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Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017





Blue pentalogy:

1: Uploaded

2: Revenge of the Daleks

3: Fear in Flattwoods

4: The Sontaran Replacement

5: Crucifixion



The console room hummed as the crew set silent. The Doctor with his all white hair that receded in the front and was all combed back, his plaid pants and old black shoes looking obviously worn, along with his black coat that had been recently washed, strode over to the console. His somewhat large nose stuck out as he fiddled with the controls.


The Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, stretched in her chair and yawned. Ian Chesterton leaned on the wall next to a door leading deeper into the T.A.R.D.I.S.  Barbara Wright paced in circles in front of Ian.


The Doctor turned to look at his companions and asked in a monotone voice, “Any request? I feel that I have run out of places on my bucket list.”


Ian replied with, “Well Doctor, I think it just might be time to go home then. You’ve showed us everything you wanted to.”


Susan complained with, “But Ian, there’s so much more to see. Do you want to leave us now?”


“No, I don’t. I’ve been having the time of my life to be honest, but I have my life back home to worry about, too, Susan. I have to teach. I have to pay bills. What happens if I miss church”, Ian answered.


Barbara then had an idea. “Church”, she said, “That’s it. Doctor, for what is hopefully our last adventure; I wish to see Jesus of Nazareth.”


The Doctor stared for a few minutes, obviously thinking it over before he said, “I will take you, if you promise to only observe. We can’t change the culture. A few religions rely on what I will show you.”


“Doctor, we’ve learned our lesson about changing important history. I won’t change a thing”, Barbara reassured the Doctor in a cheery tone.


The Doctor gave a good “mmph”, and then started the machine up. The ship materialized on the outskirts of Golgotha. A cross was being set up by men in roman armor. The four T.A.R.D.I.S. crew members walked out into the field and witnessed the cross. It was obvious what the Doctor had done. There was no way now to save him.
The two romans left and the Doctor left the three baffled crew members behind to go study the cross.

“Wood, yes, hard to tell what kind. This has been used before”, the Doctor spoke to his companions as they followed him up the hill.


“Doctor, I didn’t want to watch him die”, Barbara cried as looked at the cross that would spark a religion so big, it overpowered Judaism in years to come.


“Barbara, do not complain to me. You have a sympathetic side. I can only protect history from you”.


Ian butted in with, “Doctor, you’ve been insensitive in the past, but this is cruelty. It’s time to go.”


Barbara stayed still, though, and replied with, “No, this is a major historical moment. I want to stay, even though it breaks my heart.”


The four of them heard guards dragging something to the cross from afar. It moaned as it was obviously in pain. It was Jesus. The two men then nailed him to the cross by his wrists and left him there to start to die. The burning would take place in a few days. The Doctor studied the tortured man, and was so fixed that he didn’t notice Barbara running to set him free.


“Barbara, No!!”


But it was too late, by the time everyone else was up there, Jesus was free.


The Doctor, utterly pissed off, scolded Barbara with, “You imbecile, what have you done. They will notice eventually, and when they do, what are we to do to stop them? We certainly can’t pin him back up there now. I hope you have an idea of what you’ve just done.”


Barbara began to cry, as Ian came to her defense, “Doctor, stop scolding her man, there is a way out of this. The resurrection!!”


The Doctor’s face turned into grin as he cheered for joy. Jesus lay on the ground in pain. In picked him up and brought him to the T.A.R.D.I.S. as everyone followed. Jesus looked dumbfounded as he was laid down on a bed inside this magical box. Barbara and Susan put bandages on his wrists and Jesus spoke them for the first time with a, “Thank you, but, may I inquire what holy box God sent for me is this?”


Susan began to laugh, and Barbara answered his question with a white lie, “God has sent this machine to save you and have you replaced on that cross by someone who is not the son of God.”


“I am no son of God, but who is to replace me?”


“It is to be the most evil of men, an amalgamation of humanities darker side within a single being.”


“Fitting, although I ask, is he not repentant?”


“No”, Susan replied making the man seem as evil as possible.


The Doctor and Ian strode in just in time for Jesus to stand up and greet the Doctor with, “God, almighty, I worship the, and hope you see that there is no hatred in my heart”.


Barbara gestured for the Doctor to play along, and he did with disgust of the situation, “I believe that you hold no hatred in your heart, but I am not as almighty as you think I am. I’m here to ask if you’re ok, and if you have any requests. You have three days before we leave.”


“Where do we go after we leave here?”, Jesus asked.


“The… ughh, the holy land, my dear boy. Make peace with the people you wish too. You have three days except people have to believe that you’ve been crucified. I’ll see you soon. Now off you go”, the Doctor mumbled to the religious figure.


Jesus then left the T.A.R.D.I.S. on his own accord and the rest of the crew watched him leave.


“Now, Doctor, time for us to find a replacement for Jesus”, Ian spoke to the Doctor.


“Or a lie, my dear Chesterton. I feel we can lie to those romans when they come back. We will just have to wait, hmmm.”


The sun fell then rose over the ship, and as the sun came up, Ian and the Doctor stepped out of the T.A.R.D.I.S. They both took deep breaths and looked around to see if the romans returned. They were putting the cross back up. Ian and the Doctor walked up to them to greet them. The romans looked startled and returned with a, “Hello, do you wish to leave quietly, or die, for this is not the time to take chances for snitches.”


