017




A soothing nightmare


A nightmare, so cruel, so unforgiving

for everyone both undead and living


Yet this one nightmare is not the same

It doesn't tell you it's you who is to blame


This nightmare is soothing

while the withered flowers are reducing


Slowly only bright and friendly flowers remain

but it's you who they drain


This nightmare... it's refreshing

the darkness giving you a blessing


It slowly turns happy and joyful

while your body is breaking from the poison


It's your death that gives life...

the flowers calling you to the afterlife...


Is this what comes after me?” you think

while your own vision starts to shrink


I want to see them bloom” is what you say

but why didn't you say that every day?...


Please let me live long enough to see...” is your final request

your final plea before your eternal rest


I don't want to die...” is what you want

visions of your life starting to haunt


This nightmare... no this last breath of mine...”

It shouldn't be wasted... it should make the sun shine...”


And so it did, the sun's bright rays filling the dream, making the flowers bloom

while you start to lose yourself, your spirit and mind... your wish is your doom


But you opened your eyes one last time... smiling...

It's beautiful..” you say


Then why leave?” a voice asked

Why not spend more time, like in the past?”

I'm afraid it's too late... but I would like to talk to you again”

You never think about others or yourself, that is what the flowers drain”


Then why do I feel death?”

Because you wasted most of your life, so you are losing your last breath”


Will I see them again?”

That depends on if you can endure the pain”


I feel nothing anymore”

Yet you smiled at your very core


I cannot help but smile thinking about my own demise”

Yet you mentioned the flowers, lying to me isn't wise”


...Will I ever smile again?...”

Only if you can cry and stay sane”


Can I have this nightmare again?”

Why call it a nightmare if it brings you happiness without a bloodstain?”


you remain quiet

...Yes if you ever need to have it...”


Thank you...” are your last words before you close your eyes

...Remember, it's your choice... your demise”


The voice sung as your last breath left

and the flowers ended their life theft

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