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This is a short extract of pharos. I started writing this a year ago. If there are any mistakes please notify me i like feedback.

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



About thirty miles into the journey. The bus stops at a rail crossing. On the bus John and Doghouse were talking “So who’s going to getting beaten up firstly on this people on this bus.” John smiled “I’d say the Steel twins though that freaky stuff they do is helpful they can’t fight never could or will be able to.” Doghouse peered over the seat. “You got to admit the sister well she’s pretty fit… I’d thought you’d say Carl anyway?” John turned and looked at Carl “No. No-one will beat him up first who wants to be known as a wimp beater nah he’d be second. Or third. Unless he starts talking about wasps then ill beat him personally!” Doghouse laughed “Yeah but then he’ll get put in a house in what three months unlike us who will leave when we are eighteen.”

The bus started moving again. John looked out back to see a Honda motor bike moving at high speed it over took the bike and sped off up the road out of sight. Carl watched the bike like a hawk. He reached out his hand and a small wasp landed on Carl’s hand. “You don’t think I’m a freak do you?” The wasp stared at Carl “No I thought you wouldn’t.” Someone laughed. Carl looked up then back down to the wasp. “They are freaks no one can do anything right people just look at me make fun but they don’t understand.”

The wasp just kept staring at Carl “I know he’s a freak But if I send you to sting him you will kill him. And well I don’t need to be a killer like him. Though it will slow down the journey maybe even stop it… No your right they will just send another car. Or dump him at the side of the road no one will care. Eh don’t kill him… What’s that you were the one who stung him first? One that made him allergic… No one of the ones well I’d love to meet your tribe.” At that very moment John leaned over “If you’re trying to get your wasp to make me have an allergic reaction try it… It won’t end well for you.” John made a short but sinister grin and jumped back over to his seat. Then a raw of an engine went by weird though the car was a ford transit black with blacked out windows like the bike it sped off out of sight. John had looked at both vehicles had something wrong with them.  Then John realised “Doghouse remember when we stole from that car collector.” Doghouse nodded “You showed me a car and said something about if a car has no number plate then but what you say next.” Doghouse shrugged his shoulders. “Oh so helpful.” John turned away.


The bus turned a corner. They were near a woodland. Probably Hope new wood. Carl had leaned over again to see what nothing was on the road ahead. As the bus follower the meandering roads it came up on a sign saying ‘Hope Juvenile Facility ten kilometres.” John watched the sigh go by. Someone tapped on his shoulder John turned to see Doghouse. “I remember what I said. They mean trouble.” John look puzzled “What kind of trouble.” Doghouse smiled “I don’t know that.”John looked surprised.  “I don’t know that trouble the best kind.” Then the bus turned another corner on to fork. There were no signs the bust started to go forward when the bike from earlier appeared. The driver had got off it. He was holding something. No one could make it out it blended in with his black leather suit. The driver kept honking his horn at the biker, the biker did not flinch or move. Everyone one was looking forward. John realised what it was “Gun!” the driver fired three shots from his submachine gun into driver of the bus is blood squired over steel twins the second guard shouted “Everyone get down.” They the transit appeared and rammed the back end of the bus where John was sat it spun the bus off the road. John was thrown off his seat onto the ground. John then saw Carl wall on the floor, John pulled himself up. He saw the guard pulling himself up he’d pulled out his sidearm. Lent up against a railing, he was pointing his sidearm at the door. Everyone was now kneeling hiding behind their seats. Carl was just laid on the floor hands over his heads curled up. John muttered under his breath “Really can attack any bus but has to be this one!” John got behind his seat saw Carls legs and grabbed then pulling his behind a seat. Nothing happen for a few seconds the sound of footsteps came from the side of the bus. Then a knife got stuck in above Doghouse neck he stared walking pulling the bladed along the bus cutting a scratch down the side of the bus till he stopped at the door the guard shouted “Surrender or be fired upon!” There was no response then there was a click. The guard shouted again “Sto…” Before he could about twelve bullets roared in his direction. The bullets hit the guard and the surroundings. Blood started spooling out of the guard then everyone started screaming well everyone apart from John, Cent Dog and Cathouse all just hid. Then a voice shouted “Freaks get up or we will shoot. And don’t try and be brave.” John smirked he pulled himself under his seat. Out of sight, then someone got up. One of the steel twins the sister Joana. He little squeaky voice rained up “Hero’s don’t exist. We come freely.” The man then shouted “Get along people. Out now!” everyone got up Cathouse, Cent everyone walked towards the attacker John didn’t go. Then someone knocked three times on the bus. Then the doors of the vans slammed. The some footsteps from someone in heals was hear able again she was walking downside of the bus. Whoever it was go on “I’m here for you child.” A women spoke with a Bosnian accent. On the bus an old wrinkly women with red hair was walking up the bus she was wearing a black lab coat and black trousers. From close inspection you would say she was trying to look younger, her lips were freshly covered in lipstick she’d also recently applied blusher. She had a cattle prong in her hand. John could see her feet and only that but then the cattle prong touched the ground. John instantly pulled himself from under that chair. “Hey don’t sting me… Oh god did anyone every say you had eyes of a seventeen year old. Wow.” The woman smiled “Why thank you now follow me. John replied “no really eyes of seventeen year old.” She leant forward her crystal grey eyes came closer to John and stung him. Which instantly shocked John, knocking him on to the floor. “Here now!” the woman had screamed for her men to come. The shooter from before. He came on board the bus. The woman pointed at John. The wan walked over to John picked him up and placed him over his shoulder, then carried him to the van. The woman opened the door and threw John inside the van.


