Uncle Ceasel

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this is a book my friend made and I loved it so I got permission to post it so you all could read it

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Submitted: March 21, 2017



Uncle Ceasel


February 12, 1972


Today was a pretty good day. Mrs. Badula didn’t give us any homework and school was all around pretty easy. It was a sunny day and Mom and Dad weren’t home when I got here, which means I had the place to myself for a while. After I was able to relax I met Nick outside and we rode bikes around the park. Today was the best day I’ve had in awhile.


May 1, 1972


Today… was… horrible. I had quizzes and tests in every single one of my classes. The worst part was I couldn’t stay up last night to study. After math class was over, I got my fingers slammed in between the door on my way out. And when I got home, my parents were mad for the broken vase that was left on the floor, which was Lily’s fault. I was grounded for three weeks.


June 15, 1972


The first day of summer. After a few stressful weeks of school work and angry family, I was able to relax, sleep in, and do whatever I wanted to for 3 months. When the final bell rang, everyone bursted up out of their seats regardless of what the teacher said. Everyone ran out of school screaming and yelling “It’s Summer!”. The future was looking bright, and I was ready to have the best summer ever.


June 22, 1972


I… I can’t remember the last time I slept. The first time I saw it, I thought I was just imagining things. After all, it was late at night, and no one would just be standing outside, staring directly in the window. I just sort of brushed it off and went to sleep. Then it happened again, and again, and again. Each time, the figure got closer, and closer… and closer. I wasn’t able to sleep again.


June 23, 1972


I don’t care what anyone else says. I know I saw something that night. It was really late, about 10:30, I was gonna go downstairs to get some water, when I saw… it. I could make out a figure. It’s thin arms, it’s long legs, it’s shadowed, faceless, head. I could feel it’s breaths, hear it’s thoughts. It was towering over me, smiling the most unsettling smile. I fell back into my room and slammed the door closed. After waiting for about five minutes, I opened up the door, only to find the figure disappeared into the darkness.

June 25, 1972


I tried to get outside, clear my head, maybe hang out with some friends. I was taking a few strolls around the neighborhood, thinking about everything that’s happened. I was about to head into Nick’s house, when I realized something. There was always a car behind me. I’ve circled around the neighborhood three times now, and through all of it, there was always a car behind me. I slowly turned my head to see the car. It was a plain white van. And behind the wheel was a balding man with a small brown mustache and big glasses, with an unsettling smile, the same unsettling smile I saw two nights ago. I got freaked out and ran back home. I got inside, locked the doors, and closed the blinds.


June 26, 1972


There were no signs of him, I wasn’t gonna go outside, not unless it was 100% safe. I stayed inside and played the Atari. Today was really quiet, I wasn’t being annoyed by Lyli now that I thought of it. I went over to check on her, but… she wasn’t there. It’s not like she just left because I would’ve heard her leave. I don’t think I even saw her last night. I went outside to look for her, but she wasn’t at any of her friend’s houses or any of the usual places she hangs out. I was gonna go back inside and wait for my parents to come home and tell them, until I saw a white van parked right outside of my house. After a few moments I booked it over to Nick’s place and stayed the night.


June 27, 1972


It was a rainy morning, I was finally able to get some sleep. As I looked around I remembered that I was in Nick's house. My back was really cramped from sleeping on the floor all night. I got up, stretched out a bit, and went into the kitchen to see if Nick was making breakfast. I was surprised to not see Nick in the kitchen, but sitting down in the recliner in the living room. I slowly walked over to him, still rubbing the crust out of my eyes, when I noticed that he was reading the newspaper. I walked over to him to see what article he was reading, and even though my footsteps were loud enough for him to here, he didn't even shift his head. When I got close enough, I could see what he was reading. It was an article about three missing children, and as I examined the faces of the missing kids, I realized I knew them. Chris, Ben, and Little Timmy.


June 28, 1972


It was about seven at night. I was still at Nick´s house, I felt really bad for not being home to tell my parents, I felt bad for not going out to look for Lily. I just didn't know what to do at this point. Lily’s missing, Chris is missing, Ben is missing, even Little Timmy is missing. Everyone’s going missing and I know the reason behind it, the man in the white van. I knew, without any doubt that he was the one behind all this. But I wasn’t going to be able to bust him for it without any proof. Then I remembered, he was in my house. Some of the neighbors might have been up to see him. He also probably left some fingerprints, and I know that he left some footprints. I would just have to go back over to my house, call the police, and bring them over to sample the evidence that this guy left behind. At this point, I was just staring out of my window, waiting for something. That’s when my parents car pulled up, in their dark red chevy. I didn’t bring anything over, so I just went out to the car without even telling Nick. They must have been worried sick. I opened the back door and hopped in. I guess it was only Dad driving, I was surprised that Mom wasn’t in the car with him. As I was trying to explain what’s happened over the past week, and as I was talking, I realized that it wasn’t Dad who was driving the car. His face wasn’t the same, Dad didn’t wear glasses, and he had a full beard. As the man who was in the driver's seat turned around to face me, it was the man who was behind all of this. Behind everyone disappearing, behind me abandoning my house, behind the fact that all my friends might be gone forever. And know here I was, right where he wanted me.

The End

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