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just a run on thought...........

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



as a child i always liked to play games. 

try to make people laugh so they'll remember my name

some would say i was a drama queen 

some would say i was a Little unclean

but my smile would light up the darkest room

laughter washed away the screams

the voices none other then i could hear

for years i tried to drowned out the sound of anger 

exploring and studying everything around me 

only to find a better me.



cold and cut of 

no heart some even say 

truth is im just all heart 

and i know how to play 

warm blooded i may be 

but laughter is my only key


but beware if im let free 

i come with another..

i have another person with-in me 

he is almost like me

but he can be mistaken for a dumb@$$

for he has no flirter 

but at the same time tries to make people laugh

when unlocking the door that keeps as safe and content

w only act on Command 

we only do as told  

but in a way that is with ease and comfortable 


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