The Return of Slashfin

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In this exciting second part of The Legend of the Stingray, Slashfin, the blacktip reef shark who escaped from the Battle of the South Side, returns to challenge Rex, the ruling stingray, in a bid to defeat him and rule the ocean. Will he succeed?

Submitted: March 20, 2017

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Submitted: March 20, 2017



The Return of Slashfin

(Part II of The Legend of the Stingray)

AFTER the Battle of the South Side, peace returned to the ocean, and the fishes and other marine animals were joyful once again. They were really proud of their leader, Rex the stingray, who, with the help from other stingrays, bravely defeated the blacktip reef sharks. Rex was injured in the battle, but had since recovered. He continued to patrol the ocean, and everything seemed to have returned to normal.

Until one morning, while some penguins and seals were playing around a skerry near the east shore, they noticed something unusual. They were slowly surrounded by many hammerhead sharks and a blacktip reef shark with a strange looking fin. It was Slashfin! He had rounded up a number of hammerheads to help him with his mission, to rule the ocean. The penguins and the seals were really scared, and they quickly got out of the water and jumped onto the rocky island. But the skerry was not big enough for all of them, so there were a few penguins and seals at the water’s edge, within reach of the sharks.

Rex heard about the penguins and the seals on the skerry from a seahorse, and he rushed to the scene. When he got to the east shore skerry, Slashfin immediately confronted him.

“Give up the ocean, or I will order the hammerheads to attack those poor penguins and seals,” Slashfin demanded.

“Never! You must let those penguins and seals go at once! What you are doing is bad. If you want to fight, fight me instead,” Rex replied with authority.

All of the sudden, a hammerhead attacked Rex from behind. He quickly turned and stabbed the hammerhead. The second hammerhead came at him and the third and the fourth. Rex fearlessly fought them off. But there were so many of them, and Rex was slowly losing his energy.

Then someone started to attack the hammerheads. At first, Rex couldn’t see who that someone was, but then he recognized that it was Spearshooter the blue marlin. Spearshooter was superfast, and he used his bill, like a spear, to pierce the hammerheads. The hammerheads swam away in retreat while Spearshooter gave chase to them. Slashfin tried to call them back, but it was pointless. Now he was left one on one with Rex.

“I’m giving you the last chance to go away. Go far, far away and don’t ever come back,” Rex told Slashfin.

“In your dreams!”, Slashfin shouted as he charged toward Rex.

In one quick and powerful move, Rex used his sharp tail, like a whip, to slit Slashfin’s head, and that was the end of the blacktip.

The penguins and the seals on the skerry shouted with joy and jumped into the water. They said thank you to Rex. Rex said thank you to Spearshooter the blue marlin for helping him defeat the sharks. And all of them swam away from the east shore together under the sunny sky.


The End

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