Captain England : Part One

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England's protector Captain England watches his Country go into turmoil, as the Brexit rips the UK apart.

The Prime Minster is dead. The Far Right are in full swing.

The former soldier embarks on a mission to find allies and restore England back to it's normal glory.

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Submitted: March 21, 2017



Captain England


Part One


Chapter One

Captain England stood on the rooftop peering down not as if he was superior to anyone, but rather watching the events below with intent, as the chaos unfolded beneath him. The votes were in arguably the biggest decision in recent times had been made. A decision which split the UK right down the middle pitying friends, neighbours and even family against each other.

Both sides slung it out like two Heavy Weight Boxers duelling in the ring. But only one side prevailed. The media had dubbed it Brexit, whatever it was it shook the very foundations of the United Kingdom. Scotland and North Ireland overall had voted to remain whilst England and Wales had voted out.

The far right poured on to the streets chanting cheering, shouting so everyone could hear. Flames grizzled crashes and smashes echoed, screams pierced ears. Sirens wailed the Police marched like a legion of soldiers, hoping to contain the rioting and looting. Captain England swooped down descending into the warzone which was previously known as London.

Assisting the Police in whatever way he could, England apprehended thieves, thugs and vandals. By now it was night as darkness rose and the light disappeared. More and more Police entered the fray. Ambulances screeched to a halt, as paramedics bolted into the battle in an attempt to treat the injured. England fought with all his might to quell the rioters but was pushed back. There were too many all of which seemed to be armed and particularly dangerous.

Chasing a group of skin head thugs, the Captain was soon knocked down from the pursuit as rioters attacked. The Far right Army were taking over and England’s hero seemed be on the back lash of it. Going down an ally way Jason Michaels breathed slowly, he watched from aside as the roars and battle cries went through him, his beloved country was now at war with itself.

Michaels was a soldier before he became Captain England. A patriot at best. The Government started a programme called the Super Soldier. The idea was to equip soldiers with enhanced abilities, so if the country ever became threatened, super powered soldiers would protect it. Essentially turning normal soldiers into Super soldiers the Programme became a success around the world.

Jason accepted the Captain England mantle with his new found attributes speed, super strength to name a couple. More and more soldiers were enlisted into the experiments. A collection of soldiers known as the European Elite became the protectors of both Europe and the EU. But now the UK was out the union changes would soon arise for the Elite.

Surveying the warzone Captain England was picking his moment to re-enter the battle. A bin clanked from behind, Michaels turned slowly, the sound of someone spitting followed then laughter. They emerged from the shadows a group of skinheads, Perhaps they were the ones the Captain was chasing previously? Or a new group either way it didn’t matter. Like hyenas they foamed at the mouth surrounding what they thought would be there kill. Armed with baseball bats, poles and crowbars the six of them charged towards Jason.

Punches flew everywhere some connecting some not the group backed off and reconvened planning another attack. The first man armed with a bat charged forward, swinging his bat aggressively. Dodging the attacks England side stepped him like a drunk, the man tumbled into the contents of bins in front of him. The next man with a crow bar lunged as did another man with a bat. Grabbing the arm of crowbar man Captain England in one swift movement snapped it, howling in pain the skin head dropped to the floor. Man with the bat 2 came forward, once again Captain England disarmed him causing pain and anguish.

A whack to the knee from behind Michaels had view of the first man, another whack Jason was hugging the floor. The remainder of group swooped in. Covering his face and cradling himself Captain England took both kicks and punches. BANG! A gunshot sounded one of the skin heads fell back, BANG! Another skin head soon fell to the ground his body becoming limp. Blood flowed like a river painting the concrete red. Two more shots rang out the far right soldiers lay on the floor inches away from each other.

Getting back to his feet Captain England scanned for his would be saviour. The sound of laughter began to emerge from darkness, but this laughter wasn’t any old laughter it was the laughter of Guy Fawkes.

Chapter Two

Guy Fawkes beamed as he saw his would be enemy. The revolutionist pointed both his pistols directly at the Captain.

“Relax, I’m not here to fight you” Fawkes grinned

“Good I’ve had enough of fighting for one day” England replied

Both men stayed silent for a moment the sounds of rage and violence made them both shiver. Not that either man was averse to it but both loved England in their own way. Guy Fawkes had always plotted to bring down the Government, perceiving them to be nothing more than over paid villains who were corrupt to the core. And that is where both him and Captain England clashed.

