Marina's Descent

Marina's Descent

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Set in the continent of Osalde, the story follows a girl called Marina as she is aggressively pulled out of her peaceful life into the jaws of the terrifying world which is filled with creatures of all sizes, and monsters all trying to destroy the human race.
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Set in the continent of Osalde, the story follows a girl called Marina as she is aggressively pulled out of her peaceful life into the jaws of the terrifying world which is filled with creatures of all sizes, and monsters all trying to destroy the human race.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The End of the Beginning

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2017



The story begins in a small town called Ganavia. With a small girl sitting in the middle of a crowd of guards and other adults, she could not be older than 5. She is sitting on a cutdown log, sobbing. The people scream questions at her one after the other without letting her answer.


An old man with a cane approaches the crowd and asks everyone to calm down, let the girl breathe, and explain what the commotion is about. The crowd turn to the old man and start yapping all at the same time. The old man again asks them to calm down and points to one of them, asking him to explain.


The speaker starts explaining about a boy venturing into the forest around the village due to the little girl teasing him. He explains that the boy has been gone for hours. Upon hearing this the old man swings his cane at the adult’s head and yells at everyone for not starting the search any sooner instead of yelling at the poor girl.


They look at each other with surprised eyes and run around, spreading around the houses and asking for people to join the search for the little boy. The old man approaches the small girl and kneels down. He then moves his hand and caresses the little girl’s cheek, telling her everything will be ok, the boy will be found.


The search party has most adults in the village out in the forest. The children are sent to the assembly building where they are taken care of by the elderly while the rest are out searching. They tell stories to the kids, sing songs and play with them. The night falls and the children go to sleep. That night, the little girl had a nightmare, the boy was angry at her and wanted payback.


The sun barely came out, and the search party could be heard coming back, rushing. The boy was found but he was weak. He spent the entire day in a cave, bit by snakes. The boy was taken to the doctor’s house and everyone was sent back to their own home.


The boy was recovering slowly but surely. Every day people from the village would visit the boy, while his family sleeps next to him. The little girl, however, would not visit because she was afraid. She kept having nightmares, seeing the little boy every night, telling her how he hates her and will never forgive her.


Days passed until one night, something new happened. This time, in the nightmare, there was a horrible smell resembling rotten meat. She opened her eyes to find something horrific. Her mother’s face, so close she could feel and smell her breath, except there was something else. Her eyes were wide as if lacking eyelids, her mouth was smiling from ear to ear so wide you could see her gums, clenching her cavity ridden teeth.


She called for the little girl, apologizing for waking her. She then stood up, pointed to the door and asked her to go outside in the most polite manner. Fearful, the little girl obeyed her mother without saying anything. She walked through the dark room, towards the front room, where she found another terrifying smile waiting for her. The man, smiling just like her mother, was staring at her while pointing towards the entrance door which was open.


The little girl walked through the room towards the exit, where she met with many of the villagers formed on the side of the door, forming a wall on both sides leading to a small boy sitting on the floor. Now terrified, she starts to slowly walk towards the small boy. Too slow for those surrounding her, unfortunately, as their smiles turn to frowns they can be heard whispering “Faster”.


The little girl speeds up a little but her terror is holding her back. The frowns now turn into angry faces, and in one loud voice they all yell “FASTER!”. The little girl now bursts out crying and starts running towards the boy. She covers her ears and eyes as they all yell in sync the same thing over and over again “Faster! Faster! Faster!”.


Right before reaching the boy she is stopped by one of the adults, which forces her to sit. The boy then stands up and looks at her with the same smile her mother first looked at her, grabs her with both hands, holding her head in place as he gets closer. “Marina” he whispers as he gets closer and closer and his smile bigger and bigger.


His smile gets so big that the corners of his mouth start ripping apart. His eyes so wide that what seems to be darkened blood with dried bits on it coming out. His arm’s skin starts ripping apart. He starts chuckling as his stature enlarges. As he towers over the little girl his mouth open to reveal what seems to be a black blob with small spikes moving around on it. Then a small part of it starts detaching itself, slowly dripping down onto the girl without breaking off.