“Here it is detective.” Michael looked up to see a tall thin man with brown hair and blue eyes that were covered by his circular glasses. The man’s arm reached out revealing several burn marks which had been hidden by his well-tailored black suit. In his arm was a large file with the words ‘Reefomd Case.’ His voice was deep and slow. “Thank you Constable Leftade.” Michael took the folder from Leftade he then walked off. The room was a large hall, much like a theatre hall, two raised zones one to the back of the room leading to medical exanimation, and the over side a platform leading to the commissioner’s office. With a small fence around it like an office at an opera house. The main floor of the office was more like a war room. There was one large table in the middle with a map of Hope and the area of Hope. Then there were several desks for officers of the law. All the desks were in shambles files piled up on the desk no clear parts to work on. They were about twenty police offices on the floor ranking from constable to Sargent Detective. Michael walked over to a desk with two sign one saying ‘Detective M. Ross’ and the over saying ‘Sargent Detective S. Collar’ Michael pulled out the seat and placed the file in front of him. Michael opened the first page a picture was attached. In the picture three people were in it “A Tall women with blond hair detailed cheek bones. Her eyes were deep blue

Next to her was a child. John Reefomd, then a large man next to him fair build with bawd shoulders and a solid face his eyes were green. “Hey move over we got to share the desk kid.” Michael turned to see Collar pulling a seat over to Michael. He sat next to Michael they were both stood next to each other. “What you looking at kid?” Collar lent over “Ah the kids file… I don’t like him he’s scum and the kind that don’t pay you.” Michael moved his seat back and got up “You know it ain’t right to be on the pay.” Michael walked off before Collar could reply Michael was nearly out of the hall. But then a tall white haired man wearing square glasses, he had a stubble it colour was unknown it was both white and grey. He was wearing a blue suit, with a white shirt underneath and a black tie. His deep voice bellowed though the hall “Michael… Collar where are those children!” Michael turned and started walking towards the man “I don’t know commissioner. It should be at the Facility.” Michael reached the room and went in. “Because I know where they aren’t.” The commissioner had become furious. “You know those child snatchers we’d been trying to apprehend. Yeah well they just took that bus. Killing every officer on the bus. Brutally! And took the kids.” Before Michael could answer the door swung open with an out of breath collar coming in. Michael turned “kids gone missing.” Collar looked confused “Not our division.” Michael gave shook his head. “It is. When you put the children on that bus. Collar so whatever dam leads this place has on the child snatcher! No go and find them and don’t say anything!” The commissioner slammed his hand on his desk. Like naughty children after being told off by the head teacher left the room.

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