Fawkes the outlaw who the common people loved as he seemed to share their views. When Guy broke the law, Jason was soon in pursuit. The classic game of cat and mouse ensued between them. Sometimes Michaels got the advantage sometimes Guy got the better of him.

“I thought you would be pleased the Government is falling” Captain England said

“Ha you amuse me Captain although there is a glimmer of victory inside me because the Government is falling I am no far right supporter” Fawkes smiled

“I guess that’s something we both have in common” Captain England replied

“It appears so Captain I guess that almost makes us allies” Fawkes laughed

“For once at least” Captain England retorted

“What do we do now? this isn’t how it usually goes” Fawkes joked

“We need help if we are to defeat the Far Right” Captain England replied

“Oh we is it” Fawkes teased

“I am willing to put differences aside for the sake of our country” Captain England replied

“How do I know you won’t bring me in to your Government friends” Fawkes quizzed

“You have my word I won’t” Captain England told

“If you try I’ll kill you” Fawkes warned

Sirens blared the sound getting closer to the two men.

“I think it’s time I go in two days come to the English Resistance Party headquarters I’ll be there with the those who despise the far right” Fawkes told

“How do I know it’s not a trap” Captain England questioned

“Because I just saved your life” Fawkes replied

The police car screeched to a halt Guy disappeared the Officers sprinted out the car.

“Captain England you alright Sir” the Officer asked

Chapter Three

Robert Jefferies the Prime Minster was feeling the strain bags under his eyes, pale face. The campaign had taken its toll on him. A leading voice for the remain campaign the hard fought battle was now lost. The ultimate questions were now what was he going to do? Resign or stay? The questions throbbing in Jefferies’s head like a beating heart.

The violence had quietened down for now, but Police presence was visible. Keith Gilchrist the opponent, the leading voice for the Leave Campaign rejoiced in what he described as a gallant victory to the press. Eagerly he waited Jefferies the leader of the Conservatives to make his decision. But the Prime Minister decided to hold out, considering all the options before him, plus the waiting game infuriated Gilchrist the leader of UKIP.

Jefferies knew that well as once the two men had been strong allies who dominated the Tories. But opinions clashed leading the friendship to be strained and then severed. Gilchrist in what could be described as a betrayal or even rebellion, joined UKIP. Quickly Keith worked his way up the ranks and soon became the notorious rival.

Hours what seemed like days passed and Jefferies had made his decision he embarked on a press conference. Gilchrist tuned in with anticipation surely this was the fall of his enemy. The smile soon sank from the UKIP leaders face rage soon consumed him following by the cries of anger, soon after disappointment descended. As the Prime Minster had decided not to resign.

Chapter Four

The world and media alike were astounded that Jefferies had decided to stay on as Prime Minster his supporters although surprised were relieved that their leader was still leading them. A heavy Police presence roamed the streets of course there were those who tried to cause trouble but they were soon apprehended.

Captain England continued to recover from the vicious beating he nearly endured the other day. Intrigued the guardian of England choose to lay low until the fate of the Government became more transparent.

It was unknown if Jefferies was going to contest the vote or not a question which loomed, in the national papers. Hoping to take his mind of the political storm Robert decided to meet with a friend whom he worked with during his days in the intelligence services. Dmitry Miskin waited contently in the Ritz a high class restaurant suited only for those of importance who possessed a worthy amount of money.

Robert walked cautiously towards the restaurant surrounded by the usual team of security chosen specifically by the metropolitan Police. Both men embraced it had been ages practically years since these two had met. But something about Dmitry was different he appeared to be nervous, scared in fact.

“Everything alright” Robert smiled

“Not really my friend I have troubling news” Dmitry responded

Straight to the point as always Dmitry paused Robert’s expression turned from happy into concern. Before the Russian could say anything an explosion from outside shook the restaurant, the loud chants and shouts of the Far Right soon followed. Flames rose from the ashes the Police charged.

Before they had chance to even speak the Prime Minister was taken back into the fold by his security, and quickly ushered out the building, bundled into a car which quickly sped off. Dmitry now even more shaken proceeded to leave soon after. The Police then swarmed in to make sure everyone was alright.

Dashing to his car which was parked the other side, luckily it had become unscathed by the chaos. The Russian took a moment to collect his thoughts. A face in the mirror caused alarm, the rope was soon looped over Dmitry’s neck, like a snake coiling round its prey the rope became tighter and tighter. Gasping for breath Dmitry twisted and turned to get the rope off but the more he did so the more the rope stuck to him. Pulling him back the attacker cranked up the pressure until the body became limp. Letting go the assassin known only as the Russian let out a sigh of relief as he disappeared amongst the brooding chaos.

