Yugito The Untold Story

Yugito The Untold Story

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fan Fiction




This is chapter 1 of 12, it follows the character Yugito Nii from the anime Naruto Shippuden. the story will Yugito on her life journey and experiences, the challenges and foes she faces. This in turn matches with the shows timeline and will tie in as well throughout.
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This is chapter 1 of 12, it follows the character Yugito Nii from the anime Naruto Shippuden. the story will Yugito on her life journey and experiences, the challenges and foes she faces. This in turn matches with the shows timeline and will tie in as well throughout.

Chapter1 (v.1) - The Life Of A Jinchuuriki

Author Chapter Note

Yugito learns of the beast she possesses and what will be expected of her. She must deal with a controlling and abusive father, a duo of psychotic rogues and her inner hatred. Along the way making new friends and experiencing many battles, she must persevere towards her goal.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2017



Within the shinobi world live nine tailed beasts hosted within nine different people, and the village hidden in the clouds is the home of the Nibi (two tails) and Hachibi (eight tails) beasts. They are meant to be the guardians, secret weapons of the village to only be used if necessary to defend themselves from any incoming threat. When the previous host of the Nibi was killed in battle the beast was freed to the outside world from its human vessel, before it was then sealed once more inside a small girl named Yugito Nii at the age of four. This meant the loss of the life she could have had, those who were the host of a tailed beast were known as a Jinchuuriki. This life was no easy one to live being hated and looked down on by the villagers as a monster when yet the real monster is on the inside not the outside, people are scared of what they can’t understand and Yugito must push herself through a hard life ahead, this is her story.

The beast was sealed inside Yugito by the choice of her father Shiro Nii, a well known and respected Jounin within the village. He believed she could be used as a powerful weapon to enforce disobedience against their enemies, he wanted her to follow in his footsteps to the goal he chose for her without any regard for her own life and future. Her mother Saara Nii had nothing to do with this and was afraid to go against her husband’s decision so she stood by and watched her daughter grow up in a world of hatred and sorrow. At the age of five Yugito came to know more about the beast inside her and one night during her sleep she awoke within a dream. She found herself in a dark forest illuminated by moonlight as she walked down a strange path being tempted forward by a voice that spoke to her ‘’Come closer little one…let me see your face child’’ it asked, she wearily walked down the path wondering who the voice belonged to and in the distance she could see a blue flame ‘’Who’s there?’’ she called to the mysterious voice ‘’keep walking my child I must see you’’ it replied, at that moment she started to run towards the blue flame getting closer and closer until she came to a lake surrounded by trees as the light from the moon glistened on the water’s surface. Sat in front her was the beast, it resembled the figure of a cat with one green eye and one yellow eye. The beast was the size of a house and its body was shrouded in a blue and black fire burning all over from head to toe. The beast had two tails, a chain was locked onto one of them while the second chain had been broken and lay bare on the ground. Yugito stood in fear and stepped back a few steps scared of what was perched in front of her ‘’Who…Who are you?’’ she asked in a shaky toned voice. The beast just stared at her from across the lake ‘’You're a rather small one aren’t you my dear?’’ giggled the beast.

Immediately Yugito snapped back ‘’I’m not small I’m just young’’ she said as her cheeks turned rosy red with embarrassment, the beast smiled ‘’Usually one introduces themselves before they engage in conversation, so where are your manners my dear?’’ asked the flamed beast. Yugito stepped forward and looked up high at the beast ‘’I don’t have to take orders from you, you’re not my mother’’ she shouted, folding her arms and turning away from the beast ‘’You are a funny one aren’t you’’ giggled the beast ‘’Allow me to demonstrate’’  the beast stood on all four legs before she then leant forward and bowed her head ‘’My name is Matatabi…Now you’’ she asked, Yugito just stood with her arms folded at first but then she gave in and turned to face Matatabi, as she stepped forward she bowed her head and introduced herself ‘’My name is Yugito Nii’’ Matatabi smiled and laid down in front of the lake ‘’Now child, sit we have much to discuss’’ Yugito did as the beast asked and sat with her legs crossed ‘’You follow orders well when you want to child. Now as you will obviously know you are a Jinchuuriki now, my Jinchuuriki. You need to understand that things will not be easy from here in your life. A lot is expected of you, from your family, from your village and from me’’ Yugito just stared puzzled ‘’But what would you expect from me? And why?’’ She asked as she leant forward intrigued in the conversation ‘’Because you are my host you will be in use of my chakra one day but in order to reach that stage you must prove yourself to me, prove that you're worthy of me like my previous host Shimizu’’ replied the beast, Yugito suddenly jumped at the hearing of that name ‘’I remember Shimizu, she was my friend, but she died protecting the village. She saved my life, i still miss her’’she said lowering her voice as she spoke, Matatabi turned her gaze to her reflection in the lake ‘’We were pushed to our limit and after her death I had little strength left and it proved as my downfall because your villagers were then able to capture me with ease before resealing me within you’’ her gaze returned to Yugito.

Yugito looked the beast in the eyes ‘’Does it make you sad to be sealed in me now?’’ She asked, Matatabi smiled ‘’Child do not worry yourself over me, of course i miss Shimizu very much. She changed my opinion on your village and its people, but to be with you now will be a new adventure‘’ said the beast cheering the young girl up again ‘’Well i do like ur flames, it’s a pretty colour’’ replied Yugito, the beast then raised herself to sit in place looking down on the child ‘’Why thank you Yugito’’ said the beast as the girl then stood up and stared, she turned her head slightly, almost confused in some way ‘’Does it burn?’’ she asked as Matatabi let out a small chuckle ‘’No, no i’m safe to touch if you like’’ she then stretched her paw out towards Yugito, slowly she stepped forward across the lake and placed a shaky hand onto Matatabi’s inflamed paw ‘’It's warm’’ she giggled. Matatabi looked down at the child, seeing the amazement in her eyes ‘’Now Yugito i need you to understand what lies ahead from here on out in your life’’ Yugito raised her head with a gaze of curiosity ‘’You must train to become strong and when you have reached a certain level of perfection we will speak again, until then I will be watching all the time and if you are near death or in any serious danger I will save you…I promise. But the village may not be willing to accept you because of me’’ Yugito then stepped back from the beast ‘’But why would they not like you?‘’ She asked, the beast just sighed ‘’There are some things in the past i wish to forget and events i cannot change. We tailed beasts are seen as many things, power, weapons, a source for both good and evil. But i trust you will do the right thing Yugito and prove to me that you are to be my next Jinchuuriki’’ Yugito smiled ‘’I will proceed through my villages academy and become the warrior I’m expected to be. I swear it’’ Matatabi then stood on all fours ‘’Don’t be blinded by your eagerness and strength child or you will easily fall’’ Matatabi turned and walked away, the moonlight started to fade and darkness engulfed the surrounding area ‘’Goodbye for now Yugito, remember i will be watching’’ Suddenly Yugito woke up from the dream in her bed ‘’I will make you proud Matatabi, i promise’’ she said as she sat herself up. She then heard her mother call her name ‘’Yugito, breakfast’’ immediately she shot out of bed and ran to the kitchen.

Her mother was just setting a bowl on the table as Yugito raced into the room ‘’Yugito, slow down before you hurt yourself’’ she ordered. Yugito was alight with joy ‘’Mother, mother guess what?’’ she repeated as she jumped up and down, ecstatic with energy ‘’Yugito dear calm down’’ said her mother as she leant down to her level. She couldn't help but smile from just looking at her daughter, she brushed away a stray hair from Yugito’s eyes ‘’Now what’s got you so excited?’’ she asked ‘’Mother, i spoke to her. She wants me to become stronger’’ explained Yugito, whilst her mother was left puzzled ‘’Who did you speak to dear?’’ she asked, placing a hand on her cheek ‘’Matatabi, she appeared before me in my dream. She wants me to become strong, just like Shimizu’’ she replied. Her mother then wrapped her arms around Yugito and held her tightly ‘’Yugito dear, you don't have to be like Shimizu’’ Yugito then pulled back slightly to look her mother in the eyes ‘’Then what should i be?’’ she asked puzzled ‘’Yourself dear. Or you can be a big cat, just like Matatabi’’ explained her mother as she lunged forward and raced her tickling fingers all over Yugito, hearing her childish squeals. She steadily slowed her pacing fingers allowing Yugito to catch her breath ‘’So Yugito, what do want to do? Who do you want to be when you are older?’’ questioned her mother, Yugito hesitated before locking her eyes ‘’I wanna be strong, i want everyone to look up to me, i want to make you and father proud, i want to be a full jinchuuriki’’ she claimed with a gleam in her eye ‘’Well you can’t do all that on a empty stomach dear’’ replied her mother with a loving smile, as she led Yugito to her still waiting breakfast. She immediately dug in rapidly, still thinking about her future goals ‘’I’m gonna do it, no matter what it takes’’ she thought to herself as she continued to scoff down her food.

From then on Yugito trained everyday under the guidance of her father and was taught the techniques of her villages fighting styles, Yugito specialised in fire style and was still grasping the control of lighting style attacks. She was also well known for her ability to grow her finger and toe nails to extended lengths with the strength and sharpness of a blade, an ability only she possessed and thought to have been granted from the beast hosted within.  After studying under the guidance of her village’s ninja academy for six years, it was time that she and the rest of classmates put their skills to the test. This consisted of a written exam, a skills and techniques demonstration and lastly a sparring session. Yugito struggled slightly with the exam but passed with flying colours, she also amazed the instructors during the skills and techniques demonstration, all that was left was the sparring session. All the students were lined up outside awaiting instruction, several Jounin, (elite ninja) including Yugito’s father, were bystanders waiting to observe the aspiring ninja. The instructor then pulled out a clip board listed with the students names ‘’First up, Yugito Nii and Ruki Namamura’’ he called out. Yugito then stepped forward into the center of the sea of watching eyes, then a second girl stepped forward and positioned herself in line a short distance away. The girl had long ebony hair and emerald eyes, her vision was fixated on Yugito as she readied for combat. ‘’Bow’’ called out the instructor, Yugito and Ruki then bowed to one another simultaneously. The surrounding area fell so quiet that Yugito could hear her own heart beating rapidly, she took a deep breathe as she brought her head back up to face her opponent and readied herself for combat.

‘’Begin’’ called out the instructor. Simultaneously the two girls charged one another head on, as they impacted their fists started to fly continuously against each other. The girls were almost evenly matched as neither could inflict the other ‘’She’s so fast’’ thought Yugito ‘’I need to catch her off guard somehow’’ Yugito started to plan her next phase of attack, while her opponent continued attacking rapidly like a ferocious animal. Suddenly Yugito ducked low and pushed against Ruki with all her might, forcing her opponent back several steps ‘’Yes!’’ thought Yugito triumphantly. She then prepared for her next attack, but noticed a small grin on Ruki’s face as she slammed her hands together ‘’Shadow clone jutsu’’ she called aloud. Suddenly a puff of smoke spawned next to her, and out of it stepped a exact copy of herself ‘’A shadow clone, even i haven't managed that yet. Though clones are weaker than the original, i still need to be on my guard’’ thought Yugito as she planned her attack. Ruki then charged forward alongside her new companion and surrounded Yugito. Immediately there attack began and Yugito was caught off guard, even though she dodged some attacks others still snuck passed her sight. The instructor was about to step in and claim Ruki the winner but Shiro suddenly stepped in his way ‘’What are you doing Shiro? We have to stop this before it goes too far’’ he questioned as he tried to step by ‘’They are ninja, therefore they must be pushed to their limits. She is my daughter so i will decide when she is done’’ he ordered as he slightly forced the instructor back in line.

Yugito was still trying to repel their attacks but the scales were not weighed in her favour. As the beating continued, Yugito locked her eyes on her opponent's feet ‘’Wait for it’’ she thought to herself watching intently for her moment to strike. Ruki then threw her right leg forward against Yugito ‘’Now!’’ shouted her battle instincts, she pressed her hands underneath the incoming blow and raised herself up straight. Ruki was taken by surprise and thrown off balance, causing her to crash to the ground and grunt in pain under the sound of a slight cheer from the other students. The clone was next to attack, she threw her fist forward but it was swatted away by Yugito, as her right hand nails extended to great lengths and plunged into her opponent's abdomen. The clone burst into a puff of smoke and Yugito turned her attention to Ruki, still laying on the ground ‘’Are you done?’’ she questioned with a cheeky grin. Ruki was drawn in by the taunt and was back on her feet in a split second ‘’This fight is only just beginning, jinchuuriki’’ she claimed as she pressed two fingers underneath her lips and spat a large wave of water. The current was strong and soaked the ground they stood on ‘’A water chakra nature, my weakness’’ thought Yugito as she struggled to keep her footing, being pushed back several feet. The girls were separated by a short distance, Ruki then pulled out two small kunai knifes gripped in each hand ‘’Your move, jinchuuriki’’ she said welcoming her opponent with open arms.

Without hesitation, Yugito extended both sets of fingernails and sprinted forward, locking her eyesight on Ruki. Suddenly though, her foot slipped forward just one step away, the terrain had become moist and Ruki had planned to use this to her advantage. As Yugito was thrown off balance, Ruki brought her right foot crashing into Yugito’s chest and pinned her to the floor. Slowly she began to build pressure against her opponent's chest ‘’Surrender, jinchuuriki’’ she ordered as Yugito struggled to release her muffled words. She eased the pressure and leaned downwards ‘’I’m sorry, what was that jinchuuriki?’’ she asked ‘’My name, is Yugito!’’ she shouted in reply, suddenly she pressed two fingers underneath her lips and spat a large fireball. Ruki threw her body weight back immediately, just barely avoiding the attack, feeling the wave of heat rush over her bare skin. The pressure had been released and Yugito seized her chance, she threw herself upright and griped hold of Ruki’s waist and wrestled her to the ground. Ruki’s kunai blades pierced the ground while Yugito began to pummel her opponent's face, getting in two good shots before being blocked. Ruki then flattened her fingers inwards and shot her palm into Yugito’s chest winding her, she then scanned the area for her blades until she noticed them at arm's reach. Gripping hold of one tightly, she slashed at her opponent but Yugito gambowled backwards narrowly avoiding it in time, as she recovered from the previous attack, Ruki took to her feet ‘’Let’s end this, jinchuuriki’’ she taunted. Yugito stood upright and readied herself for the final push, simultaneously the girls called aloud ‘’I won’t lose!’’ before charging one another.

