Girl On The Puppet Strings

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But what else could I do? run? my feet have let me down this time. Scream? I was vocally paralyzed, at least that's what it had seemed like. His strong arms scoop me up throwing me over his broad shoulders like a limp rag doll. My eyes closing at last, leaving me vulnerable to the outcome. Completely vulnerable to him. He was fromerly known as "Sir" but his name was Jaxx a 35 year old doctor, with a dark side. He had yearned 18 year old Mya the moment he saw her. he studied every curve in her body The way she walked, the way she talked; She was his favorite subject.. he watched night and day perseverating on the thought of having her. feeling her, being within her, breathing her. Pondering on the very day that he would make her his, and his wish had come true the day he got her and chose her to be his most valued possession. Being controlled and abused in every way, along with being caught up in the life of abuse she was forced into being his submissive sex slave . While putting up an act she is now faced with Fighting for her life and for her freedom.

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Her Vulnerability

Submitted: March 20, 2017

Breaking news: 18 year old Mya Jones didn't come home from school, her sister reports she has been missing for 48 hours now and the police department has issued an amber alert. please , She is 5'5 120 pounds brown hair and hazel eyes. She was last seen wearing a denim jacket, red tanktop and denim skinny jeans Please if you seen this beautiful girl or have any information please call 800-THE-LOST. Read Chapter

Short P.O.V Jaxx

Submitted: March 20, 2017

5 Months Before Kaffy's Koffee shop May 12th 2016 3:30pm .. Read Chapter

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