The Coin Flipper

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
A flip of a coin can determine one's own fate. However, people make u-turns of their thinking sometimes would change their own fortune.

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



Everyone’s focus of life was different. To John, it simply was his loneliness. He woke up with it, ate with it, thought with it, studied with it, and slept with it. Even though he looked no different from his peers, he didn’t know what to do on the thought that he was such a lonely person on earth.


John craved for having friends, any friend, just one would be enough. His only “friend” was his mother. “Johnny, it’s time for school.” “Johnny, it’s time to study.” “Johnny, it’s time for cram school.” More than being a friend, John’s mother was his commander, his boss, and his teacher. Her only wish for her son was that he could be one of the top 1% students at school and the top one student in class. John didn’t have to hang out with friends. He had to study. He had no time to play. The only thing his mother wanted him to do was, of course, to study.


Long term isolation from his peers and other people made John gradually get used to feel empty. Slowly, his feeling of loneliness escalated into a giant monster, swallowing him down to its colon, yet spitting out no bones, no nothing.


Now John was 18 years old. He just graduated from high school. However, He failed his test to the top university ranked number one. His mother wanted him to enroll a cram school to prepare for next year’s college entrance exam. This made John feel edgy, flustered, and discouraged because he did not know how to interact with people.


“Come, my child. Let me play a trick for you.” One day after school, John went strolling the street. He met an old man dressed like a magician. The man wanted John to be the guest of his performance. He said, “Let me flip the coin. If it’s head, you win; if it’s tail, I lose. I would tell your fortune.” The old man flipped a coin. It was high up in the sky then plummeted down to the back of the magician’s hand. “Tail!” shouted the magician. “You will meet the end of your life in a couple of days. But if you do something honorable, you can live on and be safe for the rest of your life.”


John opened his eyes. It was a dream. He had fallen asleep in class at his cram school. “Something honorable!” John meditated as he walked down a narrow alley. Suddenly, a shadow passed by. John set sight on a figure. It looked just like the magician in his dream! “Help!” “Somebody helps!” John cried on seeing a man with expensive suit on lying on the street. His blood oozed out, covering the surface of the road.


After several weeks of investigation, the Police still had no clues. John was the only witness. He insisted that the suspect was the magician in his dream. No one believed his testimony. His mother thought he had gone crazy. The case remained pending. John’s mother sent him to a mental hospital to “eliminate” his delusion, hoping he can get back to behave like what he used to. “Silent!” John’s mother pushed him not to talk back at the court. “Silence” seems to be the best answer to the murder case. And “silence” was the best act John’s mother wanted him to manifest. John, without a doubt, received the “best treatments” for three years before he finally learned not to hold on to his own views and practice “silence” when interrogated by the law enforcers. Things went well after John was sentenced life imprisonment on the fact that he killed the victim owing to an episode of paranoid psychosis. “Silence” made the cause of the murder and led the investigation to an end. And John, who was silent during the process of investigation, was well protected in prison for the rest his life.

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