The girls were light on there feet across the moist terrain, the students continued to watch in awe as the battle neared its climax. The girls continued to pummel and slash at one another with their blades, desperately trying to overpower the other in hopes of achieving their goal. Yugito then ducked low and summoned all the strength she had into her legs, sending her high into the air above her opponent, she placed her clasped fingers under her lips and Ruki did the same. The girls used the elements of fire and water against one another, while Yugito’s flames were quickly extinguished this provided the perfect cover for her next attack. Using the steam to her advantage, she dropped to the ground and rolled forward towards her opponent, suddenly springing into action a step away. Within a split second Yugito found herself stood inches away from Ruki, her extended nails were resting against her bare skinned neck. But before she could speak she felt a cold shiver in her own neck, Ruki stared back with a grin, Yugito lowered her eyes and saw Ruki’s stretched out arm was gripping a kunai blade against her neck. The girls were at a stalemate ‘’This session is over’’ called out the instructor as he stepped out of line and slowly approached them ‘’Lower your weapons girls’’ he said. The girls complied and simultaneously lowered their arms, the instructor then placed his hands on both of their shoulders ‘’For your efforts displayed here today, i grant you both the title of Genin. Congratulations, you both performed admirably in combat’’ he said complimenting them. The girls then bowed to one another, but to Yugito’s surprise Ruki stretched out her hand ‘’Well fought, Yugito’’ she said with a smile, Yugito griped hold of her hand ‘’Well fought, Ruki’’ she replied smiling back in return, as the two shook hands.

As the test’s came to an end, the instructor made his decisions and granted titles to many of his students. It was now time for their next step, to be assigned to a jounin ninja and paired together as a three person team. Shiro requested that he should lead Yugito’s assigned team, and was granted this opportunity, he also chose Ruki Namamura and a twelve year old genin student named Zaku Pachira. The three of them were assigned as team one, amongst twelve others, and immediately they were given low level missions to prove themselves. Over time their friendship and teamwork grew during the course of two years, now Yugito and Ruki were aged twelve and Zaku was fourteen. But Shiro became tired of the average mission grades and seen no progression in Yugito’s jinchuuriki abilities, so he chose to have his team take on a S ranked mission believing that the extra push, may just be what she needs. Shiro had his team meet at the village gate so that he may brief them on the assigned mission ‘’Alright listen up, today we will be taking on a S ranked mission’’ said Shiro, immediately his students faces turned to disbelief ‘’But sensei, are we ready for such a thing?’’ questioned Zaku ‘’I have faith in your capabilities, so have faith in yourselves. Now the mission brief is as as follows, there are two rogue ninja that we must bring in. They have recently terrorized a small village within our land, they are a male and a female, siblings actually. They are strong and ruthless, so don’t let your guard down for a second, we are to trek to the village and assess the situation before tracking and capturing them. Understood?’’ asked Shiro, the three students simply nodded their heads in reply

The group then began their trek ‘’Yugito, can i ask you something?’’ said Ruki, Yugito turned to see the fear in Ruki’s eyes ‘’Sure Ruki, what’s up?’’ she Yugito. Ruki struggled to find her words at first ‘’Are you scared? You know even a little’’ she asked nervously rubbing her hands slightly. Yugito smiled weakly ‘’Of course i am, you would have to be inhuman to not be even little. But i trust in my father, i trust in Matatabi and i trust in you and Zaku. If we work together like always, then nothing will stand in our way’’ replied Yugito, Zaku then placed a hand on Ruki’s shoulder ‘’Heh, don’t go getting cold feet on us now Ruki, we need you to stay as sharp as ever, ok?’’ said Zaku. Ruki then smiled and nodded in reply ‘’Let’s bring these rogues down’’ she said shooting her fist to the sky. The group continued to their destination and encountered a traveling merchant ‘’Excuse me, travellers, may i ask where you might be heading’’ asked the merchant ‘’We are travelling to the nearby village, we were sent to deal with the rogue duo’’ explained Shiro ‘’Do you happen to know anything about these occurrences sir?’’ asked Zaku ‘’It’s a bloodbath, i just passed through it myself you see, most are either dead or have fled. If you were smart you would turn around now, before you get yourselves killed’’ replied the merchant as he continued on his travels ‘’Come on, we are not far now’’ ordered Shiro as he continued to lead the group, ignoring the merchants warning. Finally they arrived at their destination, but like the merchant’s description, they were greeted by pools of blood and deserted houses.

The group was left speechless as they observed the gruesome surroundings ‘’Everyone stick close to me, we don’t act until we know what we are dealing with’’ ordered Shiro, immediately the students huddled behind him awaiting the plan of action. Suddenly they heard a rustling nearby, the group turned their attention in its direction immediately, Shiro pulled out a kunai blade ‘’Show yourself’’ he called out. The rustling began again, when suddenly a young woman came running out from a nearby house ‘’Help me, please, you have to help me’’ she pleaded as she sprinted towards them, her clothes torn and drenched in blood, her hair was as white as snow and hanged over her left eye and forehead. Shiro lowered his weapon and cradled her in his arms as she began to weep ‘’Are you hurt?’’ questioned Shiro frantically ‘’Everyone, stay focused and be ready’’ he ordered, the students nodded in reply and formed a circle around the girl ‘’I’m not hurt, this isn't even my blood’’ replied the girl in her flustered state ‘’Can you tell me your name?’’ asked Shiro ‘’My…My name is Nazuna’’ she replied wiping away her tears ‘’Ok Nazuna, my name is Shiro and this is my team, Yugito, Ruki and Zaku. We were sent here to deal with the rogue ninja, do you know where they might be?’’ he asked as he lifted Nazuna to her feet, she simply shook her head ‘’N...No, i have no idea. But they might come back, we have to go, please’’ she begged gripping his arm tightly ‘’We will make sure you get somewhere safe’’ replied Shiro, trying to comfort her ‘’Yugito, Ruki. You two will escort Nazuna, take her back the route we came. There should be a rest stop along the way that we passed, get her there and then rendezvous with us back here, understood?’’ asked Shiro ‘’Of course, father. Please follow us Nazuna’’ replied Yugito stretching out her welcoming hand. Slowly Nazuna worked up her courage and griped hold, steadily being led away from the blood bath village.

Shiro watched them disappear into the distance before returning his attention to the task at hand ‘’Right Zaku, it's now our job to investigate and snuff out these rogues’’ said Shiro as he began to lead the way ‘’Right Sensei’’ replied Zaku as he followed behind. The two searched each house in the small village, but found nothing but remnants of the previous owners and spilled blood, until they came to the last house ‘’Sensei, this is the same house Nazuna was hiding in’’ pointed out Zaku. Upon realisation, they immediately proceeded inside to investigate, the interior was as much the same as the previous home’s, except the thought to be previous owners were still inside. Laying on the floor was the body of a man, also with white hair and resting in the corner was the body of a woman with dark brown hair, but she was unclothed, Shiro stood and began to think ‘’What is it Sensei?’’ asked Zaku, noticing Shiro in deep thought ‘’Why is this the only home to still maintain any physical remains? And why is this woman unclothed?’’ questioned Shiro, still deep in thought ‘’Sensei, the male body has the same hair colour as Nazuna, but this woman does not’’ pointed out Zaku. He then began to approach the male body ‘’This woman is unclothed and has brown hair, she couldn't be related to Nazuna or the dead male, so then why did she run from this home’’ thought Shiro as he continued to question the situation. Zaku was knelt next to the male body ‘’Who were you?’’ he questioned under his breath, then something caught his eye, the male body was wearing a headband and it’s symbol was being covered by loose hair ‘’A ninja?’’ questioned Zaku. Slowly he brushed the strands of hair away and uncovered the symbol, etched into the band was a crescent moon, Zaku then turned to tell Shiro but suddenly felt a pressure grip hold of his throat. The thought to be dead man let out a sinister laugh ‘’You fools’’ said the man, Shiro spun around to see the sight before him ‘’Let him go’’ he commanded as he stepped forward ‘’Ah, ah, i wouldn't come any closer’’ he said as he tightened his grip. Suddenly Shiro figured it out and realised the danger he had put Yugito and Ruki in.

The girl’s walked Nazuna along the path, standing on either side of her ‘’So, your Sensei is your father? He must be proud to get to watch you grow and learn’’ complemented Nazuna ‘’I guess so yeah, i think he’s just also looking out for me’’ replied Yugito ‘’Well, that’s what parents are for after all, they watch over their children till the very end’’ said Nazuna as she turned her gaze to the sky ‘’So Nazuna, did you get a look at the rogues? Can you tell us anything that might help?’’ asked Ruki. Nazuna was broken from her concentration ‘’I...I’d rather not speak about them’’ she replied ‘’So how much further now?’’ She asked ‘’We have a short way to go, won't be long now’’ replied Yugito ‘’Oh, well why don’t we pick up the pace a little then’’ said Nazuna as she started walking faster ‘’Why the rush all a sudden?’’ questioned Ruki ‘’Well, the sooner you drop me off, the sooner you can get back to your mission. I’d hate to think that your friends might be in any sort of danger’’ she replied as she continued to walk on ‘’Ok enough, what are you playing at?’’ questioned Ruki. Both Nazuna and Yugito stopped simultaneously ‘’Ruki, calm down’’ said Yugito but Ruki ignored her words ‘’When we found you, you were in shock and begging to leave, and now you won’t give us any info about the attackers and you're zoning out and almost running to get rid of us. Now tell us something, who attacked you and why were you left alive?’’ asked Ruki as she continued to pry Nazuna for answers ‘’Ruki, stop!’’ snapped Yugito. Tears began to build in Nazuna’s eyes ‘’I didn't see them becuase i was blinded by the spillage of my family and friends blood, is that what you want to hear? I’m alive because i played dead alongside the corpse of my mother!’’ shouted Nazuna, as she broke down in tears on her knees. Yugito quickly rushed to her side and tried to comfort her, she then turned her head to face Ruki ‘’Are you happy now?’’ asked Yugito, scolding Ruki for her actions. Suddenly Yugito was pulled into Nazuna’s grasp, and she let out a sinister laugh ‘’The tears always work, it’s a girl’s secret weapon after all’’ said Nazuna as she raised a blade to Yugito’s throat.

Ruki pulled out her own kunai blade and held it pointed out in front of her ‘’Let her go!’’ she commanded, Nazuna turned her head slightly in thought ‘’Hmm, nah, i think me and Yugito could become real close. My brother Reiki is going to deal with you later, Ruki’’ she replied as her blade pressed harder against her prey ‘’Please, don't hurt her’’ begged Ruki as she lowered her weapon. Yugito’s heart was pumping a mile a second, as fear took hold and froze her to Nazuna’s will ‘’Good girl, now come over here’’ she ordered. Ruki hesitated but pushed her pride aside and slowly approached Nazuna ‘’I’m doing as you ask ok, no one has to get hurt’’ said Ruki, trying to control the situation ‘’Hm, be good girls and you may get a treat’’ replied Nazuna. Ruki found herself standing inches between her teammate, and the psycho standing behind her, she refused to look her in eye as she quietly mumbled her words ‘’I’m sorry, i didn't quite catch that’’ said Nazuna, Ruki repeated her mumbled words, Nazuna lowered her head ‘’What are you saying?’’ she asked, awaiting an answer. Ruki raised her head and locked eyes with the her ‘’I said. Heads up, bitch!’’ replied Ruki as her head shot forward and impacted into Nazuna’s nose. Nazuna screamed in pain, Ruki seized her chance and freed Yugito, the girls retreated to a safe distance and readied for combat. Nazuna stood across from them with her head pointed to the ground ‘’You ok Yugito?’’ asked Ruki ‘’Yeah i’m fine, thanks for the help’’ replied Yugito ‘’If you're ready, then let’s put this psycho in her place’’ said Ruki as she retrieved her kunai blade, Yugito nodded in reply. Nazuna could then be heard laughing, steadily getting louder and more manic ‘’What’s so funny?’’ questioned Yugito ‘’You just made a big mistake’’ replied Nazuna as she wiped her head up, the blood drooled out her nostrils and down her lips ‘’The smell of blood just makes me crazier’’ she claimed as she licked the crimson river. She then griped her blood drenched clothing and striped it off, underneath she wore a ebony skirt and a chest piece to match which ended just above her heathing breasts, leaving her shoulders and arms bare, her hands then griped a small concealed short sword ‘’You're both gonna bleed for me!’’ she shouted as she charged head on towards them.

Shiro was stuck in place at the price of Zaku’s life ‘’He’s just a kid, he doesn't deserve this, take me instead’’ said Shiro, bargaining for Zaku’s safety ‘’You all came here of your own free will, and now you accept the fate that comes with it’’ replied Reiki ‘’So this was a trap, you and Nazuna did all this, why?’’ asked Zaku, now stood upright and held in Reiki’s grasp ‘’Sometimes you gotta blow off some steam, and these people weren’t nice to us. Nazuna is easily upset, she’s fragile like a flower, so we had to teach them a lesson’’ he replied chuckling slightly ‘’You sick bastards!’’ shouted Zaku, enraged by Reiki’s nature. Reiki then griped Zaku by his clothing and came down to his eye level ‘’Nasty words like that is what makes the blood run free’’ he said with a menacing grin. While Reiki was distracted, Shiro took his chance and charged ahead and collided with the him, freeing Zaku from his grip ‘’Run!’’ he shouted. Zaku fled the house, while Shiro was quickly overpowered and thrown out the door, he skidded across the ground but pulled himself to his feet almost instantly. Reiki then slowly came out into the light, he was tall and bulky like a mountain, his ebony clothing covered most of his body and his headband was now clearly visible ‘’They are from the village hidden under the moon’’ pointed out Shiro ‘’Do you know much about their fighting style sensei?’’ asked Zaku ‘’Honestly no, but considering this guy’s size he’s going to be moving slow but hitting hard, so follow my lead and we can bring him down together’’ replied Shiro as he led the charge.