The little girl now screams at the top of her lungs, and at the same time an insanely loud noise can be heard and the head of the monster blows up right in front of her. Shocked, the little girl can only stare at where its head used to be. Suddenly more of the same noises can be heard from around the village and the same starts happening to the surrounding villagers.


The villagers now scream and transform into the same type of monster as the little boy, except their inners expand much faster than before. They then run amok around the village, some people dressed in armor come out of the shadows wielding swords. Noise, lights, explosions, and fire can be seen everywhere in the village.


The little girl can only sit and watch, as both armored people and monsters fall one after the other. Witnessing as her home burns down in the chaos.


One of the monsters lands out of nowhere behind the little girl, pushing her with the sheer force of the landing. The little girl, shivering with terror, slowly turns her head and body towards the monster. When she looks above to the towering monster above her, she locks eyes with it. A tall skinny being, wearing its own ripped skin like tattered clothes, with glowing red orbs as eyes, and its ear to ear grin. Laughing without ever changing its facial gesture.


The monster leans over towards the girl and extends its elongated arms then wraps its sickle-like fingers around her body. The little girl, terrified, screams as loud as she can, struggling as hard as she can as the monster starts lifting her. Out of nowhere, a blade pierces its neck, the face of the monster instantly changes to show its surprise, and in 2 swings the sword slashes away from the neck and back into it, severing the head from the body.


The little girl falls to the ground, and without hesitating she bolts and sprints away from the now dead monster. The little girl, without shoes, covered in the blood of the dead monsters is now running inside the forest. She doesn’t look back, she doesn’t know where she is running, but she isn’t stopping now. Suddenly, after what seems forever, she feels an incredibly sharp pain in her right shoulder.


She falls from the pain at full speed, hitting her right shoulder with a tree. The little girl grabs her shoulder and cries, she is paralyzed with fear and pain now. After a few seconds she hears voices, people yelling. The little girl snaps out of it. “H...Help” weakly she tries to say repeatedly. The people are getting closer, she looks over her shoulder and starts sobbing a bit more while holding it.


In an instant, the little girl clenches her shoulder below her hand and she screams in pain. “I think I heard something.” One of the people can be heard saying. The little girl stands up holding her shoulder, weakly smiling. She waves her left arm to bring the people to her “I’m here” she weakly says.


“There it is!” A loud noise can be heard with a blue flash coming from the people far ahead in the trees. The little girl feels something push her her chest with incredible force, sending her flying backward. She bounces off the tree into what seems to be a hill, she falls and rolls down, bouncing off of rocks, trees, branches and roots until it all stops.


She can see the tree tops and dirt above her, with small thin roots coming from it, feeling nothing but the cold mud covering her entire body. Unable to move, something starts shaking under her, and she starts to slightly sink into the ground. She weakly looks to her right, seeing nothing but mud surrounded by thick roots and leaves. She looks back up and with tears in her eyes, stays quiet, fighting her sobbing as she hears steps approaching.


The steps get louder and louder and louder until at one point they completely stop.

-“She landed here, the blood is everywhere, she must’ve run..”

-A voice can be heard but is cut by another “Run?! She is a girl! Not older than 7, where could a girl with 2 Fracture Bullets on herself RUN to?!”

-The other voice responds “She is infected! You could tear every limb on those things and they would still charge at you!”

-A different voice, with worry in his words, answers the other man “What if she isn’t infected? what if we really are hunting an innocent girl?”

-The first voice can be heard, as if roaring in rage, “You saw what those things did! No one knows if anyone is infected! maybe…”


the voice stops, and nothing can be heard for a few seconds.


-The second voice can be heard again “Nadeen…?” in a worried, yet curious voice. 2 loud bangs are heard, paired with red flashes, the leaves shuffle and 2 thuds are heard.

-“Maybe you two were infected from the beginning” The first voice can be heard as the steps get further and further.


The girl relaxes and without noticing, she passes out immediately.


She wakes up to the light of day, a ray of sun hitting her mud covered face. She starts to panic as she discovers she is laying in a mud puddle. Weakly but rushing, she turns around and pushes herself upward but the pain on her shoulder and chest kick in and she falls back to the puddle. She starts sobbing, and as she is about to call for her mom, the smiling face comes to her memory and she covers her head, curling into a ball, crying inside.