“We assure you good man that we will not snitch on you. We are here to pay you”, the Doctor spoke quickly to save their lives as the romans pulled swords out on the pair. They put them away.


“What is your payment?”, the romans asked.


“I can give you nothing, but the reassurance that you will keep your positions”, the Doctor bargained with this quickly.


The romans put down their swords and retreated scowling at the two who may had just deceived them. Either way, the Doctor pulled out his matches and lit the cross ablaze.


“Do you think that they’ll buy this, I mean there aren’t any bones or left over flesh”, Ian pointed out.


“Oh, my dear Chesterton, there are plenty of dead people around. It’s the height of the Roman Empire. Let us go to the coliseum. Hopefully, we will get us some bones”, the Doctor said reassuringly. The two went back to the T.A.R.D.I.S. and prepared the girls and they all took off for the huge stadium.


They landed in a dark crypt with several combatants starring at the terrifying sight. Ian stepped out of the ship with a bag, gathered some bones and went back into the ship. The combatants all starred, dumbfounded, as the ship took off.

Jesus returned to where the ship should be, about four hours after it took off before, just in time for the T.A.R.D.I.S. to materialize. His eyes got huge as it appeared. He stepped inside just as Ian was about to step out.


“I have seen many things, but my lord has never shown me such amazing things.”


“Well, he’s inside, go ask him how it works”, Ian said to gain time to put the bones by the cross.


Jesus ran after the Doctor and explained his amazement with, “Lord, this is amazing. In two days’ time, I shall travel in this?”


“Yes my boy, you shall. Now, go visit the girls and take a rest. It is almost time for sleep”, the Doctor directed him.


He went into the bedroom where Susan and Barbara were speaking about what they are going to do tomorrow.


“Hello, how was your day?”, Barbara asked Jesus.


“Why you should know my dear, you are in league with the almighty.”


Barbara looked at Susan and Susan said, “We should probably tell him”, winking at Barbara to make something up.


“We aren’t as all powerful as people interpret us to be.”


Susan jumped in with, “We, in reality have very little power, but in the minds of people, like you, no one is stronger. That’s not particularly bad, to each their own, but it shouldn’t be overblown.”


“I shall take these words into consideration, the next time that I teach”, Jesus told the two with a smile on his face. The peace was then broken as the Doctor started to yell and run outside.


“Stay here, don’t leave the ship”, Barbara said to Jesus and Susan as she ran after the Doctor.


Ian was being kidnapped by the romans. The Doctor was running after him with Barbara tailing him. The romans out ran them and they had to give up. They returned to the T.A.R.D.I.S., totally defeated.


“Jesus must know where he’ll have been taken, my dear. Run ahead and ask him”, the Doctor told Barbara with an exhausted voice.


Barbara made it to the T.A.R.D.I.S., walked back into the bedroom, and told the pair the situation, “Ian has been captured. The romans got him. I don’t know where he went. Jesus, do you know?”


“I do, this is how I shall spend my second day, but first I rest. Tomorrow Ian will be returned to you”, Jesus spoke while lying down.

“We can’t wait!!”, Susan exclaimed.


“He will remain there for a few days. We have time.”


Susan sighed and rolled over on her bed in a bad mood. They all went to sleep as the Doctor sat in his chair, thinking about Ian. He slipped into a dream and the ships lights shut off.


Jesus woke up, before the rest of the crew. He walked into the console room and the lights turned on and woke up the Doctor. He got up from his chair, stretched, and opened the door. Jesus left and walked towards the city for a good thirty minutes. He sneaked around the night guards towards the small building where he was once held. He snuck in and noticed that the few people being kept there were no longer alive. Ian was nowhere to be seen and then the doors shut. A roman from before was standing behind him.


“Well, I suppose you have come to kill me. I accept that, but I want the man to be released.”


“I can respect that. You shall die first, and your friends will be tortured, as well.”


“That is unfair, but I don’t think there is anything I can do to stop it”, Jesus then noticed a weapon next to his feet. He kicked it up and held the soldier at sword-point.


The soldier laughed and drew his sword, “You have heart. I’ll take you to the man. He grabbed his keys and opened a secret door. Ian fell out, unconscious. Jesus picked him up, and started to sprint. The roman strode outside and started to yell for, “Help!!”


Ian woke up, and with complete acceptance of the situation, asked, “Jesus, can you put me down. I have working legs.”


Jesus put him down, and when Jesus started running, so did Ian. Romans started firing arrows at them, and it hit Jesus in the leg. Ian stopped to pick him up, but the romans caught up, and Jesus motioned him to go. He nodded and left. The romans then called out to Ian with, “Heretic!!”


He turned around, and the soldier that captured Ian stabbed Jesus through the chest. Ian starred wide eyed as the romans left his body. Ian went back to grab his corps.

He dragged him back to the T.A.R.D.I.S. The three other members of the crew stepped out to see Jesus’ dead body. Silently, they placed his body the half-burned cross he was originally meant to burn on and lit the remaining wood. They left it burn and returned to the T.A.R.D.I.S.


The last day was now upon them, with no Jesus. They took their time accepting the death of a new friend. The four of them then took off, knowing that they only changed things for the worst, they had a man they saved sacrificed for them, and that religious affairs are best left alone.

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