Immediately Reiki took a swing at them both, but like Shiro’s prediction his movement was slow and easy to dodge ‘’Don’t let him touch you Zaku, one hit could end it all’’ informed Shiro as they raced around Reiki. Together they both inflicted whatever hits they could, during each opportunity from his slow movement ‘’Sensei, we aren't doing enough, he won’t go down anytime soon’’ said Zaku out of frustration ‘’Just follow my lead, we can’t be reckless during combat’’ replied Shiro but Zaku ignored him and made his way to be face to face with Reiki ‘’I’m taking you down myself’’ called out Zaku as he readied for his next attack but Reiki just smiled ‘’Try me’’ he taunted ‘’Zaku, don’t!’’ shouted Shiro as he raced to come in between them but Zaku was already off to a head start. Reiki placed his hands together ‘’Moonlight Jutsu’’ he called aloud, suddenly he emitted a blinding light. Zaku and Shiro’s senses were thrown off course and Reiki seized his chance ‘’Sensei, where are you?’’ questioned Zaku as he tried to navigate to safety ‘’Allow me to help you’’ replied the sinister voice of Reiki, immediately Zaku began to swat at the air around him, trying to keep the enemy at bay. Suddenly his fist was stopped mid swing ‘’Found you’’ said Reiki, Zaku felt his heart skip a beat for a split second, then he felt the forceful impact of Reiki’s first drive into his gut. Again and again Reiki’s fists continued to pummel Zaku, he was rendered immobile from the beating and his blindness ‘’S..Sen...Sei’’ he whispered, barely managing to put his words together.

Shiro was still lost, blinded from the previous attack ‘’If i can’t see him, then i can hear him’’ he thought to himself as he came to a complete stand still. Closing his eye’s he focused his senses on the sounds around him, the area was quiet but he could hear the faint sound of movement nearby, slowly he took steps towards it. He continued to edge closer, realising the sounds were becoming clearer ‘’I gotta hand it to you kid, you know how to take a hit’’ complemented Reiki, Shiro heard his voice clear as day and realised he stood only a few feet away from him. He opened his eyes and though his vision had not fully returned, he could make out vague shapes and constructions within the area around him. Then his vision fixated on the large figure he presumed could only be Reiki ‘’Hey!’’ shouted Shiro, drawing the giants attention ‘’If you want a challenge, then i’m right here’’ he said taunting him, a grin grew on Reiki’s face as he released his grip on Zaku. He dropped to the floor, barely managing to stay conscious from the beating ‘’Zaku, i need you to get to safety, ok’’ said Shiro ‘’B...But Sensei’’ said Zaku struggling to talk ‘’Zaku don’t argue, get yourself to safety now!’’ ordered Shiro. With a struggle Zaku managed to stand and slowly made his way to a nearby house as his vision began to return ‘’The boy was just a warm up, when i’m done with you there won’t be anything left to salvage’’ claimed Reiki ‘’You had your fun, now it’s time to bring you down’’ replied Shiro. His vision was now clear, the two of them stood opposite one another, waiting for the first move to be made ‘’Come on sensei, you can do it’’ said Zaku mumbling to himself. Then finally the first move was made, Shiro raced towards Reiki without a care, Reiki swung his large fist to attack him but Shiro simply jumped high into the air over the giant. As he landed behind his foe, he drew out a kunai blade and attempted to thrust it into the enemy, but to his surprise Reiki was faster than expected. Shiro felt a tight grip on his wrist, Reiki’s large hand was holding him in place ‘’Not as slow as you originally thought now am i’’ said Reiki with a grin as his other hand forced Shiro back a few feet. The hit winded him slightly ‘’This guy’s full of surprises’’ thought Shiro as he stood up straight again ‘’Alright big guy, let’s get serious’’ called out Shiro as he charged head on.

Nazuna raced forward at top speed, the girls barely had any time to react, Ruki pushed Yugito to one side while she dived to the opposite ‘’Come on. Fight me!’’ taunted Nazuna with a blood lust running through her veins ‘’Ruki, cover me’’ called out Yugito. Without question Ruki immediately stepped into action, Yugito took off like a bullet as she ran clockwise around Nazuna and Ruki charged head on ‘’Over here you psycho bitch’’ taunted Ruki drawing her foe’s attention. Ruki bobbed and weaved passed Nazuna’s swatting fist and blade, as she awaited Yugito’s plan of action. Yugito sprinted towards her target, taking her from behind. She wrapped her arms underneath Nazuna’s and pressed her hands behind her head ‘’Now Ruki!’’ shouted Yugito, Ruki simply nodded in reply as she began to pummel and beat Nazuna with all her might, but Nazuna just continued to grin and laugh at their efforts, almost like she enjoyed the pain. Without the girls realising, she slipped her feet behind Yugito’s ‘’Down we go’’ she said as she put all her power into her legs and pushed, sending both of them crashing to the ground, Yugito’s grip was loosened from the impact and Nazuna was able to slip free. She lunged forward and forced Ruki to the ground ‘’I wonder, what does your blood smell like?’’ she questioned, she then swung her head back and brought it back down on Ruki’s face breaking her nose. She screamed in pain while Nazuna just laughed even harder ‘’Ruki!’’ shouted Yugito as she rushed to her friends aid. She wrestled Nazuna to one side and engaged in a one on one battle.

She slashed at Nazuna repeatedly with her nails, but she couldn't land a hit, she was becoming frustrated which threw off her concentration ‘’Your friend is already bleeding, so how long until you yourself let your guard down?’’  questioned Nazuna, licking her lips ‘’Your be in chains before i bleed for your lust’’ replied Yugito. She continued to attack Nazuna but her hand was caught mid swing, suddenly Nazuna struck her across the face ‘’You should obey your elders child’’ she said. Yugito kept her head turned away ‘’Look at me’’ she commanded, gripping Yugito’s cheeks, bringing them face to face, Yugito stared back with a grin before spitting a small spurt of blood into Nazuna’s eyes temporarily blinding her. As she wiped away the blood, Yugito plunged her foot into her foe’s stomach and freed herself ‘’You insolent girl’’ said Nazuna in frustration as she cleared her vision, but Yugito already planned her next attack, she placed two fingers under her lips and spat a large fireball. Nazuna was taken by surprise and dived out of the way to safety, but she wasn't quick enough as the flames washed over her left hand, burning and melting away some of the skin. Nazuna griped her hand in pain and fell to her knees ‘’Soon your hand will turn as black as your own heart’’ called out Yugito, Nazuna remained seated in silence, still observing her wound ‘’There’s something about that girl’’ thought Nazuna. Yugito then rushed to Ruki ‘’Ruki, are you alright?’’ she asked concerned from the blood flowing down her chin ‘’I’m fine Yugito, don’t worry. But now it’s my turn, you need to inform Sensei and Zaku, they could be in danger’’ replied Ruki as she raised herself ‘’But Ruki, she’s dangerous, you might need me’’ said Yugito. Nazuna then took notice of the girls once again and readied herself for a fight ‘’If she wishes to fight me, then i welcome the challenge’’ she called, Ruki then stepped forward ‘’Yugito, go. I can handle this, we don't have time to argue’’ ordered Ruki, Yugito hesitated before turning away ‘’Watch yourself Ruki’’ she said before sprinting down the path ‘’I won’t go easy on you this time’’ said Ruki readying herself ‘’Funny, i was about to say the same thing’’ replied Nazuna.

Ruki then placed her hands together ‘’Shadow clone jutsu’’ she called aloud, in a puff of smoke her clone appeared next to her ‘’I thought a little help would be useful’’ she said with a cheeky grin on her face. Nazuna simply copied Ruki’s actions ‘’Shadow clone jutsu’’ she called out, but to Ruki’s surprise Nazuna summoned two clones ‘’Your right, a little help is always useful’’ she replied with a sinister smile. Nazuna stood idle while her clones shot off to a racing start, Ruki and her companion stood against their attack and the fight began. Ruki was locked in combat but she kept her eyes fixed on Nazuna, still standing idle in the distance observing the battle ‘’What is she waiting for?’’ she thought as she continued to push the enemy back. As the fight continued Ruki was repositioned and Nazuna was out of her field of vision, this was the opportunity she was waiting for, Nazuna then ran to join the fight. She griped her sword tightly as she targeted Ruki, planning to take her from behind, Ruki lost her concentration for a split second and suffered and a punch to the face. As she was thrown off balance she caught a quick glimpse of the danger racing up behind her ‘’She’s caught me off guard’’ she thought, realising there wasn't enough time to react. Suddenly she felt a force push her aside, her clone came to her rescue and took the blade at full force, it pierced through her chest and Nazuna’s own clone was caught in the crossfire. They both burst into smoke, leaving Nazuna with one ally and Ruki on her own, she quickly jumped to her feet again while the duo charged head on. She placed her fingers underneath her lips and spat a wave of water, pushing the clone back but Nazuna was quick and avoided the attack, jumping high into the air overhead. Ruki spun in place to face her but Nazuna’s cold steel was already pressed against her neck ‘’Are you scared? Knowing that your life is in my hands now, with one swipe i could end you right here and now’’ said Nazuna ‘’Then why haven’t you?’’ questioned Ruki ‘’Because it’s the thrill of the fight, the adrenaline of being pushed to your limits and hanging between the balance of life and death, that is how you come to understand your opponent. And i sense a stronger power just waiting to come out of your friend Yugito, but what is it?’’ asked Nazuna, Ruki remained silent ‘’I thought so, well then i will just have to force it out myself’’ she replied as she lead Ruki back down the path towards the village.

The battle between Reiki and Shiro had raged on for a while now, both Reiki and Shiro suffered some minor injuries so far, Zaku had witnessed it all seeing and learning the strength both fighters possess. Then something caught Shiro’s eye, someone was running down the path ‘’Yugito’’ he said aloud to himself ‘’What? How is she still alive’’ questioned Reiki as he fixated his attention on her ‘’Hm, are finish the job myself’’ he claimed as he began to approach her ‘’You won’t touch her!’’ shouted Shiro as he stood in Reiki’s way. Yugito came running noticing the commotion ‘’Father, Nazuna is the rogue’’ she said as she observed the area ‘’I know, and this is her brother. Where is Ruki?’’ asked Shiro ‘’She volunteered to hold Nazuna off. I came here to warn you and Zaku’’ replied Yugito ‘’Zaku is incapacitated, and what about you? Are you ok?’’ questioned Shiro concerned for her safety ‘’Yes father, i’m fine’’ she replied. Then something else caught Reiki’s attention ‘’Looks like the party is all here’’ he said chuckling to himself. Shiro and Yugito both turned to see Nazuna, her clone and Ruki being carried, racing down the path ‘’Yugito, get behind me’’ ordered Shiro, she did as she was told and the two of them backed away to a safe distance. Nazuna came to a halt standing alongside her brother, the clone put Ruki on her knees and burst into a puff of smoke ‘’Nazuna, why are the girls still alive?’’ questioned Reiki ‘’I could ask you the same thing, but i actually have a reason. The daughter has a inner power, i can feel it and i want to know what it is, so we are going to force it out of her’’ replied Nazuna. She withdrew her sword and pressed it against Ruki’s neck ‘’Don’t hurt her!’’ shouted Yugito ‘’Show me your true power Yugito, i felt something during our fight. I know you posses something, now show it to me’’ ordered Nazuna, Yugito was flustered and panicked ‘’I...I  don't know how, i’m not in control of it. Just please don't hurt her’’ she begged. Nazuna then turned to Reiki ‘’Fetch him as well’’ she ordered, Reiki then approached the abandoned house nearby ‘’No, you’ve already done enough’’ said Shiro as he stepped forward, but at the cost of Ruki’s life he was silenced and frozen in place, much to his dismay.

Reiki approached the house and captured Zaku, he then placed him on his knees next to Ruki ‘’Now show us’’ commanded Reiki as he placed a knife to Zaku’s throat ‘’I told you, i don’t know how, please don’t do this’’ pleaded Yugito lost in a wave of emotions. The siblings were becoming impatient ‘’Show us or they die’’ said Nazuna applying more pressure to Ruki’s neck, Yugito could do nothing but watch, until suddenly she felt something. She felt it deep within her, almost like a roar that echoed within her body, she felt a new surge of power flood into her and her mind went blank. She was no longer in control of her body, she fell to her knees as a blue and black fire tail suddenly spawned from her backside, her pupils changed shape to resemble that of a cat and her irises turned to opposite colours, one green and the other yellow. Everyone watched in shock and witnessed her transformation, slowly she brought herself back on two feet again and stared down the siblings ‘’You asked for me, now i'm here’’ spoke the voice of Matatabi through Yugito. Nazuna just stared in awe ‘’I knew i felt something and here you are. You're the two tailed beast’’ she said, Matatabi then turned to face Shiro ‘’This is your mess once again Shiro, and now i have to clean it up’’ she said before turning her attention back to the rogues ‘’How dare you even speak to me, beast’’ he replied in anger ‘’Just stay out of my way’’ she replied. She turned her attention to Ruki and Zaku ‘’Free them both, your fight is with me now and i won’t have them caught in the crossfire’’ ordered Matatabi, The rogues did as asked and lowered their blades, immediately Ruki and Zaku ran to safety alongside Shiro ‘’Both of you get in the house and stay there’’ ordered Shiro, the two of them nodded and retreated. Matatabi then stepped forward ‘’Let’s finish this’’ she said aloud, Shiro then stepped forward alongside her ‘’I told you to stay out of my way’’ said Matatabi in a snarling voice ‘’She’s my daughter, i won't let you throw her into combat alone’’ replied Shiro standing firmly alongside her ‘’Oh this going to be fun’’ said Nazuna. They all readied for combat, to put this fight to an end.