After a few minutes, she stops crying, as her stomach starts rumbling. She attempts to stand up again, but the pain comes back and she falls again. She keeps trying for what seems to beforever,but to no avail. After a few hours, the sun starts coming down, and the forest is getting darker. She hears animals moving around, birds flying.


Suddenly she starts feeling a stinging sensation on her right arm, she looks down to it and an insect with what seemed to be a million legs is attached to it. She screams and against the pain, she bolts up, standing up, and flinging her arm around to shake it off. The bug would not come off, so she slaps it away with her other hand.


Terrified and in pain she holds her arm and starts running, zigzagging weakly, away from the bug. She keeps running until she reaches a river, she stops for a bit and quickly looks behind herself, then to her sides, and even above. Slowly she approaches the river and sinks her head into the water to drink water.She starts drinking without a limit, but suddenly she feels a sharp pain on her left cheek, she quickly jumps out and backs away from the water to see a fish-like creature attached to her face.

She grabs it with both her hands while screaming and pulls away with all her leftover strength, successfully pulling the fish from her cheek and splashing her own blood as the fish rips her away from her skin. She throws the fish as far as she can and starts running away from the river. She starts slowing down, she is getting tired and cannot see as far as she could before. Her vision is getting blurry and she collapses.


She is again woken up by the light of the sun, she tries to stand up, but the pain from her arm and chest kick in and is unable to get up.


After a few hours, she is able to get up. She finds a stick lying around, and uses it as a cane to support herself, making it easier to move around. She slowly starts moving in a random direction, looking at her feet to make sure she doesn’t trip on anything, but her stomach rumbles again. She keeps walking, but this time she looks around, trying to find something to eat. She finds a small area covered in clovers, and she remembers her friend’s dad once told her that lucky clovers aren’t only lucky, but they also are edible.


She kneels down and starts to eat them, as she starts sobbing. Wishing she could eat her mom’s stew, but as she starts remembering, the smiles come back to her and she covers her face, swinging her head back and forth trying to forget the memory. A few minutes later she uncovers her face and keeps eating with tears coming from her eyes.



When the girl finishes eating what she could, she takes her time getting up, and after a few minutes, she is able to stand up and move about. With her hunger satisfied she starts walking again.


After a few more hours she reaches what seems to be the end of the forest, a bright light can be seen on the other side growing bigger and bigger as she gets closer, until she reaches it and the light dissipates, revealing a gigantic prairie filled with green grass as tall as her shoulders and flowers all over, the blue sky and some hills covering the far side.


Ahead of the forest, there is a cottage. Made out of wood from the forest, its roof covered in grass and clear windows. There is a fenced space where there seem to be 3 people. 3 adults, the smaller one seems to be holding what seems to be a long stick.


The girl slowly approaches the fence, while hiding in the grass. She can hear the bigger man talking to the other one.


“Point it at the dummy and press the trigger and a bright blue flash coming from the end pointing at the dummy.son” The girl sees the dummy, made with wood, a crude version of a human, and realizes that was the 2nd adult she saw originally, while the other one was a grown boy. The man points his stick to the dummy and with his index finger pulls the small trigger underneath it. A loud bang noise is heard coming from the stick


The girl takes a step back right as the noise is heard and covers her ears. The dummy is sent flying towards the fence, breaking its way through. She hears them talking and uncovers her ears.


“Well done you got it!” The slammer one turns around towards him in excitement and the adult quickly holds the stick and takes it away.

-“Be Careful!”

-”I know dad!”

-”Fracture Bullets are very dangerous”

The father walks towards the dummy and drags it back to the boy. He points at the place where the bullet landed, now a bright red as if bruised.

-”A shot with Fracture Bullets will leave this mark, which will hurt very very much. They are meant to paralyze with nothing but pain, it permanently activates the nerves inside the reddened area”

-”Yeah I know, they teach us that in school!”

-”They are meant to take down beasts that move too much, like mimics and hellhounds”

-”Is that why you are teaching me how to fire it, dad? Because of the mimic that ran away?”