The Prime Ministers car sped through the traffic the Police had now secured the area. Safety was paramount for the leader of the country. The car braked hard causing Jefferies to be almost thrown out of his seat. The traffic lights were on red. No one saw what was coming next flames ignited the explosion roared, the vehicle was thrust up and then instantly came crashing down, smoke descended. People screamed others ran to the scene, someone dialled 999.

Sadly, all the efforts of a rescue were thwarted the explosion had killed all occupants of the vehicle, the Prime Minister was dead.

Chapter Five

Tobias Mackenzie stood staring into space into his office, his expression blank the news had just hit him the Prime Minster was dead. The Deputy Prime Minster was now in control until a successor was found. Tensions in the country were still running at an all-time high.

Although he was saddened by his former friend/rival’s demise Gilchrist as a mark of respect stopped leading his political war for the time being. Day had gone and night had resumed a tired fractured Mackenzie went home for the night hoping to diminish the thoughts of being the country’s leader.

The dockside was fuelled by mist as it swarmed in quickly Martin Di Luca and the others waited patiently. The former Police Officer turned ruthless criminal was backed up by the usual suspects, Kamil his former partner during his days in the force, Darius a former Lithuanian Mafia member who fled to England for reasons unknown and Cesar a Romanian thug who was easily drawn back into the shade of crime, as he loved inflicting pain upon people. Particular those who had wronged him.

Meeting through various contacts of the criminal underworld these four didn’t care who they did business with. They operated in anything but Di Luca had a vested interest in weaponry. Also joining them was there accountant Eddie Shuman a south African who moved to England years ago. Setting up the deal was the middle man Leo the Latvian, a man whose morals had been tarnished years ago, why? Because he had none. As long as money was made it didn’t matter.

A light flashed in the distance near the far side of some containers the signal given the group moved cautiously. Watching them intently from afar was Marlowe, Captain England, Banshee and Highlander.

Marlowe was a vigilante who Captain England had come to known during his war on crime. Both had join the group known as TEAM England, an organisation consisting of both super human and human operatives who were gifted. Banshee and Highlander were part of TEAM Scotland the Scottish version of Team England. The purpose for both teams were to protect and serve their home country.

For months Banshee had been after Martin Di Luca who actually was a Scottish native. But as usual the cunning criminal had escaped justice. Fleeing to England Di Luca soon established himself amongst the ranks of the criminal underworld. Highlander had received a tip from a source about tonight’s weapon deal. Joining together the prime plan was stop the weapons from hitting the streets.

Di Luca and the others walked slowly towards the light, turning a corner a group of men stood barely noticeable near a container. Leo the Latvian stepped out from the group his face lit with a beaming smile.

“Gentlemen here we are” Leo smiled

Cautiously the group walked up to Leo.

“This is Ivan Kozlov” Leo stated pointing to a man who showed no expression what so ever.

Both groups exchanged handshakes but the mood remained tense.

“Shall we get down to business” Leo grinned

Acknowledging Di Luca and his men obliged and proceeded to follow the Russians and Leo. Captain England and the others watched close by, they knew full well they couldn’t apprehend anyone unless there was proof.

Drawing into the container Di Luca’s eyes lit up as he saw the weapons on offer. AK 47s Browning’s, Glocks, Revolvers, Magnums, Assault Rifles along with other devastating arms were there. Impressed Di Luca motioned Shuman to unlock the brief case, flashing the money, the Russians gave a nod of approval still not giving much away.

A shadow drew closer to the container spooked the nominated guards armed themselves. Catching a glance of the dark figure Captain England watched.

“Whose there”? One guard shouted

The sound of silence was the only response the man got. Stepping cautiously further away from the container the guard waited for whatever might come, the other guard remained close to the container his hands shaking as he tried to grip his rifle.

Satisfied that there was nothing but mist the guard began to walk back towards the container. A yelp of pain the knife wedged itself into the guard’s clothing, spluttering he attempted to call for help before falling on the floor. The other guard ran forwards but the silent bullet glided straight into his skull. Captain England watched as the figure emerged to claim the kills, slowly they walked into the container.

Chapter Six

A wave of panic surged through Captain England whoever the attacker was, was about to compromise everything. Banshee knew it also, if Di Luca was killed he couldn’t have the satisfaction of seeing his enemy rot in prison. Abandoning their positions, they followed the assailant.