Within a split second they were off, charging head on towards one another with adrenaline coursing through their veins. Matatabi came in contact against Reiki whilst Nazuna set her eyes on Shiro. Matatabi was fast, like a bolt of lightning she swished past Reiki, repeatedly dodging all his attacks with ease. Shiro held his own against Nazuna but his feelings towards the beast was a distraction, his focus kept shifting back to her, unnerved at the fact of who was truly in control. While his attention was shifted Nazuna saw her time to strike, lifting her leg she shot it straight into Shiro’s stomach and then again into his chest, he was forced to the ground after absorbing the blows while Nazuna stood over him in triumph ‘’Too easy’’ she said snarkily as her sword hung over him. Matatabi witnessed Shiro’s downfall, she felt an obligation from Yugito to help him and threw herself in the midst of the action. As the blade came falling down, Matatabi forced it away and took hold of Nazuna, with all her strength she threw her to the ground before turning to face Shiro ‘’I told you’’ she said as she lifted him to his feet ‘’To stay out of my way’’ she continued as she griped hold of him and threw him several feet away, inches off the ground. The rogue duo stood alongside one another ‘’I guess kitty doesn't play well with others’’ said Nazuna with a smirk as she made a cat like gesture ‘’We can deal with him later’’ said Reiki as griped his kunai knife ‘’I have no need for him, you will face me and only me’’ said Matatabi as she extended her nails on both her hands and feet.

As Shiro flew threw the air, he descended to the ground and rolled several feet before recuperating himself. With a grunt he raised himself, feeling ready to join the fight he stepped forward but suddenly a small blue fireball scorched the ground at his feet ‘’Take one more step and i will not miss again. Do as i ask and stand down, Shiro’’ called aloud Matatabi claiming dominance over the battlefield ‘’She’s my daughter, you can’t just use her like a puppet’’ said Shiro lashing back ‘’I made a promise and as such i will fulfil it. You put her in this danger and now i will do what you cannot, i shall protect her from your actions here today’’ replied Matatabi, Shiro fell into silence ‘’Enough talk’’ said Reiki as he swung his fist, continuing the fight. Matatabi threw herself in between the duo, dodging and deflecting their attacks repeatedly with ease ‘’Heh, come on, give me a challenge’’ said Matatabi taunting the duo ‘’Hmm, if kitty wants, then kitty get’s’’ replied Nazuna, giving a subtle nod to her brother. The duo then retreated and regrouped alongside one another, Reiki then griped his sister and threw high into the air with his mighty strength, the team all watched awaiting the result. As Nazuna reached her maximum height she placed her hands together ‘’Starfall jutsu’’ she called aloud as she rapidly descended, suddenly many pure white spheres appeared over head in broad daylight before crashing to the ground. Immediately Matatabi was on the move dodging them as they impacted around her leaving small craters, the duo gave chase through the shower and were planning their next attack. Nazuna increased speed while Reiki slowed his pace down to fall behind Matatabi, Nazuna sped ahead of her and stopped in line, Matatabi fixed her gaze on Nazuna ready to strike but she just smiled as she placed her hands together once more ‘’Moonlight jutsu’’ she called aloud as she emitted a blinding light.

Matatabi foresaw the attack and acted, she turned her gaze away just in time and tried retreating back the way she came, as she opened her eyes again she was greeted by Reiki running at full force towards her. Caught off guard, she had no choice but to suffer the attack, Reiki’s full body weight and size slammed into Matatabi and threw her off balance. Nazuna remained where she stood as she began to laugh at her misfortune ‘’What’s the matter little kitty, can’t hold your own against the big dogs?’’ she asked taunting her, with a snarl Matatabi threw herself to her feet and charged at Nazuna, with a grin she welcomed the attack. Matatabi threw her hand forward and her nails were inches from impact, but suddenly she felt a force hold her in place, turning her head she saw Reiki had griped hold of her tail. Nazuna made a waving gesture with her hand ‘’Bye, bye’’ she said, suddenly Reiki pulled with all his strength and she was dragged away from her foe. She managed to land a foot back on the ground and with a spring in her step she pushed herself off back up, Reiki gave another tug as she ascended pulling her directly towards him, within the split moment she threw her foot forward and stomped his face causing him to release his grip. She fell to the floor on all fours and set her eyes back on Nazuna, she paced forward moving like a cat as Nazuna griped hold of her sword and swung it against Matatabi, the beast was fast and deflected it with her nails. Matatabi returned to two feet and stood only a foot away from her foe, Nazuna raised her sword above her head and brought it crashing down on Matatabi, but she held it in place with both set of nails leaving them at a stalemate.

The girls continued to push against one another ‘’You can’t keep this up for long beast, my brother will deal with you in a moment, and then your be mine to finish’’ said Nazuna as her blood lust returned ‘’I got nine lives so i’m not worried’’ replied Matatabi with a smirk. Shiro had witnessed the whole battle so far and itched to join but Matatabi’s words and dominance held him at bay, then he noticed Reiki had recuperated and was ready to strike without Matatabi knowing. Realising there wasn't much time and that his warning would be pointless and provoke Reiki, he sprung into action placing two fingers underneath his lips and produced a large fireball targeted at Nazuna and Matatabi. He followed not far behind it towards the action, Reiki was the first to notice the incoming attack ‘’Nazuna, look out’’ he called aloud. The girls then noticed the flaming sphere, Nazuna was briefly distracted allowing Matatabi to escape, she plunged her foot in Nazuna’s stomach and fled. Nazuna was winded by the attack and had no time left to react, suddenly Reiki threw himself in harm's way and shielded his sister ‘’Reiki’’ she whispered as she embraced his loving care. The fireball impacted and scorched his back, zinging his skin and clothing, he let out a mighty scream of pain as the heat washed over his body. As the flames extinguished, he fell to his knees before his sister ‘’Reiki, you saved me’’ said Nazuna as she came down to his eye level ‘’We are family, and no one hurts our family’’ he replied with a weak smile ‘’Thank you’’ said Nazuna as a tear ran down her cheek. Reiki slumped to the side before falling unconscious on the ground from the pain, Nazuna remained by his side while Matatabi stepped forward ‘’It’s over Nazuna, surrender now and come quietly, we wish no more harm to befall anyone here today’’ said Matatabi hoping to convince the girl ‘’No, it isn't over, it's not over until we end this’’ she replied.

Shiro stood alongside Matatabi as Nazuna raised herself and fixed her attention on Shiro ‘’You’’ she said pointing her sword at him ‘’You did this to him, you hurt my brother!’’ she shouted in anger ‘’You are both a threat to my team and i won't stand by and let you harm them’’ replied Shiro defending his actions ‘’Then face me, single handedly defeat me in combat’’ ordered Nazuna, feeling he had no choice and not wanting to put his daughter's body in harm's way anymore, he accepted the challenge. Matatabi walked away and acted as a bystander for the fight that was about to commence ‘’Tell me something, why did you bring these younglings on such a mission? Why is your daughter the possessor of such power?’’ questioned Nazuna, curious for answers ‘’I bought them because they need to experience the real dangers of the ninja world, to know that monsters like you exist and must be dealt with. My daughter possesses one of our villages greatest assets because my village is blind, they believe the beast is a protector but we name them beasts for a reason. If she is cursed to possess it then i shall teach her how to control it, then she will never become its puppet again, the beast will be bent into submission under my guidance’’ replied Shiro, he noticed Matatabi glaring at him a short distance away ‘’Am i to believe there is some sort of deep hatred between you both?’’ asked Nazuna as her curiosity got the better of her ‘’You don’t know the half of it’’ replied Matatabi. Nazuna stood with a grin ‘’Looks like i have something to look forward to, a story to tell before you die’’ she said as she stared him down, before noticing the sky was beginning to darken ‘’Under the watchful eye of the moon, i shall strike you down where you stand’’ she said gripping her sword‘’No more games’’ replied Shiro.

Nazuna threw her sword to the ground ‘’I don’t need steel to seep the blood from your veins’’ she claimed, Shiro then charged his foe, the two clashed and the fight began. Both opponents were weaponless and made use of close combat styles, but Nazuna did not seem phased by Shiro’s continuous blows, instead she welcomed each one while returning the favour each time. The rest of the team watched as the two continued to pummel one another without remorse, but suddenly Shiro gained the upper hand against Nazuna, catching her off guard he targeted her legs. Sweeping his foot under hers she was thrown off balance, seizing his chance he then plunged his fist into her stomach as hard as he could before following up with a kick into her lower abdomen, sending her back several feet. She was winded leaving her open to attack, Shiro then spat a large fire ball targeted for her, but just in time she summoned a shadow clone to withstand the attack. Realising she was unphased Shiro frowned in disappointment ‘’What kind of glutton for punishment are you?’’ questioned Shiro, Nazuna just smiled as she reached behind her back and slowly pulled out a symbol piece of paper. She had recovered from the previous attack and was back on her feet again ‘’I have a present for you’’ she said with a manic smile, suddenly she threw the paper to ground within the short distance between them both. The paper exploded with a roaring bang and sent smoke and dust in all directions, temporarily blinding them all from Nazuna’s location. Shiro twisted and turned in place desperately trying to find her, but as the dust started to clear she was already in the process of her next attack ‘’Moonlight Jutsu’’ she called aloud. They were all caught by surprise and as a result they each succumbed to the blinding light, they each desperately tried to navigate their surroundings ‘’Ruki? Yugito? Zaku?’’ desperately called out Shiro, worried for their safety. Nazuna’s manic laughter echoed around them all until eventually their sight returned, Shiro then looked around in shock and realised his team was in a whole new kind danger.

Ruki, Zaku and Yugito all now stood on the battlefield held against their will, behind each one stood Nazuna with a blade pressed against their neck. Shiro could see the fear in their eyes and the blood lust within Nazuna’s ‘’Let’s play a game’’ spoke Nazuna standing behind Zaku ‘’What are you doing, we agreed we would fight one on one’’ replied Shiro ‘’Hmm, that was boring, this much more fun’’ replied Nazuna behind Yugito. They each remained as still as trees ‘’Now, as you can obviously guess only one of me is real, while the other two are fake. If you guess one of my clones right, then i let one of your students free. But if you guess wrong, i take their life. Simple, right?’’ asked Nazuna behind Ruki, Shiro just simply nodded his head in reply, realising his was once again bent to his foe’s will. The area fell silent as Shiro continuously swatted his eyes back and forth between the three of his students ‘’So Shiro, which will you choose first?’’ asked Nazuna from behind Yugito ‘’Why? Why are you making me do this?’’ questioned Shiro frantically ‘’Are tell you why, because you are a selfish and pathetic man who will do anything to get what he wants. Your own ego and anger led you here and in the process you dragged these innocent children into harm's way, including your own daughter’’ replied the voice of Matatabi ‘’Don’t you dare lecture me beast, you have no right, you yourself are contradicting your own words. I know your past’’ said Shiro snapping back instantly ‘’As do i yours Shiro’’ replied Matatabi. Nazuna was becoming impatient ‘’Enough! Choose, now!’’ she commanded from behind Zaku, Shiro continued to dart his eyes across his students before settling on his first choice ‘’I choose...Zaku’’ said Shiro. A large grin grew on Nazuna’s face, she lowered her blade from Zaku’s neck and turned him in place to face her ‘’Strike me’’ she said placing the blade into his hand, without hesitation Zaku plunged the blade into her lower abdomen. A second past but it felt like a lifetime before she burst into a puff of smoke, Shiro let out a sigh of relief while Zaku then stood alongside him ‘’One down, two to go. Don't make a mistake now Shiro’’ said Nazuna.

The tension was rising steadily as Shiro knew his next guess had a fifty percent chance of being fatal to either his student or his daughter ‘’So which one is next then Shiro?’’ asked Nazuna ‘’How do i know this isn't some sort of trick, that you won't just kill them both regardless’’ questioned Shiro ‘’Well i don't think you're in a position to second guess are you. Now because you insist on dragging this out longer, i'm going to begin counting to ten and if by then you haven't made a choice then i will choose for you’’ replied Nazuna with a large grin stretched across her face ‘’What?! No, you can’t do this’’ argued Shiro frantically. The two copies of Nazuna then began to count down one after another ‘’One’’ said Nazuna ‘’Two’’ replied the other. Shiro was lost between who to choose, unable to accept that his actions led him to this situation ‘’Shiro you have to make a choice, i promised to protect your daughter and i’m asking you to put aside our history and trust in me’’ begged Matatabi hoping to break through his stubbornness for the safety of his students ‘’Five’’ said Nazuna ‘’Six’’ replied the other. Time was running out and his decision was drawing closer ‘’Seven’’ said Nazuna ‘’Eight’’ replied the other ‘’Shiro please trust in me, for the safety of these children’’ pleaded Matatabi ‘’Enough! My decision is made. I choose Ruki’’ said Shiro finally coming to a decision. Nazuna stopped the count down and released her grip on the girls ‘’Let’s hope you're right’’ she said in a sinister voice before coming face to face with Ruki and placing the blade within her hand.

Ruki looked over towards Matatabi, fear was swelling within her and it could be seen within her eyes ‘’Trust in me’’ whispered Matatabi, but her lips kept moving without sound. Ruki watched intently before taking a deep breath. As she pulled her hand back slightly she thrust it forward but to Nazuna’s surprise the blade flew out of her hand and targeted the opposite twin, the blade caught the clone off guard and she burst into a puff of smoke as it pierced into her. Matatabi seized her chance and threw herself at Nazuna forcing her to the ground and pushing Ruki aside ‘’I've had enough of you and your sick games, now give up, it’s over’’ ordered Matatabi but Nazuna just retained her usual grin ‘’Never’’ she replied. Suddenly large thudding footsteps could be heard ‘’Look out!’’ shouted Ruki, Matatabi turned to see Reiki was only a foot away. Like battering rams his arms forced her of his sister and sent her back several feet, Reiki helped lift Nazuna up as the two stood side by side once again. The team readied themselves for a final fight ‘’All of you get back now! I’m ending this myself’’ ordered Matatabi as she fell onto her hands and feet, Ruki and Zaku did as they were asked and retreated inside a nearby house. Reluctantly Shiro followed in line with them, having no interest in fighting the duo any longer from the effect of their previous game with him. Nazuna and Reiki watched them retreat one by one ‘’It’s time we ended this Reiki, they are beginning to bore me’’ said Nazuna ‘’About time’’ he replied.

