Pregant and 19

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Melissa is a young girl who gets caught up with the wrong guy and ends up getting pregant but the baby dad doesn't want to be with her or the child

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Submitted: March 21, 2017



Melissa was so young she had her life on the right track until she met nick. He was the one she thought would never hurt her or leave her but the moment he found out she was pregant he left her in the cold with no one but the pain and the sadness. Her family kicked her out of there home she was forced to stay at friends houses. She was only 19 and now shes preagnt with no money or home . she felt like her life was over she became addicted to drugs and didnt recongize her self in the mirror she wanted to die she didnt have anyone. She would cut her wrists to ease the pain . she wouldnt eat she wouldn't sleep she didnt want this baby she wanted to die and it broke her inside like a blade cutting into her back. She said i really wish i never met him i wouldn't be pregant or homeless i would be home. She finally had the baby but the sad thing is she was addicted to drugs she couldn't take care of the baby. So she left the baby on nicks step and never looked back. .a couple of months later she was found dead . the cause of her death was heroin she had a good life unitl she met ricky. She wrote her parents a letter. Dear mom and dad if your reading this I'm already gone don't cry or blame yourself it was my fault i just want you to no that I'm in a better place. I see the sunshine i see the butterflies i see nothing but happiness in my heart now that I'm at rest .

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