Half Child - Shifting Descendant

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So after I had written The Half Child I realized that I could make two more expansions to it. Blue Shift and Opposing Force. I realize that I could do the same thing I did with The Half Child, (taking some kid somewhat related or just in the right place) and doing it with Blue Shift and Opposing Force. For Shifting Descendant, it follows barney's brother's kid, Bartholomew as he leaves Black Mesa, then put into stasis by the man in the suitcase to a few years to Combine. And dont worry I am working on Half Child 3.

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Submitted: March 21, 2017



Before the Black Mesa incident, Bartholomew came over to Black Mesa to visit his uncle who promised to give him a tour of the facility. But it is delayed permanantly as Black Mesa has the resonance cascade and he is thrust into it, tasked to find his uncle and survive the cascade. However the man in the suitcase steps in and allows Vortigaunts to capture the child. Then those Vortigaunts bring him to Xen where he meets the Nihilanth and leaves a note in one of the dead scientist's battery. Then, He escapes Xen and is dropped into the hands of the Suitcased Man again. There, he is put into stasis and brought somewhere to sleep. About ten more years pass and he is dropped off in the Combine's rule. Then, while he is there, he is brought into Breen's office, where he is shown the Combine's Portal, still in construction. He then fakes a fall, and hides under the platform. He then has a parkour incident to remove an important peice and make way for Gordon Freeman to destroy it, as revealed by the Suitcased Man. When he does, it kills him. (I should also mention that this is the only character in the expansions that I'm doing that die. Maron Forerun doesn't die, and Andrew Shephard doesn't die. Oops accidental spoiler oh well) Let's see the things unfold. 


Bartholomew had fallen asleep on the tram after his father had left and gave him a suitcase. It was the day before the Resonance Cascade. Bartholomew was exceedingly happy to sleep over with his Uncle at Black Mesa. The tram's system had already finished it's ramblings on security when the voice stated "You have arrived" he woke up and grabbed his suitcase. The ten year old boy was going to be 11 tommorow, as it was his birthday. He stood up and ran outside, greeting his uncle and his partner as they all walked into the main lobby of Black Mesa.  The scientist greeted the boy as he walked and with his Uncle. They walked past the laboratories and the testing grounds to the tram where him and his uncle went to the Dormatories. When they arrived Bartholomew sat on the couch in his uncle's room. His uncle informed him he'd have to go earlier then when Bartholomew woke up, and that there was food in the fridge for him. They viewed some of the stuff in the Black Mesa labs and then went to bed. At about 5:00 Bartholomew woke up. But something was wrong. Half of the apartment was in flames and destroyed. Bartholomew grabbed his uncle's spare gun and got himself some clothes and booked out to the tram. Half of the tramline was broken and the only option was to go the other way. But there were no paths, so he had to walk on the tramline. He stepped down and balanced across the tramline. Just then, there was a crash and a peice of the roof came down. Bartholomew had to run across the tramline as fast as he could. The roof rock smashed the tramline just as Bartholomew jumped onto the sidepath. He saw aliens and other creatures everywhere. But there was an opening and right after is was a door to the Black Mesa Labs. Then, he ran for it and groped for the door, but the man in the suitcase appeared behind it. Looking at the boy, he locked in and banged on it, getting the Vortigaunts attention. They ran and apprehended the child, knocking him out. When he woke up he was in the Nihilanth's chamber. He saw the Nihilanth above him, moaning his name. "Barth...ol...o...mew...." The nihilanth then opened a portal and he ran for it. He left a note in a scientist's body and ran through the portal, then got stuck in a room. The Man in the Suitcase walked over. "Well. A new witness. You are indeed the most fast of the other two. I beleive you can help me. While Gordon Freeman eradicates the Nihilanth, Maron hides and Andrew tries to figure out how to stop it, I beleive you can help in the future. I will have my son bring you to the right place. Do what you do best." Then a smaller boy, in a miniature suit and a backpack appeared. "Hey" Then he opened a smaller portal and took the boy through it. He appeared in Breen's office. This is the future by the way. The combine was working on they're portal and Breen was expecting a child. "Well by all means if he's here let him in!" Then a guard opened the door, stepped inside, nodded to the door and the boy walked in. "Hello my young friend! Some of my *Sources* have invited you to take a look at the portal. It's right through there, come along." Then breen took the boy to the Portal room and had a long conversation. Then bartholomew faked a trip off the edge and fell off, grabbing the bottom of the pathway and hiding. When Breen left, bartholomew grabbed what seemed important and dropped it down the long cylinder shaped building. But the Suitcased Man had different plans. The man paused time, and his son and him appeared infront of Bartholomew, floating there. "I am deeply sorry Bartholomew but this is where we'll have to let you off. Permanantly. We have other plans with Andrew and Maron, and you'll just get in the way, so.. This is where we say bye." Then the suited boy hit bartholomew's hands and bartholomew fell. He plummeted to his death.  The suitcased man told his son good job and they disappeared. 

However, in a miltary base for children, a 13 year old boy named Andrew was running the minature course, waiting for his father Adrian to pick him up and bring him along his job, which was coincidentally about to go to Black Mesa during the Resonance Cascade. 


(Also change of plans, next i'm working on Opposed Child and after, Half Child: A Backpacked Boy which will entail G-Man's child and his perspective of the events of The Half Child 2, The Half Child One, Half Child - Opposed Child and Half Child Shifting Descendant. After all of this is done i'll work on The Half Child 3. Great. Next is Opppsed Child.) 

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