Before they could begin their attack, Yugito’s appearance caught their interest. A red aura began to form all around her body before her skin and clothing began to be consumed by a dark red chakra. Within seconds almost her whole body had succumb to this new form, slowly the chakra engulfed her face, and on top of her head spawned two tall cat like ears and her eyes changed to pure white. Her original blue flamed tail now turned to a pure dark red and a second emerged alongside it, the beast let out a mighty roar, her power could be felt by all those nearby, she was now on an entirely new level of strength. The rest of the team watched in awe and slight fear of what they just witnessed ‘’Hmm, yet you still hide many secrets don’t you Yugito’’ asked Nazuna taking a step forward, the beasts sight locked onto her and within a split second she was perched right before her. Nazuna stepped back immediately ‘’Such speed’’ she said almost frightened. Reiki stepped in front of her and brought his large fist down upon the beast, his attack was quickly repelled and the beast griped it’s claws into his skin before pulling him to the ground. Nazuna tried to come to her brother’s aid but the beast simply targeted her next, with great speed and strength her claws slashed at her prey’s bare skin and drew first blood, Nazuna screamed in pain and was losing the will to fight, fear was beginning to consume her. Reiki attempted to repel the beast but to no avail, he only served to enrage the beast further and received a continuous bloody beating to his face.

Nazuna once again attempted to help her brother, she retrieved her sword off the ground and charged, the sunlight glinted off its steel as she prepared to attack. Hearing her footsteps the beast turned to see the incoming attack, releasing its grip on Reiki it targeted Nazuna, awaiting the blade. Nazuna slashed for the beast's neck with all her might, but the it was simply caught mid swing, inches away from impact, with little resistance the beast snapped the steel in half. Nazuna was defenseless as the beast snarled at her, its claws suddenly impacted into her stomach before lifting its leg and plunging it deep within her chest, the sound ribs breaking echoed within her system. Nazuna fell to the ground winded from the attack, looking up at the beast she suddenly realised a feeling she had long forgotten, fear. The beast then griped Nazuna’s swan like neck and raised to its feet, lifting Nazuna inches of the ground, slowly her breathing was being siphoned off as the pressure increased. With one final blow, the beast thrust Nazuna back to the ground with all its might, slamming her into the dirt, she let out a gasp of both pain and relief, desperately trying to draw her breath back. The beast then turned its attention back to Reiki before hearing a faint voice ‘’Stop’’ said Nazuna weakly, the beast turned and stared down at her ‘’Please, stop this, you've done enough. We surrender’’ she said pleading for their safety. The beast took a step back and ceased its attack, realising the fight had come to an end and neither of them posed a threat any longer.

The rest of the team slowly emerged from the house they retreated too and stood alongside the beast, as the chakra began to retreat back into Yugito’s body, along with her tail’s. Her bare skin was damaged from its effects and her eyes turned back to their original colour ‘’Yugito, are you ok?’’ asked Ruki, Yugito slowly turned to face her ‘’Wha...what hap…’’ was all she managed to say before collapsing, Ruki quickly caught her and lay her on the ground ‘’Sensei!’’ called out Zaku. Shiro quickly looked her over and checked her pulse ‘’She’s fine, she just fell unconscious from the fight. The beast’s power took a toll on her body, she will be fine when we get her back to the village’’ he replied calming his students concerns. Nazuna was slowly recovering from the fight as she barely managed to stand ‘’That level of power is truly something to be reckoned with, to think something like that is within a young girl’’ she said before looking down at her brother ‘’I’m sorry Reiki, i brought this on you and i’m so sorry’’ she said as a tear ran down her cheek. Zaku then stepped forward ‘’Sensei, what would you like us to do now’’ he asked ‘’Help Reiki walk, i will carry Yugito. We are done here’’ he replied as he lifted Yugito and began to make his way back to the village, Zaku helped lift Reiki to his feet alongside Nazuna ‘’Your sensei, he seems to harbour a deep hatred and history with that beast. But unlike myself he can’t seem to come to terms with his mistakes and the end results of bad choices like today’’ said Nazuna ‘’What are you getting at?’’ asked Ruki ‘’A mindset like that can easily destroy a man or worse, destroy those around him’’ replied Nazuna, Ruki let her words sink in and carried on their journey back home.

Yugito awoke to find herself lying on the ground in the all too familiar forest, perched across the lake was Matatabi watching over her. She pulled herself to her feet ‘’Matatabi? What? What happened? Is everyone ok?’’ she asked frantically, with no memory of the events that unfolded ‘’Calm yourself Yugito, everyone is fine. Now what do you remember?’’ she said calming her down ‘’The last thing i remember was Zaku and Ruki were in danger and Nazuna was ordering me to show her your power, and then i heard your roar and blacked out’’ she replied. Matatabi nodded in reply ‘’Yugito, you blacked out because i forced my chakra and power through you, i promised that i would protect you if the time ever came. Though your father disapproved of my aid, together we brought the rogue duo down’’ explained Matatabi ‘’Thank you Matatabi, but why did my father disapprove?’’ questioned Yugito, the beast let out a sigh ‘’Yugito, what you father did was foolish and life threatening. By my assumption he will be scolded for his actions by the Raikage, and rightly so to, he put all your life's at risk today and i put myself on the line for everyone's safety. His actions were solely an attempt to force me out and test your abilities, he is using you Yugito, he wants to control me through you by his own hand’’ replied Matatabi hoping the truth will get through ‘’My father is only trying to train and prepare us for future endeavours, we are ninja and as such we must always keep testing ourselves. If i’m going to prove myself to you then i need to push myself and my father can help guide me’’ said Yugito taking slight offence on her father’s behalf ‘’I won’t argue with you Yugito, but i want you to take into consideration of who you are really trying to prove yourself to, me or your father. Regardless of what happened today, i was impressed with the skills you showed during combat, i have faith in time you will be ready. But until then please, watch yourself around your father, don't let his actions be your downfall. We will talk again when i deem it necessary’’ replied Matatabi concerned for Yugito’s safety, Yugito bowed ‘’Goodbye Matatabi’’ she replied as the forest began to darken, before waking up in her bed.

As her eyesight came into focus,  she looked around to see her familiar surroundings within her room, and sitting next to her bed was her mother ‘’Shiro, she’s awake’’ called aloud her mother. Yugito slowly lifted herself up straight ‘’Take it easy dear, you really exhausted yourself on your mission today’’ said her mother concerned for her well being, Shiro then entered the room ‘’Yugito, how are you feeling?’’ he asked as he sat himself down on the edge of her bed ‘’Fine i guess, but i don't remember much, what happened?’’ she questioned, Shiro just leant forward and placed a hand on her shoulder ‘’Don’t worry about that, today’s mission was a success and you made great progress. I’m very proud of you Yugito’’ he replied with a heart warming smile, Yugito smiled in return ‘’Thank you father, when we will be our next outing?’’ she asked eagerly. Shiro chuckled slightly ‘’Soon Yugito, for now you need to rest, ok?’’ he replied as he stood and made his way to the door ‘’Ok father, but can i ask something?’’ she said stopping him in place ‘’Of course Yugito, what is it?’’ he asked awaiting her question ‘’Today, Matatabi took my place in this mission, she said it was to protect me, she said you disapproved of her, why?’’ she questioned. Shiro remained silent for a moment before replying ‘’Get some rest, we begin training first thing tomorrow’’ he replied as he then stepped out of the room, Saara proceeded to follow him ‘’I’ll be right back, ok Yugito?’’ she said as left the room and closed the door behind her.

Shiro was halfway down the hallway already when Saara caught up to him ‘’Ok, tell me right now, what happened on that mission?’’ she asked, now standing in his way ‘’We accomplished it, there is nothing more to say’’ he replied as he tried to step around her ‘’No! You’re going to tell me right now what happened, why did the Nibi deem it necessary that she should involve herself?’’ asked Saara growing more and more impatient ‘’That beast had no right to intervene, nor should it even belong within our daughter, and now i fear it’s trying to corrupt her against me’’ confessed Shiro. Saara then stepped forward ‘’Do you hear yourself right now, the Nibi is known for being our village protector, it should be considered an honour to be given the opportunity to hone such power and reputation within the village. Shimizu went on to become a well respected shinobi within the village, who’s to say that Yugito won't do the same?’’ questioned Saara ‘’They are called beasts for a reason, and unlike you i still remember that thing’s past and all the pain it has caused to our people, especially to Shimizu. The beast didn't protect her from death now did it? How do we know Yugito won't suffer the same fate?’’ questioned Shiro. Saara suddenly struck her hand to his face ‘’How dare you talk about her passing in such a way, she was a welcome guest within our home whether you ever liked her or not, and as such so is the Nibi’’ said Saara breathing heavily. Shiro slowly drew his eyesight back across and stared into her eyes ‘’That thing is not welcome in our home until i tame it’’ replied Shiro as he pushed past Saara ‘’What do you mean, this is Yugito’s journey and future, not yours?’’ replied Saara in confusion ‘’As her father, i must protect her from any and all threats, that beast will soon learn who truly holds the leash’’ he explained as he continued to walk, Saara then stepped forward ‘’You dare ever harm a hair on my daughter's head and i swear…’’ Saara was then interrupted ‘’Hm, i forgot you only see her as your daughter, i guess i'm the one who is deemed unwelcome in this house’’ he said as he then walked out of the house.

Saara then calmed herself down with several deep breathes and made her way back into Yugito’s room. As she entered she saw Yugito was lying in bed with her eyes tightly held shut, but a tear had ran down her cheek, Saara returned to her seat ‘’Yugito, i know you're awake, you don't have to pretend’’ said Saara as she leant forward and placed a hand on the covers. Yugito slowly opened her eyes but remained lying still in her bed ‘’I overheard you both arguing, and Matatabi warned me to be weary of father’’ she said hoping for some sort of comfort ‘’Yugito, you don't have to be scared, i will always be by your side, a mother never abandons her child’’ replied Saara as she gently rubbed her daughter's head slightly ‘’Your father will suffer the consequences for his actions today, but he will never harm you, i personally will make sure of that and the Nibi will be my witness’’ said Saara with a smile ‘’Thank you mother, i love you’’ said Yugito as she smiled back. Shiro was later scolded by the Raikage for his actions, deeming his team to be inexperienced for such a mission, even going as far as pushing the beast out of its host. The Raikage ordered that he be suspended from mentoring his team and be sent away from the village for a few days on a already selected mission. Though he was enraged by this, he did not argue any further and reluctantly obeyed the command, over the next few months, Saara rethought her marital bond with him after feeling he had put Yugito and her teammates in grave danger and felt threatened by his recent nature, as a result the two remained separated for the rest of the year and he was replaced as Yugito’s team leader. Eventually after some time both Yugito and Ruki completed their Genin (Junior training) and began their Jounin (elite ninja) training.

Two years passed and Yugito reached the age of fourteen, over the past two years both herself and Ruki have been honing their Jounin training, while Zaku had moved on to other responsibilities within the village. Saara eventually chose to separate her bond with Shiro completely, feeling she could no longer be with him, yet Yugito couldn't help but linger on the question that itched at the back of her mind, why does her father hate Matatabi? She felt that if she were to discover such an answer then maybe she could begin to reconnect with him once again, she was beginning to mature and felt she had to at least make an attempt. Shiro was making his way through the village crowds, he was usually saluted by all as not long ago he advanced to becoming the captain of the village's shinobi. Yugito casually strolled behind him waiting for the right moment to approach him, her heart was beating a mile a second and she felt self conscious that he may hear her breathing before she even speaks. Letting out a sigh she then pushed herself the extra step ‘’Father?’’ she said letting the words slip from her mouth, Shiro suddenly stopped in place before turning around to face her ‘’Yugito?’’ he said, surprised to even be talking with her again. Yugito slowly lifted her head and looked him in the eye ‘’Yes father, it’s been some time’’ she replied, Shiro simply nodded ‘’How is your mother?’’ he asked ‘’She’s doing fine, she’s happy to see your keeping well. The village captain is quite a title’’ she said complimenting him ‘’Thank you’’ he replied. The tension and awkwardness could be felt all around them both before Shiro broke the silence ‘’Yugito, may we speak somewhere more private?’’ he asked ‘’Of course’’ she replied following behind him.

After a short trek across the village, the two came to a quiet and secluded spot ‘’Yugito, i’m sorry for everything that has happened, it was wrong to put you or anyone else in such a situation like that. I payed for my mistakes, your mother left me for good reason, but why did you approach me today? Why now?’’ he asked curious of her intentions ‘’I don't know, i guess i feel i still need a father in my life, but there's still so much that i don't know, their is still the lingering thought of being able to trust you again’’ replied Yugito. Shiro let a sigh ‘’Trust does not come easy, but i promise you as your father, that no matter what the circumstances are between us, i will always do whatever is needed to protect you’’ he said with a smile ‘’Then tell me this, why do you hate Matatabi? What don't i know?’’ asked Yugito, still dwelling on the mystery. Immediately Shiro’s smile faded into a stern expression ‘’Here i thought you wanted me to be a part of your life again but yet you still question me’’ he replied ‘’You said yourself just now that trust is a hard thing to come by, and if we want to make progress to a better relationship one day, then i have to know i can trust you’’ she replied impatiently ‘’You trust your mother and a beast over me, i put my life on the line for everyone in this village, why can’t you just accept that as your father i deserve to be apart of your life?’’ he asked becoming enraged ‘’Because i want to know the true image and depiction of the man i call father and whether i feel safe, but if you’re not willing to cooperate then i guess this was a mistake’’ claimed Yugito as she turned to leave, suddenly Shiro griped hold of her arm and pulled back, keeping her in place ‘’I won't let you abandon me, i won't let anyone, be it beast or woman corrupt you against me any longer’’ he said as his grip tightened ‘’Let go of me’’ ordered Yugito as she struggled to escape his grasp.

