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a silly short story in poem style

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Submitted: March 21, 2017




Part One

It ended as it began. 

With an almighty bang. 

Guy Stevens had lived a full life. 

A year in plaster was long enough,

to give him the powers that would end his days.


Strapped in a chair. 

Tormented by curious men in white. 

The human specimen was prodded and poked. 

Stung and shocked. 

Stroked and slapped. 


He remembered the day. 

He had walked the wrong way. 

In his boring office. 

The Photocopier Man did not know,

it was a secret government building.



It would be their fault. 

He kept telling himself and them. 

The rage had built up for a year. 

The doctors had put him is a medicated coma.


Guy’s mind found a special place,

in the land of unconsciousness. 

Sherlock Holmes called it his, mind palace. 

Guy Stevens claimed it as his home.


Until he returned to reality. 

The land began in a cubic room of silver walls. 

Before he could figure out how to get out. 

Guy awoke from his state. 

And something about him had changed. 


The average man was now a mass of sound waves. 

Dressed in pyjamas Guy spread his arms wide. 

And a roar made the butch security men disappear. 

Thus began the Last days of Thunder guy.


Thunder Guy burped. 

The gravely tone vibrated. 

It lifted the two other guards. 

One fell head first into the calming fish tank.


There to make patients happy. 

The goldfish attacked the thug like mug of a man. 

Head butting him in the nose. 

His eyes crossed before he fell to the sanitised floor.


The second man flew out of the window. 

Featherless arms flapped to the grass below. 

From the first floor onto a prickly rose bed. 

The pruning gardener growled.


Guy Stevens found the empty security control room. 

By pressing all buttons on a machine. 

All other patients were released. 

The mindless others roamed the corridors. 

Soon appearing in the burger joint next door. 

The drugged men waited ages for a happy meal. 

As staff and customers ran out screaming. 

The alarm was set off. 

Police and Media TV raced to the incident,

at the secret government office of torment.


Thunder Guy found spare security clothing. 

The man in black leapt into the sky. 

Soaring away into the light of day. 

As cameramen filmed the scene. 


There in front of everyone,

a new hero was born. 

It may be his first day,

but these were also the Last Days of Thunder Guy. 

The hunt for him was on.


The seaside was full of sunshine and joy. 

Children played in the sand. 

Parents suntanned with lashings of lotion. 

The lifeguard blew his whistle. 

Something strange was on his beach. 

Heads bobbed around in the wavy green water.


Staring toward the beach boy in a red lifejacket. 

Then at the dark cloud approaching, from inland. 

The threat of rain faded. 

Still the black shroud covered the bathing area. 

A man in black landed on his haunches. 

Much like the Terminator, mused the lifeguard.


Immense fear grew among the twenty or so beach bums. 

The sound of farting was met by a massive thunderclap. 

The dark man wailed like a sorry lion. 

Not far behind him Police and TV crews gathered.


They had chased him all day and a night. 

Beginning from the guilty city office. 

Under the gaze of Fox TV,

bathers and lifeguards became posers. 

Pouting men and women imagined themselves on Facebook. 

Then the terror returned to their senses.



The energy of a thunderstorm eventually fades.

And so did the might of Guy Stevens. 

His grey cloud dissolved into the sand. 

One bang on a lone tympani drum reached most human ears. 


Was this the last moment of Thunder Guy?

The End of

Part One








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