Sorrow Wind

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A poetic tale of the progression of life as it's been in misery.

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



Agony and pain

become one once again

As the cold of death

Seeps in through our doors

and windows

Ever waiting to be endowed

Forever wanting to be forgetten

For the games they played were forever rotten

For I have absolutily no fear

Even if I have to face the Grim Reaper's Sneer

Killer's the name of this lands god

I'll keep the sane sane and the forgetten well gone

Aslying here on this pile of bodies

Proves the monsterous society

Of our modern Hypocracy

So no one knows about

The leader of the demons

Which all gather for a midnight feeding

For which they feed upon innocent souls

Instead of eating the evil ones

Which everyone knows to be the source

Of this ipure corruption

But a 0's reduction

Will be mans purest descruction

And as long as it's pure

It's considered holy

While chaos and Peace

Is man's biggest worry

No one knows what the future is

Cause it hasn't happened and is

The cause of this

For this is a world lost to war and fear

For this is a world lost to lies and beer

This is all just one man's dream

But I dreamt it first and rule over the land

Waiting to meet up with the person

Who can have us wake up together

Into the world to which we belong

And listen happily listening to the bird's song

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