-The father looks at the other one, grabs him by the shoulders and looks at him in the eye “Mimics are amongst the most dangerous creatures out there son. They take over your body, the take over your life and one by one they take everyone around your life. They have destroyed entire towns and villages before anyone can notice them”

-”Dad! I know! They teach us this in scho-”

-Before he could finish his father shakes him furiously ”SHUT UP BOY! YOU DO NOT KNOW SQUAT!”


As he screams, the girl gets startled and falls back into the grass.


-”What was that?!”


The girl stands up and is seen by both of them, she weakly raises her arm to wave, but before she can say anything the man aims the rifle at her and fires. Right before the bullet connects, the girl trips back and is able to avoid the bullet completely. She falls to the ground and bolts towards the forest, running with all her strength as she hears and sees blue flashes get past her.


Grass and dirt explosions around her are seen as she sprints to the forest. When she finally reaches it, she hides behind a tree to catch her breath. “Bring the other Rifle!” the adult can be heard yelling from afar “We’ll hunt it in the forest!”


Without time to spare, the girl ventures further into the forest. Tired, she goes on first running, then walking. She is tired, but she can hear running water nearby. She walks towards the sound and she finds the river again.

She kneels down and tries to look through the clear water, and although it is getting dark she sees nothing under it. She cups her hands and grabs water, little by little drinking it. She drinks plenty to fill herself. Then backs a bit from the river, sitting and hugging her legs around her knees. She starts sobbing, resting her head on her legs. She closes her eyes to rest for a bit and falls asleep immediately.


She is woken up by the sound of steps close to her, and quickly bolts up and stands up, falling to her knees from the pain. She looks around quickly, trying to locate the source of the noise. The steps are getting louder from behind her. She looks at the side where the steps are coming from and she can see nothing but trees and leaves, it is too dark to make out what is coming. She looks at the other side of the river, more trees, they all look the same as if she were looking in the same direction.


She decides to run past the river and hide behind a tree, so she stands and jumps over some rocks over the river, but slips and falls at the last rock into the river due to the pain on her chest. She panics and quickly stands and runs to the other side, and hides behind a tree. She sits and makes herself as small as she can, holding her sobbing to try and make herself quiet.


-“I heard something from over here”

-”The water, whatever it was must’ve gone past the river.

Some leaf noises can be heard and for a few seconds, nothing can be heard.

-”It was sitting here, that must’ve been it. C’mon boy, if we are catching up to it then it must be wounded or tired… or both”


The jumps can be heard as they cross the river the same way the girl did. She quickly stands up and sprints in the opposite direction they are coming from.


”There!” the young hunter screams as he fires another round, missing, due to the darkness, and hitting the tree next to her, completely tearing off the bark. “Follow it!” The father yells as he starts running towards the girl’s direction.


The girl is running as fast as she can, dodging trees and rocks everywhere. Shots can be heard, from behind her and she can see the flashes lightning the trees in front of her. With each shot heard, the ground explodes, trees suddenly burst out. The girl dodges away from the shots as they land, steering away into unknown directions.


Suddenly the entire forest is lit up for a split of a second, followed by an even louder bang coming from all directions. Rain starts falling from the trees, her clothes getting soaked, getting heavier from the water. Suddenly as she is about to run past a tree one of the shots land unbelievably close to her left side, hitting the tree and pushing her to the opposite direction.


The blast is so strong she is sent flying, spinning uncontrollably and colliding with yet another tree face first. Another shot is heard and almost immediately the rocks and dirt at her feet explode, pushing her once again. She is sent flying once again but this time she lands on her back on flat rocks.


As if unfazed, due to her panic and terror she stands up almost instantly and looks forward. She can see the top of trees below, and nothing but rain lit by the moon in front of her.  Another lightning bolt is seen in the sky, startling the girl. Then the thunder can be heard, shaking the girl and prompting her to keep moving. She turns to the left and can a path made of natural rocks leading down the cliff and she runs towards it, following it down.