Feeling he has already lost everything, he wasn't willing to let go of his daughter. There was no one else around to help her or quell the situation ‘’I let you get away from me before but not this time, i command that you show yourself to me beast, i have waited to long to tame you myself’’ he ordered in a deep voice ‘’Why are you doing this?’’ questioned Yugito ‘’To protect you, you don't know what the beast is capable of, nor will i see you ever succumb to its will’’ he replied. Yugito then felt a surge of power awakening deep inside, before hearing and feeling echoed vibrations of the beasts mighty roar within her ‘’Matatabi, please don't give in to him’’ she said under her breath as she felt the power overwhelm her, before slipping into an unconscious state of mind. Her eyes then changed colour, one yellow and the other green whilst a blue flamed tail sprouted from her backside, Shiro released his grip and stepped back several steps over watching her transformation. As she came to full fruition and control she held her stance ‘’I’m sorry Yugito, but i must honour my promise, not only to you’’ said Matatabi under her breath before turning her attention to Shiro ‘’Once again you force me out, with nothing left you desperately try to grasp onto any lasting lifeline, even if it means destroying your daughter in the process’’ said Matatabi staring him down ‘’Because of you and Saara, i have nothing left. All i ever wanted was to protect her but then you made her your new home, everyone chooses to dismiss your past reputation but i know it all too well. I have stood by for far too long, i weakened your seal from the beginning but now i see it's time i remove it and extract you myself’’ said Shiro as he readied himself for combat ‘’Your insane, separating beasts from their hosts results in death, no Jinchuuriki can survive the loss of energy and chakra’’ replied Matatabi frantically ‘’If it will protect her from you, then death will be a blessing’’ replied Shiro, showing no sympathy. Matatabi then looked to the sky and placed two fingers under lips, suddenly she spat several blue flamed fire balls high into the sky ‘’The moment the Raikage is alerted of my presence within the village, everyone will come running’’ claimed Matatabi ‘’Then i better make this quick’’ replied Shiro.

Shiro stood at the ready with a slight smirk across his face ‘’You didn't think i would come unprepared did you?’’ he asked as he reached behind his back and pulled out a long chain with markings etched into it, just from the sight it Matatabi stepped back in fear ‘’You recognize this don't you? The moment it's wrapped around you, your strength and chakra will be repelled rendering you defenceless. Like a true animal, only a chain will held you in place’’ claimed Shiro as he griped the chain tightly. Matatabi then stepped forward again with a snarl ‘’Then you better catch me’’ she replied before speeding head on towards her foe, immediately she struck for his head but missed while Shiro tried to ensnare her in his trap, with her eyes locked on the chain she flexed her body to dodge and weave the metal snake. The two continued to try and combat one another but Matatabi was stuck on the defence as she could not risk making a mistake for the safety of her own life, and more importantly Yugito’s. Shiro’s eyes were filled with lust for power and blood, consumed by his own greed his face projected a manic expression of a broken man with nothing left except the rage boiling within his heart, coursing it through his veins. Eventually Shiro gained the upper hand in the fight and forced Matatabi back several steps with all his strength, before Matatabi could regain her stance Shiro had summoned two clones to fight alongside him, handing both ends of the chain to each one. Matatabi was now trapped in a corner and like a ferocious animal she wasn't going to back down without a fight.

The two clones charged alongside one another with the chain spread out between them, Matatabi jumped high into the air and over the duo but once she landed on her feet she was greeted by the oncoming attack of Shiro, while the clones were already beginning to close in behind her. Shiro’s fists started to fly as Matatabi stood against him, but she couldn't keep her focus knowing the incoming attack from behind was closing in, she had to get away but her time was running thin. The clones closed in on her and once again she took to the air but Shiro simply followed and griped hold of he foot during his ascent, Matatabi was forced off balance as the two fell to the ground. Shiro held his grip and pulled his prey towards him as she struggled to get away, she quickly threw her foot against him and released herself from his grasp. She immediately crawled before sprinting to safety, but a thought suddenly came to mind as she scanned her surroundings ‘’Where are the clones?’’ she questioned in her head. Suddenly the enemy fell from the trees ahead of her without warning and charged with the chain linking them in sync, as she turned to run Shiro was racing up behind her and caught her off guard, managing to force her into his trap as the clones raced around in circles entangling her within their grasp. The chain continually wrapped around her body rendering her defenseless before pinning her to the trunk of a nearby tree, the clone placed a blade in between the chains mouth and pieced the tree, holding Matatabi in place and rendered to Shiro’s will.

He stood and watched her struggle to no avail ‘’Calm yourself beast, it will now be over soon’’ he claimed as he slowly approached. Matatabi continued to wriggle and flex her body refusing to give up hope, Shiro gradually grew closer and closer until he was standing before her, reluctantly she met his gaze ‘’Why? Why must you do this? How could you ever sink this low?’’ she asked pleading for answers during her final moments ‘‘You took something from me, you have taken so much and given so little, in the wrong hands you are our undoing, so therefore i must relieve others of this burden and carry it upon my shoulders’’ he replied in a low and stern voice. Shiro reached behind his back and retrieved a kunai blade, now gripped within his hands was not only a blade, but also the fate of his daughter ‘’Forgive me, Yugito, for what i must do’’ he whispered as his eyes clenched shut, Matatabi began to struggle even more and panic in fear as the blade was pulled back ready for the plunge. Suddenly Shiro spun in place and the blade flew from his hand towards a hidden target, the clang of steel rang through the air as the blade was swatted away ‘’You're not as quiet as you once were, to see you wield such a blade again is a step back into the past, but you lack your original skill, Saara’’ said Shiro as he called out his opponent, slowly Saara stepped out into plain sight, a short and thin sword gripped within her hand ‘’Get away from her, now!’’ she ordered as she raised her sword pointed at him.

The two starred one another down from a short distance ‘’Don't waste your time here Saara’’ said Shiro as he slowly began to circle around his opponent ‘’You dare to even lay a finger on my daughter’’ asked Saara as she locked her gaze on Shiro, following his footsteps ‘’Our daughter!’’ he in shouted reply ‘’You lost that privilege long ago.  Their will be no blood spilt here today’’ replied Saara awaiting Shiro’s first move ‘’Then stand aside or be forced, your choice’’ replied Shiro but Saara stopped in place and readied herself for attack ‘’Very well, i take no pleasure in doing this’’ he whispered before suddenly racing forward to his opponent. Saara and Shiro became locked in the cage of combat, slashing and striking at one another without remorse, without care, both desperately fighting over the fate of their daughter. The continuous clang of steel rang in the air, signaling the heat of battle, the beast was still entangled to the tree forced to watch the once great lovers now fight in a ferocious battle. It wasn't long before the scales tipped in a fighters favour, Shiro caught Saara off guard and struck her in the temple with the butt of his blade, causing her to fall off balance, wasting no time his rage filled gaze returned to his original prey. Dropping his kunai blade he seeked a stronger weapon, his hands gripped hold of Saara’s sword and targeted the entangled beast, Saara quickly came to her senses and saw the foreboding crime nearing completion. Without a care or thought she forced herself to begin running on all fours like an animal before picking up speed and strength, until she sprinting on two feet, her heart pounding so hard that it might break her ribs. She was only steps behind Shiro, only seconds away from Yugito, she had to make a choice now. Everything seemed to appear in slow motion, she felt herself flying through the air as threw her body with all her might, the blade was inches away from impact before inevitably drawing blood from its first victim.

The roar of the beast echoed throughout the area, blood dripped to the ground, Saara looked down and saw the blade pierced into her abdomen, her hands were gripped around the steel holding it in place. Her gaze was then met by the hateful eyes of Shiro, she suddenly swatted her fist forward across his face forcing him away, pulling slightly and wincing in agony, she let the blade fall to the ground before turning and falling against the tree that bound the beast ‘’Protect her, Matatabi’’ she said in a whispering tone, with her last ounce of strength she reached behind the tree and removed the blade. With a continuous clatter the chains fell to the ground and the beast gripped hold of Saara’s lifeless body, slowly laying her down to rest. Suddenly voices and footsteps racing nearby could be heard among the trees, but the beast payed no attention as her anger and sadness began to overwhelm her. As Shiro brought himself to his feet once more, two fellow shinobi burst into plain view and raced towards him, out of fear he tried to get away but he was forced to the ground and restrained. The beast raised up as her nails extended to great lengths, watching the murderer squirm on the ground a few feet away she felt only pain and anger, step by step she slowly approached being guided by her emotions to inflict the same pain upon him. She suddenly felt a hand rest on her shoulder, holding her in place ‘’It’s over, please, relieve yourself of this matter’’ asked a familiar voice, the beast withdrew her claws ‘’See that justice is done in her name’’ replied the beast before retreating. Yugito suddenly collapsed but was caught mid fall ‘’Take him to a cell, we need to get Yugito to the infirmary, no one is too know of this matter until i make a official statement to the village’’ ordered the Raikage. They left the scene of battle and peace returned, but the shadow of despair that the day had caused loomed over them.

Yugito awoke in the all too familiar inner forest, the beasts domain, but she could not bring herself to move even a muscle. The area was silent, the flames of the beast burned bright as she looked over the girl ‘’Yugito?’’ asked the beast, breaking the silence, but their was answer. The beast was almost at a loss for words ‘’Yugito, what happened today was tragedy, i did what i did to protect you but yet i still failed and i so dearly sorry for your loss, i…’’ the beast was interrupted by a tiny voice ‘’Stop, please just stop, i don’t want an apology from you, this was on him and him alone. I fell victim to his trap because of my own stupidity, it’s my fault i put myself and you in harms way and someone else paid the price for it, my mother’’  replied Yugito, a tear ran down her cheek as she then raised herself to her feet, staring high up at the beast ‘’This was my mistake, yet everyone else has to protect me, it’s not right. How can i ever hope to be stronger if i hide behind everyone else? How i can i even be called a shinobi let alone a jinchuuriki?’’ asked Yugito as tears began to stream from her eyes ‘’Yugito please don’t talk like that’’ asked the beast feeling the young girls pain ‘’Why? What else do you apparently see in me? What even am i? Tell me!’’ shouted Yugito pleading for guidance and answers as she became lost in her emotions. The beast lowered her head ‘’Yugito, you are human. We choose to protect others out of love and friendship, we choose to shield them so that they may go on to do great things, to become something bigger. Your mother loved you and she did everything she could to protect the last good thing she had left, because of her you're still standing here and now, your pain will eat away at you for now but in time your strength will guide you’’ replied the beast trying to comfort and calm the girl.

Yugito returned to her senses and wiped away her tears ‘’But if i had been stronger, maybe i could've saved her, i could've prevented this’’ said Yugito still lingering on her flaws ‘’Yugito everyone has a path to follow, some are longer or shorter than others but everyone must reach that end someday. It’s not about whether or what  you could have done, it’s about what you will do from here, wherever your path leads you we will follow it together and time you will find your way again’’ replied the beast, Yugito fell silent as she absorbed and contemplated the beasts comforting words ‘’What did he mean? What don’t i know about the past you share with him?’’ questioned Yugito eager for answers, the beast hesitated ‘’Their has already been so much pain today Yugito, i do not wish to add to it, so please understand that their are some events i still cannot share, but all in time’’ said the beast avoiding the topic. Yugito fell silent and respected her wishes ‘’Yugito just know i am sorry for the events that took place today, but i promise you i am always here to protect and guide you and in time when you are ready we will advance your training. But right now, you need to time to rebuild, please do this not only to help yourself but for those around you as well, in time they will come to look to you for guidance and protection’’ said the beast sharing her final thoughts, Yugito nodded slightly ‘’Thank you, goodbye Matatabi’’ she replied in a low broken voice, slowly the surrounding forest began to darken before fading away completely. Yugito found herself in a hospital bed, the sunlight entering through the nearby window, reflecting on a man sitting nearby.

Yugito’s vision was blurred slightly and she couldn't make out the figure ‘’How are you feeling Yugito?’’ asked the man, slowly her vision focused and sitting next to her was the third Raikage, she looked around and slowly sat up noticing the bandages wrapped around the injured areas of her body ‘’Where is he?’’ she asked. The Raikage then leaned in ‘’He’s in jail Yugito, but i must question the events that took place today so i can act on them accordingly. Please, no harm will come to you, i promise’’ asked the Raikage clasping his hands together. Yugito let out a sigh ‘’I coincidentally met my father in the village, it  had been so long since we talked that part of me wished to reconnect, i still had answers that only he could provide. We went to a more secluded area to talk in peace, but he became provoked, and i lost control within the moment’’ explained Yugito ‘’The Nibi took over?’’ asked the Raikage in interest ‘’Matatabi, her name is Matatabi, please don’t hold her responsible for this she just wanted to protect me and…’’  Yugito was interrupted as the Raikage raised a hand to silence her as he smiled ‘’Yugito calm yourself, if it wasn't for the ni, sorry, Matatabi then you wouldn't be here right now’’ replied the Raikage. Yugito lowered her gaze and turned away ‘’And my mother’’ she whispered, the Raikage nodded slightly ‘’Yes, your mother was a dedicated part of our village, and a dear friend to me and many others. Yugito i know it’s hard but i promise from your confession here today that your father will pay for his crimes’’ said the Raikage sitting up straight in his seat, Yugito turned to face him again ‘’His title is Shiro, nothing else’’ she replied clenching a fist. Suddenly their was a knock on the room door ‘’Sorry, i hope we aren't intruding’’ said a woman alongside a man standing in the doorway, the Raikage stood and greeted them ‘’Of course not, please come in you two’’ he replied.

