Born Hero Kinzoku Ude chapter 3

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Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



The whole class in shock being expelled would mean the end off there career as heroes. Mr. Fujimoto explained "You are to separate into groups of two, the test comprises of three phases the first phase will be an obstacle course the first team to cross the finish line wins, the second phase will be a simulation of basic scenarios and the last phase will be a tournament but there will still be a chance for everyone to pass in this phase you will not only be marked by your wins but by your performance. The rules are short and simple using power of course is allowed no devices that aren't stabilizers or made from your power any other devices you think should be allowed come to me now "

To me the Training Field didn't look like it was ready for such an exam but before I could finish thinking the wall that was about 15 feet tall opened like a hanger exposing the obstacle course.Oto and I were anxious to start, then i thought of something that could give us an advantage. Expecting something like this I brought my expandable metal. I made two pairs of leg booster capable of reaching the speeds of a car and gave one to Oto. We lined up and got ready for it to start using his sound powers Mr. Fujimoto shouted "READY! SET! GO!".

Onpa Fujimoto

Hero Name: Soundwave

Ability; Soundwave

Explanation: Able to blast or project what ever says or creating a high pitch sound.  

At top speed Oto and I took off, close behind us was Suketchi Atisuko he had the same idea as me and drew his boosters. Together with him was Kurai Kage using his power he was able to move swiftly.  

Kurai Kage

Ability: Immense darkness

Explanation: Able to become a shadow at will the darker it is the stronger the shadow.

Then behind him was Doku Ekigasu with a similar power to Kurai he is also able to move swiftly.

Doku Ekigasu

Ability: Gas

Explanation:able to become a cloud of gas but only gases that he has already inhaled.

The five of us pushed forward untill we reached the first obstacle. A maze from the front I was unsure of the length of it so I touched my boosters upgrading them. I jumped the intier 15 feet in one try. The view from above revealed the path for us to take droped back down and told them to follow me. We cleared it in no time, as we reached the end of the maze one of us stepped on something triggering the next obstacle. Robots about a 20, " I'll handle this" said Oto. He aimed his hands at the robots projecting a soundwave that manged to take out six of them.

Oto Ude

Ability: Directed Soundwave

Explanation: Able to blast or project soundwaves from his hands and mouth.

After seeing that I was pumped up, I used more expandable metal to make metal gloves. Suketchi drew up blasters, Kurai began smashing robots and Doku compressed himself and dismantling them from the inside. After destroying all the robot we left the room. Then I realised that if your supposed to be in teams of two how come Doku was alone. I slowed down and asked "Doku where is your pathner" he replied "Don"t worry about that". I was confused then Suketchi brought to our attention that this could possibly be the last stretch. I burst out at full speed passing them as I came through the door and there it was the finish line I crossed it was already celebrating then i saw him. Sokudo Sato he had already reached, sitting down on the track."How did you get here so fast", I asked he replied, "Speed is key", I shuck my head. Then came the other students who were left behind leading them was Furizu Tuban and Kinzika Nomoka. Everyone crossed the finish line. Then soundwave came to announce the placement and give us our points. To be continued

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