She hugs the cliff wall on her left and carefully starts making her way down, only slightly rushing to make her way down. The fall down very deep and the rocks are slippery. “There!” a scream can be heard from behind her, she turns and gives a slight gasp as her eyes widen. The hunters caught up to her, and she can see both of them aim at her. She closes her eyes and everything seems to slow down. 2 blasts can be heard.


She slowly opens her eyes, seeing the debris coming from the floor. The strength of the shot is visibly smaller than the previous ones she has seen but strong enough to shake the floor and make her lose her footing. As she tries to regain her balance, she is hit by debris from her right side where the wall of the cliff is. The wall is far, but the blast is strong like the other ones and pushes her away, bounding and sliding off the path and into the end of the cliff.


She slides off the cliff and uses her right hand to grab as hard as she can, to prevent herself from falling down. Unfortunately, she is weak and in pain, her hand loses grip almost instantly and she falls down the cliff. Bouncing off of rocks she falls into a tree top, into its branches and finally into a small lake at the bottom.


Almost unconscious she starts sinking slowly, but she is unable to breathe and comes back to her senses. She starts swimming up and towards the end of the lake, and gets out as fast as she can. She lays back and breathes heavily, she starts relaxing and almost passing out until a lightning bolt falls on the cliff where she just fell from. An explosion of lightning and rock can be heard as both clash. Screams can be heard and rocks start falling from the cliff.


She weakly looks over to the cliff, now on her right side, as she lays still and she can see a body leaning against the cliff on the other side of the lake, and a person on the floor close to its feet, covered with rocks. ”Danny” a voice can be heard weakly “I’ll get us some help, don’t worry”

The one leaning against the cliff reaches into a pocket on his shirt with his right hand, but he fumbles whatever is in it and it falls to the floor, his right hand is broken. He then tries to reach it with his left hand but is paralyzed in shock as he discovers that his hand is missing.


The girl struggles to stand but is able to do so in a few minutes, meanwhile a voice can be heard. “Stay away from us! I will kill you! Do not get near us!” he is yelling but his voice is breaking. He is very weak from the fall, and he has been hunting the girl for most of the day.


She gets up and weakly starts walking towards them, limping, and holding her right arm. “You monster! Get away!” he says repeatedly. As the girl gets closer and closer, the man can be heard sobbing, crying, and says to her “Just take me, please, leave my boy alone”. She reaches the man and stares down at him. Her face, hidden by the shadow of her now dirty long black hair reaching her shoulders. A few minutes pass as the man and the girl stare at each other. The man’s face is filled with terror, he can be seen crying even through the water running through his face. Suddenly, lightning falls, lighting up her face. For a split second, the man can see her face and his terror dissipates into shock.


His eyes widen as he sees the face of a small girl with black eyes without luster, her face lacking expression, covered in mud, dirt, blood and wounds. Tears running down her eyes. He looks at her white dress, stained with blood and dirt, ripped in every possible place. Her entire shoulder, red, he could see her chest breathing in rapid successions. Her white arms and legs covered in cuts, blood, and mud.


Visibly in pain, the man knows, two of those bullets should be enough to keep a grown adult in bed until the spell is dispelled. His eyes widen even more and in shock looks down at his rifle, closes his eyes and sobbing he says. “I’m sorry, I didn’t know, I’m sorry”. He opens his eyes and looks back at the girl, her stance unchanged. After a few seconds a single weak chuckle can he heard coming from her, her body reacts to it as if hiccups had hit her, and his eyes widen again with a slight sadness in them.


Marina leans down and picks up the device the hunter dropped. She stands straight again and looks at the device for some seconds. It is a small cylinder with a cord attached at the bottom of it. At her town, anyone going into the forest would take one of these with them, it was meant to be used in case of emergencies. The device would create a beacon for rescue parties to be able to find them.


Marina grabs the cord and pulls it off the cylinder, the cylinder makes a humming noise and the tip starts glowing. She isn’t fazed by it, instead, she places it back where she got it from and starts walking away. The light shoots up into the sky, leaving a permanent line of light in the air and explodes high in the air, leaving an orb of light connected to the line.


The hunter looks up, to see the light beacon appear, then looks down to look for the girl but she is nowhere to be found. Without a word, the little girl disappeared into the forest.

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