Four king penguins

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The title is wordplay, say it out loud. A man does a report on nuns and how they treat boys who misbehave. I have to stress that I have nothing against nuns and that my story is fictional. Slightly less than two hundred words. I hope the title is understood.

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Submitted: March 21, 2017



“So, what is it that you do here exactly?” I asked the kindly old woman across from me. That’ll help with my report.

“Our duties are many and varied although most think we just talk to God.” The nun replied. “Shall I show you around, let you meet the children?”

“Yes, that would be wonderful” I answered, eager to finish my report.

She stood up and I followed her out of the room. We descended a staircase into the sublevels of the nunnery then she directed me into a room where choirboys were singing.

“Aren’t they sweet.” She said. “They’re our little angels.”

At that moment one of the boys started to shout angrily, threatening the woman that was directing the choir.

The boy was grabbed and picked up by two large nuns, it reminded me of bouncers extracting a drunk from a nightclub. My guide and I then followed them into the next room.

The nuns let the boy go and each wielding a birch wood cane, they beat him with overarm swings.

My guide explained “This stops them giving in to temptation. Keeps the devil at bay.”

I had one final thought about them “’king penguins.”

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