Di Luca and the others were doing the final parts of the deal; Shuman was the first to emerge on his phone. The south African stepped outside the container talking quite loudly arranging the collection of arms it seemed. The assailant had was nowhere to be seen.

Scanning the area Captain England looked for the figure, then a shadow emerged from behind Shuman. Fearing the worst England intercepted Shuman who looked up, like a rabbit in the head lights he was knocked down. Captain England fought with the would be assassin. The commotion caused a flurry of shouts as armed men ran to see what was happening.

Banshee screamed sending the armed men flying backwards, Marlowe trod over the grounded men and charged into the container followed by Highlander. Cursing Di Luca knew he had been rumbled but wasn’t sure who by. Grabbing a pistol, he fired at the charging heroes.

The Scottish mutant Banshee caught up with his colleagues and joined the fray. Seeing the leader of Team Scotland infuriated Di Luca who looked like a man possessed as he fired his weapon. Kozlov stepped back a figure emerged from behind and charged towards the three.

Outside England and the assassin continued to fight Shuman was still knocked out. Punch after Punch the attacker stumbled.

“Who are you”? Captain England shouted

“They call me the Russian Revolver” The figure smiled

Pulling out his revolvers Captain England ducked for cover as the bullets rained out.

The figure launched a frenzied assault on the three defeating them almost with ease. Impressed Di Luca watched with joy.

“You see Mr Di Luca we take care of our problems” Ivan smiled

Russian Revolver charged into the container, gunning down the armed men who charged towards him. The trio regrouped as they tried to evade the gun fire from both sides. Looking like he seen a ghost Kozlov fired frantically at Revolver.

“You said you take care of your problems” Di Luca hissed

Tossing a smoke grenade Di Luca followed by the others ran towards the entrance Captain England intercepted them. Cesar and Darius lunged towards the Captain with after the other he took them down. Revolver and the Kozlov’s bodyguard battled. Banshee, Highlander and Marlowe charged after Di Luca and the others.

A shot from behind pierced Marlowe’s shoulder, clutching another shot soon followed the Englishman crashed to the floor. Kozlov waltzed towards him, Banshee screamed sending Di Luca and the others hurtling backwards.

“Let us go or I kill him” Kozlov shouted from behind

Captain England surrendered immediately as did the others.

Meanwhile Revolver was on the receiving end of a beating by Kozlov’s soldier.

“Leave him let’s go” Kozlov called

Obeying the figure walked towards it’s master.

“Now let him go” Captain England called

“Of course” Kozlov smiled

BANG! the shot rang out Marlowe’s head flopped back his body went limp. BANG! Kozlov fell back, the bodyguard howled with grief, Banshee screamed sending him hurtling backwards. Captain England clutched his dead friend, Di Luca and the others made their escape. Russian Revolver disappeared.

Distraught and anguished by his sudden lost the Russian quickly ascended into the night. Di Luca quickly grabbed his mobile as the vehicle screeched off from the docks, dialling a familiar number he waited for an answer.

“Don’t worry the plan went as it should they fell for the fake weapons” Di Luca told

Quickly he put the phone down as the vehicle rolled on into the night.

Chapter Seven

Far right supporter and Leader Rory Harper otherwise known as the criminal White Mask sat comfortably sipping slowly a can of his favourite beer. Only on his own did he ever take off the face mask, he didn’t trust anyone seeing his scarred disfigured face.

It all started on a seemingly normal Friday night on the town, after a long prolonged week Rory and his friends were enjoying the night. It wasn’t until they reached the final club where things took a turn for the worse. Bidding his friends good night and stumbling out the club Rory didn’t realise his life was about to change forever. By passing the taxi rank Harper continued his voyage home.

His head spinning his eyes dazed a blow from behind and Rory fell flat on his face. Uttering in their own language the three foreign men proceeded to attack their victim. After delivering a brutal beating the men fled into the night. Rory lay there in a pool of his own blood. The attackers were caught and identified as three Polish men who were renowned for mugging and assaulting people back in their home land. But free movement is free movement the trio relocated and continued what they started, yet another fuck up by the European Union.

The case went to court but it turned out to be a complete waste of time as all the men got were suspended sentences, basically a slap on the wrist. Rory still had the scars visible on his face. A few months had passed and White Mask ascended into the ranks of the Far Right, firstly he got his revenge on the Poles by practically butchering them to death. But after that night White Mask was born and Rory simply had become a distant memory. After establishing himself Harper gained enough respect to become the leader of the English National Alliance.