The man and woman then approached Yugito’s bedside ‘’Hello Yugito, how are you feeling?’’ asked the woman. Yugito switched her eyes back and forth between the two of them but she couldn't place their faces ‘’I’m healing quickly i guess, thank you’’ she replied, the couple smiled ‘’I suppose that would be Matatabi’s doing, Jinchuuriki’s do heal fast after all’’ said the man. Yugito closed her eyes and shook her head slightly ‘’Your have to forgive but i do not recognize either of you, and how do you know her name?’’ questioned Yugito as her head started to spin, the woman then crouched down to her eye level ‘’It has been many years Yugito, my name is Asuna and this is my husband Taro. We were Shimizu’s parents’’ explained the mysterious woman, Yugito snapped back into reality and her memories came flooding back ‘’I remember now, i never saw either of you much but i remember you both from when i was young. But what made you come here to see me today?’’ she asked, the couple then looked at each other and held hands ‘’Shimizu was the Nibi Jinchuuriki before you and we came to know Matatabi very well, she was like a member of our family at the time. Though you were only young Shimizu always spoke fondly of you, she thought you had a bright future ahead of you but what happened to today was a tragedy. We are dearly sorry for your loss and though it may not be much we would like to offer you a home with us. We were by Shimizu’s side all the way and we may be able to give some helpful advice from her past, our home would always be welcome for you to come and go as you please. It's your choice Yugito, we know this is also very sudden but we feel that Shimizu would have wanted this, and we will do anything to help those in need’’ explained Taro with a small smile across his face.

Yugito was speechless at first, she was completely taken by the surprise of their generosity ‘’I..I don't know what to say. This is so generous of you both, i wouldn't be able to thank you enough’’ Asuna then placed her hand upon Yugito’s ‘’We offer you this because it's the right thing to do, we want to honour our daughter and your mother by offering any help and support you need’’ Yugito then looked over to the Raikage ‘’Raikage, would this be ok by your rules as well?’’ she asked. The Raikage then stood alongside the couple at her bedside ‘’The choice is all yours Yugito, in turn i also will offer my fellow support in guiding you throughout the rest of your training’’ he said as the three looked down at her awaiting a response, she hesitated at first ‘’If your have me then i would be more than welcome to be a part of your family, and to learn under the Raikage’s guidance’’ she replied, the couple were beaming with happiness ‘’Our home is your home Yugito’’ said Taro, Asuna then turned to face the Raikage ‘’Raikage, when will she be issued to leave?‘’ she asked. The Raikage placed his hand to his chin observing Yugito ‘’Hmm i would say she is already looking fit to go but i will have a doctor take one last inspection’’ Asuna nodded ‘’Thank you Raikage’’ she said, the Raikage then turned to take his leave ‘’I have to go for now but I will come and see you all in a day or two, take care Yugito’’ the three of them then waved him off ‘’Ok, goodbye Raikage’’ said Yugito as he exited. She was then looked over by a doctor and was issued fit to leave, over the next few days she settled into her new home with Asuna and Taro.

Several days passed and the day had come for Saara’s  funeral but Yugito had been summoned to the Raikage’s office for an unknown purpose. When she arrived she was greeted by the Raikage’s son A ‘’Ah I see you have arrived Yugito’’ he said as she smiled to greet him back ‘’Hello A, I was told to come here’’ A then rose from his seat and walked over to her ‘’Indeed you were, please follow me’’ he said as he then led her through the building to a small changing room and on the bench sat a new handmade outfit ‘’Is that for me?’’ she asked alight with excitement ‘’Yes, you see this is a recreation of the same outfit worn by the original Nibi Jinchuuriki Shimizu herself’’ he replied, she was speechless at first and overjoyed ‘’Thank you so much, I will wear it with pride’’ she said lifting it up for closer inspection, A stood and smiled down at her ‘’When you are dressed you should make your way to the funeral, my father and I will meet you there’’ he explained before leaving. The outfit was composed of a pair of black trousers that cut off just above her ankles with the pattern of clouds up the side of the left leg, a red cloth was wrapped around her waist. The top was a black short sleeved shirt with a grey torso armour piece placed on top which reached a height just above her chest with the pattern of clouds on the right breast, her arms were wrapped with bandages and a row of blue beads, her hands were concealed by black finger less gloves. Before she left the room she took one last look in the mirror ‘’I will make you proud mother’’ she then tied her hair back and wrapped her headband onto her forehead.

Saara’s funeral was already taking place and the Raikage and A were waiting for Yugito, the rows of sad faces filled the area until they all focused on a young shinobi warrior standing a short distance away. Yugito slowly walked past the village folk towards her mother’s casket but suddenly a man stepped out in front of her ‘’What are you doing here?’’ he asked, she clenched her fist’s ‘’Get out of my way’’ she replied, the man was gripping a small bottle of alcohol which he took a long gulp from before wiping his mouth. He raised a pointed finger inches away from her face ‘’It’s because of your lies and deception that he’s in jail, he was my commander damn it. You and that beast should be in chains’’ he claimed, within a split second her fist swung forward but stopped an inch away from impact ‘’Don’t talk about him…he was the true monster, my mother’s death came by his own hand and no matter what you or anyone else think of me and Matatabi the true monsters are within us all but they are not beasts, they are the other sides of ourselves we keep hidden from the world. Now get out of my way so I may pay my respects to my mother and then I will leave and if you still want to praise my father then you’re a bigger fool than I thought, i hope you can find some sort of happiness at the bottom of that bottle’’ she said talking him down, the man remained in place but slowly retreated out of her way, Yugito made her way forward and stood alongside the Raikage. The good memories she had with her mother came flooding back, a single tear ran down her cheek as listened to the kind words of the villager officials.

As the funeral came to a close Yugito left earlier than everyone else hoping to be able to have sometime to clear her head, she wondered around the village mostly keeping to herself but she soon noticed the stares from the villagers had become much more aggressive and fierce. Ignoring them she continued walking until she heard a familiar voice call her name ‘’Yugito, wait up’’ called out the voice of Ruki, she came running and the wto hugged to greet one another ‘’Hey Ruki, you just get back?’’ asked Yugito ‘’Yeah the usual family trip as all, listen i’m so sorry i wasn't around this past week, i can't even imagine how your feeling, your mother was truly the best of us all’’ replied Ruki out of comfort and care, her words brought a smile to Yugito’s face ‘’Thank you Ruki, it really means a lot, it’s good to have you back. But i think i need a little time to myself today you know, soon enough are be ready to get back out there though, together’’ said Yugito placing a hand on Ruki’s shoulder ‘’Of course Yugito i understand, take your time ok? We always got each other’s backs’’ replied Ruki as the two hugged once more before going their separate ways.

As she was walking through the village a strange boy caught her eye, he was sitting by a tree in the shade and it suddenly hit her who the boy was, his name was Fukai the Jinchuuriki of the Hachibi, he was the Raikage’s nephew. She had always heard about how he was chosen especially because of his skills and reputation as a shinobi within the village but he has also had trouble controlling the beast within him. She couldn’t help but be curious of the boy and approached him slowly ‘’Err hi I’m Yugito and your Fukai right?’’ she asked nervous of making a good first impression, Fukai turned in surprise to see that someone had approached him ‘’Hello, can I help you with something?’’ he asked ‘’You don’t have to be shy I just wanted to talk to you, considering we are both the village Jinchuuriki’s’’ she said with a bright smile on her face ‘’Oh, well ok I guess’’ he replied turning in place to face her ‘’You want to take a walk though? I don’t feel comfortable talking here’’ asked Yugito as she looked around noticing the villagers stares making her uncomfortable ‘’Yeah sure I know a place we can talk, follow me’’ replied Fukai, the two then walked out of the village gates to the forest where there was a running waterfall.

Yugito looked around in awe ‘’This place is beautiful’’ said Yugito taking it all in, Fukai smiled ‘’I like to come here in my free time’’ he explained, the two of them sat next to the lake as the waterfall came over the cliff like a roaring storm. Fukai then turned his attention to Yugito ‘’That funeral today, it was for your mother right?’’ he asked curiously, Yugito stared at her reflection in the water ‘’Yeah, she died protecting me from my father’’ she replied, Fukai looked out over the lake ‘’so I heard, I’m sorry for your loss’’ he said offering his condolences, Yugito leant back on her hands feeling the sun beat down on her ‘’Thank you’’ she said closing her eyes deep in thought. Fukai turned to face her ‘’You know there is another reason why i come here’’ he said, Yugito puzzled over what he meant ‘’Care to share?’’ she asked, he then pulled himself to his feet and offered her his hand ‘’How about i show you?’’ he replied, she gripped hold of his outstretched hand and was lifted to her feet, Fukai led her into the waterfall itself before emerging on the other side to find themselves in an ancient temple. The temple was made of old stone and had long been abandoned, the walls had carvings and paintings of both the Hachibi and the Nibi ‘’What is this place? it looks ancient’’ asked Yugito as she wandered slowly around the rubble and cracked floor tiles ‘’This is where our predecessors once trained to control the Nibi and Hachibi, this is where they completed their training’’ explained Fukai.

Yugito just stood admiring the scenery around her in amazement ‘’So what did you want to know about the Hachibi?’’ he asked, Yugito then snapped back into reality ‘’Oh right yeah, I kinda phased out there but i wanted to know more about you. Being a fellow jinchuriki I thought we could help each other out in some way’’ she replied, the two of them slowly walked through the temple as they talked ‘’There isn't much to tell really, I went from being named  one of this village's best shinobi, to the failed Jinchuuriki of the cloud village’’ he explained, she could see the guilt and shame in his eyes ‘’I’ve heard of you losing control before in the past but you can’t blame yourself, the Hachibi can’t be easy to control, the more the tails the more the power and strength they have and for you to possess this kind of power is a huge burden. But there is still a chance for you to gain control as well Fukai you haven’t failed yet’’ she claimed placing a hand on his back,  he managed a weak smile from her kind words and encouragement ‘’You’re a nice girl Yugito to say that but I just can’t go on much longer like this. I rely on my uncle’s the Raikage and A to subdue the beast , but he mocks me in my sleep and claims I’m weak and not a suitable Jinchuuriki, and sometimes i think he may be right. I see greater potential in my friend Killer B, i believe he can take it on. No matter what you do he cannot be insulted or hurt in any way, instead he just raps and sings all the time, he’s stronger both in mind and physical strength he just needs to be noticed and I have spoken to A about him before but he keeps insisting I can do it, but i just don’t believe it anymore’’ replied Fukai letting out a sigh.

Yugito could sense the depression within him ‘’Fukai I understand how you may feel but you have to keep fighting back, you can’t let him win no matter what, you are in control not him’’ claimed Yugito, he then stopped walking and remained in place ‘’Yugito there is no use in trying anymore, I appreciate your words and for talking with me today but I have to ask a promise of you, though this is sudden please listen’’  he begged, she was taken by surprise but willing to listen ‘’Ok, what is it you ask of me?’’ she questioned, Fukai looked Yugito in the eyes ‘’Please look after Killer B, vouch for me to have him become the new Jinchuuriki if I fail, he deserves a chance. Tomorrow the many shinobi are being tested on who is to become A’s new partner and he will also being taking part, it’s my hopes that he will succeed’’ he explained, Yugito stepped forward and placed a hand on his shoulder ‘’If that’s what you want then I shall do as you ask, but i hope it won't come to pass’’ she replied setting his mind at ease. He smiled in return ‘’Thank you Yugito, it’s time i headed back to the village though but I won’t forget this, I wish you luck for your future with the Nibi but before I go I would advise that you come back here and train with your beast soon’’ he advised, Yugito then looked around sporadically ‘’Where would i start?’’ she asked chuckling slightly, Fukai led her out of the temple through the waterfall, once they emerged from the falling water he pointed out at a small patch of land in the lake in front of the waterfall ‘’First you will need to overcome the hatred and evil within yourself, meditate in front of the waterfall and it will emerge. I myself have tried many times but I still have not succeeded in defeating my own, it's a mental struggle that must be overcome in order to advance both your mind and body’’ he claimed, Yugito just stood and gazed at the tiny island ‘’Thank you Fukai for your help’’ she replied with a smile. The two of them made their way to the village and then to their homes, the next day Yugito watched the shinobi try outs but one after another they failed, until it was Killer B’s turn and to everyone’s surprise he successfully performed the Double Lariat with A meaning he was to now become his new partner.

Several months past and during this time Yugito reached the age of fifteen, A and Killer B got there training well under way whilst Yugito went on many missions alongside Ruki and several other shinobi, and occasionally with the Raikage. She would usually talk with Fukai about every mission she went on as the two had become quite close and planned to learn together about how to control their tailed beasts, but when she returned from her most recent mission the worst news had come. She was on her way back to the Raikage to report the details of their completion on her most recent mission ’’Hey Raikage, the mission was a complete success with no issues we couldn't handle, oh and do you know where Fukai is? We were gonna meet up when i got back’’ she asked, the Raikage slowly stood up and walked over to her ‘’Yugito, I’m sorry but while you were away Fukai lost complete control of the Hachibi, we had to seal it within the Kohaku no J?hei. It was the only way even if it meant the taking of his own life’’ he explained in a broken voice, Yugito stood in shock as tears ran down her face, the Raikage wrapped his large arms around her and held her close ‘’I know your pain Yugito, he will be missed greatly among us all’’ he claimed, as she cried away her pain she looked up at the him ‘’Why does the world have to take away the ones we care about? He didn’t deserve it, he was my friend’’ she asked in need of comfort, the Raikage then pushed her away slightly and bent down on his knees to her eye level ‘’When we lose someone we care about we have to be strong enough to carry on through life without them, Fukai would want you to push forward without him to complete any final wishes he had Yugito’’ he explained, she hesitated at first before speaking Fukai’s last known wish ‘’He once told me that he wanted Killer B to become the new Hachibi Jinchuuriki, he believed that he could control the beast and I promised Fukai I would take care of him’’ she replied, the Raikage held a stern face ‘’Then it shall be discussed with Killer B and the beast will be resealed’’ ordered the Raikage. The next day Yugito was sent out on another mission whilst Killer B was made the new Hachibi Jinchuuriki, when she returned a week later she had missed Fukai’s funeral but paid her respects at his grave.

