Vigilante Ban

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King Supreme struggles with a new piece of legislation aimed to stop vigilante activity in Vegas City.

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017








“King SUPREME!?! Why have you chosen to start KILLING innocent people!?!” Karen Brinkley yells out, stretching her arm towards the crowned hero as he begins to lift away from the street surface. The hero is shocked at the question and visibly flinches as if he’d tripped over something mid-liftoff. His toe-less foot barley separates from the ground before touching back down gently as he turns towards his interrogator.

“Excuse me ma’am?!” King Supreme’s deep resonating voice can be heard in the ears of all within eye sight of him, even though he has no mouth to speak with. The mystery of how he communicates clearly with people, even in their native languages with such precision has made some people ponder if his talents are telepathic. Especially since, in the video recordings accompanying his heroic feats, this audio cannot be captured. The muscular king focuses in on the stern reporter as he walks toward her and signals to her assistant who clicks his pen as if he’s ready to take notes.

“Is it safe to assume that you’ve met with Judge Knight today?” Karen states as the crowd gathers around in a horseshoe. When King Supreme entered the Vegas City Municipal Building, there was already a large crowd protesting outside, now a fully matured multitude has amassed outside the building.

“Yes ma’am” The King Replies.

“I can only assume that since you didn’t drag him out here, that you agree with his stance on the ‘Vigilante Ban’ he wants to enforce on people like you, and Aceblade.” The seasoned reporter questions and informs her viewers at the same time.

“I’m no politician ma’am. I only want to help.” King Supreme, has never been interviewed by the press, but has been seen all over the world helping those in need.

“But if Judge Knight gets his way, people like you will be jailed for trying to ‘help’” Mrs. Brinkley uses her fingers to make air quotes at the end of her sentence.

“You’re right, but there have been an increase in underqualified people interfering in matters that should be left to the proper authority.”

“Like you?”

“No ma’am. That’s not what I mean.” King Supreme pauses. “I only use my ability to prevent the loss of life and to save others from unnecessary pain when I can. My skin is bulletproof, It’s better for me to enter a burning building than a regular citizen.”

“But you can’t be everywhere at once, can you?” Brinkley’s voice pressures for a continuation. “What if the Fire department can’t get there in time? Shouldn’t someone help those people if they can?”

“Yes, but Judge Knight only wants to put restrictions on those people who are trying to take the law into their own hands. The people who hurt others in order to stop what they perceive as criminal.”

“This piece of legislation will give the Vegas City PD the ability to jail everything from peaceful protest to loiterers with mandatory minimums of 5 years. Do you think that’s fair when there’s such a clear opposition from the citizens who live here?” Karen asks as the crowd becomes a little uneasy. There are many signs and t-shirts that show clear opposition to the newly proposed piece of legislation.

“Mrs Brinkley” Supreme says. “I was asked to come here today by the Judge in hopes of easing the tensions of the people here. I explained to Judge Knight that I am not a politician but I will be where I am needed. I will answer the call, wherever and whenever I am needed.” Cheers erupt from the crowd to the young hero’s surprise.

“YES!” A young man yells from the crowd and gets King Supreme’s attention! “We need you to speak for us who are being forgotten!” The young bronze skinned man’s face is intense with passion. “We write and we march and we speak, but no one is listening. If people like you and Aceblade aren’t allowed to help then more of us will die without anyone in THERE even losing sleep!” The young man throws his arm stiffly into the air with his index finger pointing at the top floor of the building. “Your words have an impact! People listen to you because they know they can’t beat you. If you fight with us, we know we will be heard.”

King Supreme can literally feel the passion exuding from the young man’s pores. He knows that he has done his best to help those in need for the past year, and even though he couldn’t save everyone, he has made a difference in this new world. With new and powerful terrors being emerging from every dim and veiled place, there must be an opposing light that can overcome the darkness.

With nothing more than a nod, King Supreme reveals his intentions to the riveted crowd. As he lifts off to cheers and exaltations. Little does he know, he has just created what will become his greatest tribulation.

© Copyright 2019 Danny J Quick. All rights reserved.

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