I Am The Boss!

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A letter from your cat (in their mind!)

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



This is a collaboration between Hullabaloo 22 and myself:


You'll do what I want, I'll do what I want.

That's right, call me The Furry Commandant.


I am your puppet master, I pull the strings and

make you dance, my 'master, as long as your hand


is either petting me, or reaching for a can of pet chow.

I'll let you pretend you have any control and give a 'meow'


of pretend gratitude, when actually, I could give a rip,

and if ever you stop catering to my every whim--road trip!


That's right, human servant, I'll bail on your ass,

find me a new home, humans are so gullible, I'll find one fast!


You might think I’m sleeping, my eyes are shut tight

But really I’m keeping you in my line of sight.


I’ll make sure you’re doing something that’s for me;

for that’s how your life is now supposed to be.


You take on a pet, you’ll be under my spell

so just you accept it for you might as well;


if you don’t play your part and be toeing my line

I’ll just head off to somewhere where they’ll do it just fine!



© Copyright 2018 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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