She had decided it was time she started her new training, she stood in front of the waterfall and took a deep breath before positioning herself on the ground and began meditating, a voice suddenly broke her concentration ‘’You really believe you can win against me?’’it asked,  her eyes shot open to see two glowing red eyes staring back at her through the waterfall ‘’It’s you isn’t it? My inner hatred’’ she questioned, the red eyes slowly emerged from the waterfall and there stood a mirror image of herself with a wicked smile across her face ‘’It’s about time we talked don’t you think? You definitely held off from beginning your training didn’t you? Were you too busy with your missions or were you scared of me?’’ chuckled the girl. Yugito then stood up and levelled her eyes with the enemy ‘’I wasn't scared, i just didn't have the time to waste on you, so let's get this over with’’ she claimed in a confident tone, the girl walked in a circle motion around Yugito keeping her crimson eyes fixated on her ‘’So you think you came here to defeat me? You forget i am you and so i know everything about you and every attack before you even make it’’ claimed the girl, Yugito started to become frustrated and clenched her fists ‘’Stop wasting my time!’’ she shouted, before dashing forward beginning the fight, but to her surprise no matter what she did the hatred countered it each time. The girl grinned ‘’What did i tell you!’’ she shouted as she repeatedly landed blow after blow against Yugito ’’YOU!’’ she shouted as her fist plunged into Yugito's stomach, causing her to fall forward winded by the blow ‘’CAN’T!’’ she shouted as her knee then collided with Yugito’s chin, forcing her upright again ‘’WIN!’’ she shouted as her fist impacted with Yugito’s face with all her might. Yugito fell backwards onto the ground as the girl just stood over her and laughed menacingly ‘’Are you done already?’’ she asked with the same wicked smile across her face, Yugito gritted her teeth and threw herself onto her feet ‘’I won't lose!’’ she shouted.

The two girls collided their fists with one another and they carried on desperately fighting to win, as the fight raged on Yugito became fatigued but would not accept defeat. She was down on one knee panting while her foe bent down in front her and gripped her chin ‘’You poor thing, why can’t you understand that you're just not cut out to be a Jinchuuriki’’ she asked, Yugito threw her fist forward with what strength she had left but it was swatted away almost like a fly by the girl’s hand. As the girl stood she let out a sigh still looking down at Yugito, now bent and broken by her hand ‘’It's over, we’re done here. Find a different path before you make a bigger fool out of yourself’’ taunted the girl, as she entered back into the waterfall her crimson eyes faded away and Yugito awoke from her meditation. Out of anger her fists pummeled the ground in front of her until she a voice ‘’You can punch the ground all you want but it won’t make it any easier’’ it called out, she looked around until she noticed the Raikage standing in the distance across the lake ‘’I barely stood a chance against it’’ she said as she raised herself and walked over to him ‘’These things take time Yugito, you can’t be expected to win everything the first time around’’ he explained, she shrugged her shoulders ‘’Yeah i guess you're right, what brings you out here anyway?’’ she asked as he placed an arm against her back leading her to the village ‘’I wanted to introduce you to Killer B but do note that he usually speaks in rap, being of a close enough age hopefully you can understand him better than me’’ he said chuckling, as they were coming closer to the village gate Killer B and A could be seen in the distance ‘’Yugito, this is killer B’’ said the Raikage, Killer B then reached out a hand to greet her ‘’Yo Yugito’’ he said greeting her, Yugito did the same as the two shook hands ‘’Hello Killer B, I’ve heard a lot about you from A and I saw you perform the Double Lariat, very impressive’’ she said complimenting him, Killer B stood with his arms folded smiling.

The Raikage then placed a hand on both their shoulders ‘’Yugito I would like B to train alongside you for a while, and teach him about the Hachibi please’’ asked the Raikage, Yugito looked up at him ‘’Of course Raikage’’ she replied, before turning her attention to Killer B ‘’We can start now if you like B?’’ she asked,  Killer B hesitated for second before answering ‘’Ok, sure lead the way’’ he said as the two of them then walked off together throughout the village before stopping off at a ramen stand for a meal ‘’Now before I begin teaching you we need to discuss some things first’’ she explained, Killer B scoffed down his food until he turned his attention to Yugito ‘’Ok Yugito, shoot’’ he replied, she then placed her bowl of ramen on the counter ‘’How have you been dealing with the Hachibi so far?’’ she asked,  Killer B just smiled ‘’The beast ain’t no big deal ya fool’’ he replied raising his hand to give her a thumbs up before continuing to devour his food. Yugito just stared at first ‘’B i gotta wonder how you manage to deal with all this, I mean the Hachibi is stronger and more out of control than Matatabi and the people mock you worse than me. How do you deal with it?’’ she questioned, Killer B just shook his head and smiled ‘’It's easy ya fool, people are given the choice to have an opinion. They fear those stronger than themselves, like how a bully picks on someone else because they believe that by bullying those they see as a threat they can break them, then the threat would be no more. But you gotta be strong enough to push past it all, what they say can be hurtful at first but they are only words they inflict no scars’’ he explained, the two of them finished their meals and paid the bill before strolling around the village.

As the sun was setting their discussion continued ‘’But what about your hatred how do you bare with it? Don’t you want to destroy it?’’ she asked, once again Killer B just smiled ‘’Ya fool you can’t destroy a part of you, you have to accept what it is, it makes us human. We may bare hate within us all but true strength and honour is being able to forgive others for their mistakes, the people of our village can’t be blamed for what they can’t understand if they live in fear’’ he replied, Yugito suddenly stopped walking and stood in place and thought out loud to herself ‘’It can’t be destroyed, it must be accepted…B thanks to you I think i know what i must do, meet me tomorrow morning at the village gate there is something i need to do and i need your help’’ she asked, Killer B stretched out his hand ‘’I hope this can be the start of a good friendship Yugito’’ he asked with a smile,  Yugito shook his hand ‘’So do i B’’ she replied, the two of them said their goodbye’s before returning to their homes ‘’Tomorrow i will overcome my hatred’’ thought Yugito as she looked to see the stars shining in the night sky.

As Yugito waited patiently for Killer B to arrive at the village gate she thought about the challenge she was yet to face again, overcoming her hatred. Finally Killer B arrived while she  folded her arms ‘’Something keep you?’’ she asked, Killer B then placed a hand on his stomach and moved it in a circle motion ‘’A man’s gotta eat right?’’ he replied laughing, she  just rolled her eyes and waved her hand in a forward motion as they started walking ‘’Come on then, you can work off that new weight you just put on’’ she replied,  Killer B grinned and the two walked side by side to the waterfall ’’So what brings us here Yugito?’’ asked Killer B as he looked around admiring the beautiful wildlife ‘’For one to be able to tame there tailed beast they must first overcome their hatred, their inner pain and anger. I tried to defeat it but i couldn't win, but what you said last night really opened my eyes. You said that you can’t destroy what is a part of you therefore i must accept it in order to overcome it’’ she explained, Yugito then took a deep breath and walked across the lake to the tiny island, as she sat down and crossed her legs she gazed into the waterfall when she suddenly felt a hand on her shoulder ‘’You can do this Yugito. Don’t fight it, accept it’’ said Killer B encouraging her, she looked over her shoulder and nodded before then gazing back into the waterfall. She closed her eyes entering into a state of meditation.

Suddenly the familiar voice spoke to her ‘’So you came back again already? Didn't take you long, or was one defeat not enough for you?’’ taunted the hatred, but Yugito remained seated on the ground with her eyes welded shut. The girl stepped out of the waterfall and stood with her arms folded ‘’Are you just going to ignore me or are you going to test your luck?’’ she asked, slowly Yugito’s eyes opened and she stood up straight ‘’No, this time we are not going to fight. We are going to talk’’ she replied, the girl tilted her head sideways and grinned ‘’Talk about what exactly?’’ she asked curiously, Yugito turned away and walked around the lake slowly ‘’I know now that you can’t be destroyed, it was stupid of me to even think that was possible. But I understand now that whether I like it or not, you and I are one’’ she explained, as she spoke the girl then started clapping slowly and sarcastically ‘’Well done Yugito, well done. You catch on faster than i expected’’ she said,  the girl grasped her hands together and pointed at Yugito with a wicked smile across her face ‘’So how about you stop suppressing me and let me in, then we can harvest the power of Matatabi and have some fun. After all i am your inner strength, i'm your built up rage, anger and hatred towards everyone in this village. Think of how they stared at us with evil eyes, how that drunk tried to stop us from paying our respects to dear old mother, or how father tried to control us only to then try and kill us. You need me to help you fight against this world, without me you will break’’ she claimed, suddenly Yugito’s voice erupted ‘’NO!…Hatred and anger are not strength’s they are weaknesses, emotions that can easily take control if we let them and that is what you are. You are not my strength, you are my weakness’’ replied Yugito, the girl started to become enraged ‘’SHUT UP! I am not weak, I am the part of you who has bared through it all, you made me!’’ she shouted, Yugito could see she struck a nerve within the girl.

She just stood with a grin on her face as the other girl lost her temper, suddenly she charged forward with a kunai knife gripped in her hand ‘’You know nothing, you don’t understand true pain!’’ she shouted, as she raised the kunai Yugito’s hand was stretched out in front of her taunting the blade, it pierced the flesh but Yugito’s fingers gripped hold of the girl’s hand ‘’No, you’re the one that doesn’t understand’’ she replied, the girl tried to pull away from her grip but she couldn’t move no matter how hard she struggled ‘’We may have suffered a lot throughout our whole lives but we can learn to forgive them for their own mistakes’’ claimed Yugito, the girl’s eyes narrowed as she gritted her teeth in rage ‘’NO! You can’t really be serious, our own father tried to kill us and you want to forgive him? The village folk mocked us, they thought a young child was a monster. Children are meant to run free amongst others, to skim their knees and have their mothers tell them bedtime stories, but the life of a Jinchuuriki is nothing like that. Nobody knows how we suffered’’ she explained as tears started to run down her face ‘’Why? Why do you want to forgive them?’’ she asked, Yugito looked her in the eyes and placed a hand on her shoulder ‘’Because forgiveness is true strength’’ she replied. The girl fell to her knees and lost the grip of her blade, her tears soaked the earth ‘’But think of all the lives that have been taken by the Hachibi, the beast was too powerful to control and it cost Fukai his life. How do you know the same won’t happen to Killer B?’’ she asked, Yugito then brought herself to the girls level and removed the kunai from her hand ‘’I will always miss Fukai but he accepted his fate and I have to trust in the faith he had that B will be capable of taming the Hachibi, he won't be doing it alone because we will be by his side’’ replied Yugito as she pulled the girl close and hugged her ‘’You don’t need to be afraid anymore, we are one and I promise that we will prove to the world that they were wrong and father will regret what he did to us’’ she claimed, as she spoke the girl fell limp in her arms.

The girl then wiped away her tears ‘’This world is filled with hatred and evil Yugito. Not everyone can be forgiven, sometimes revenge and punishment is the only way’’ replied the girl as she pulled herself away from Yugito ‘’Sometimes there is no easy way’’ she claimed, Yugito gave a slight nod ‘’I understand, but i forgive you’’ replied Yugito, the girl smiled as she slowly faded away and was absorbed into Yugito, the two of them were in acceptance of one another and now Yugito was ready for the next part of her training, taming the beast. Yugito awoke from her meditation and across the lake stood Killer B ‘’Yo how it go Yugito?’’ he asked, her face was alight with joy as she stood up and ran towards him ‘’I did it, thanks to your advice I was able to accept my inner hatred’’ she said as she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight ‘’Thank you B, because of you I’m one step closer to mastering my capabilities, and when i'm a full Jinchuuriki i will train you day and night until we tame the Hachibi’’ she claimed, as she released her grip on B ‘‘Yo don’t mention it Yugito, what do you say we try a little sparring session?’’ he asked, Yugito raised an eyebrow and grinned ‘’Starting that training early are we? alright then, try and keep up’’ she replied. The two of them then wasted away the rest of the day sparring with one another until it was time to head back to the village, whilst B made his way home Yugito decided to go speak to the Raikage about today’s events. He was delighted when he heard what Yugito had accomplished, she was on her way to becoming a full Jinchuuriki. Afterwards Yugito made her way home, she then told Asuna and Taro about her day before retiring to her room where she fell asleep almost as soon her head hit the pillow.

Yugito awoke in the usual forest again, she stood with a huge smile across her face looking up at the beast in front of her ‘’Well done Yugito, you have successfully accepted your inner hatred, you were strong enough to overcome it and I think you know what comes next’’ asked the beast, Yugito almost jumped with excitement ‘’Of course I do, my next step is to master your chakra so that we may become one’’ replied Yugito, the beast smiled down at her ‘’You are correct my dear but this final step will be more difficult than the last’’ explained Matatabi, Yugito bent down on one knee and looked up at the beast ‘’I understand Matatabi but i will stride to succeed’’ replied Yugito,  Matatabi just stared and admired the young woman she had become ‘’I have watched you grow since you were young and you have become a fine young woman filled with strength and hope. Once you have succeeded this task the village will look to you for guidance and you will be its protector and rise above any challenge the world throws at you’’ claimed the beast. Yugito stood with pride and raised her fist in the air towards the beast ‘’We will do it together’’ she said, the beast then raised her paw and placed it above Yugito’s fist ‘’Together’’ she replied ‘’Before you wake Yugito I must warn you, this next step will put you on the line between life...And death’’ she claimed in a deep voice.


To be continued….

Yugito The Untold Story Chapter 2

Taming The Beast


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