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A aprt of 300 a week i try and write a short story every week.

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



Before life existed there was two mighty beings.  Time and space. Infinite lovers. But time was not happy. Space asked her lover. “Time what is wrong?”Time was silent for a century until she decides to reply. “I just wish there was more out here for us to see…” Space took no time to hesitate. She grabbed the nearest two particles of dust and through them together, letting the birth of the first star. Time stared at the star holding it in its young form. “What is it, it’s beautiful”
Space did not reply as she started to throw out another couple of dust together repeating this to she filled the sky with stars. “I give you stars because you are worth more than anything.”

Space like stars, yet she was still not happy and as she looked at the first star her sadness beganz to make it age. Until the star died becoming a white dwarf. Space grabbed the dwarf star. “Time how can I make you happy?”

Time replied “This area needs more how about rocks and comets?” Time through rocks out into the cosmos. “But yet I still do not feel happy. These stars are beautiful but they do not have life.”
Space looked to the nearest star, without hesitation he grabbed the rocks around the area, building around one of the closets stars seven sphere shaped objects none the same size.

She then pulled more rocks to her grabbing the dead stars course and building upon it. She constructed earth, “Here this planet, this will have life, a race, a wildlife. It will live for ever be our legacy. For Time I love you so much. I create life… Just to make you smile.”

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