The troubles in England intrigued White Mask immensely all he had to do was to wait and see what happened next.

Darius Jurgis had always thought he was better than Di Luca and the others. After being dropped off at his flat the Lithuanian once again ventured out into the night. Like the others he had vested interests. Swiftly walking down a street he veered right and saw the old ware house.

As usual two well-built foreign men guarded the entrance, a quick glance around Darius continued was let in. The old warehouse was crowded full of different foreign nationals. The speaker a man named Marcin was revving up the gatherers through his words.

“Where would the English be without us they we do the jobs which they don’t want and still they aren’t happy, they still hate us” Marcin shouted

A chorus of cheers was the immediate response, intrigued Darius looked on as Marcin continued to speak.

“They attack us and we do nothing, well now it is time to fight back, they want war we will give them a war”

 Once again shouting and cheering filled the warehouse.

“Enough talking let’s show what we can do, without us they are nothing but us without them we are something” Marcin went on

After another wave of cheers Marcin stopped talking. Two big foreign men were heading towards the stage, dragging another man. The third man had been beaten severely. Almost carrying him to the stage like a trophy they presented him in front of Marcin.

“Hold him up” Marcin ordered

The men obediently obliged holding the helpless man up. Foraging in his pocket the Pole whipped out the blade, a quick glance to the crowd and without a second thought he slit the man’s throat, the man gargled before falling flatly on the stage the blood oozing out. A mixture of gasps and cheers filled the room. Concerned Marcin grabbed the microphone.

“Your either with us or against us this is our country now” Marcin screamed

Dubbing themselves the Foreign Rights Army the warehouse soon emptied as the new established group ventured into the night hoping to hunt down unsuspecting English people.

Chapter Eight

Tobias Mackenzie tossed the local rag across his desk as if it were rubbish, trying to relax he switched on the TV, the news presenter was going on about the unsuspected demise of the Prime Minster. It was early only a few people were in apart from Mackenzie. Today’s grizzling topic would be about deciding on who Jefferies’s successor would be. Naturally Mackenzie had put himself in contention for the leadership. In order to succeed his goal, he needed allies something the Deputy Prime Minster lacked in.

Darius tried to shake off the events from last night he hadn’t regretted joining the Foreign Freedom Army but he knew if Di Luca cottoned on, he would most likely be a dead man. Wincing at the pain suffered from last night’s clash with the English the Lithuanian tarted himself up as it was time to go to work.

Grief had succumbed Captain England, Marlowe had been a dear friend and a trusted ally. Racking his brain, he sat there in front of the TV, trying to figure out the answers to certain questions, who was Russian Revolver? Why is he here? His head pounding, he poured himself a Scotch, the day was early but it was never too early for a drink.

Outside Downing Street, the News Crews rolled their cameras attempting to anticipate what was going on inside. Keith Gilchrist made his way around the back entrance hoping to avoid being spotted. Mackenzie had called him hoping to strike a deal, a coalition perhaps? No one knew apart from the Deputy Prime Minister himself.

The fighting on the streets had seized at least for now the Police rounded over twenty trouble makers from both sides. Marcin had escaped this time but many of his allies had fallen or been caught by the Police. Stumbling into his front door, he walked in the front door where his family were. His daughters were playing his wife was in the kitchen, the atmosphere was cheerful. Going further into the lounge the family faded and the house returned to its lonely silence. Marcin throw himself down tears rolled down his cheeks, he laid down and remembered why he was fighting the English.

Gilchrist waited in a room with his team puzzled by why he had been summoned by Mackenzie. Meanwhile the Deputy Prime Minster waited as members of his party gathered in the main assembly room. An extra security team had been brought in to quell any attempts of an attack on any MPs since the Police were wrapped up trying to calm the explosive clashes between the Far Right, Anti Far Right and the Foreign Freedom Army.

Mackenzie walked in the main assembly room the chorus of chatter suddenly died down. The Deputy Prime Minster stared forwards the MPS took their seats. Tobias paused for a moment. The bold brown double doors opened, almost Triumphantly Keith Gilchrist strutted towards the long brown table. Cries of shock followed by gasps of surprise filled the tense atmosphere. The wolf had re-joined the pack.

“I know what your all thinking why is he here? But the fact of the matter is this Country is practically in a civil war and we need to restore order and protect our citizens, and I think with Keith’s help we can achieve this, let bygones be bygones for the sake of England let us work together” Tobias said passionately

The room burst like a pipe of water into conversation the idea was split practically in half. Some MPS agreed others would rather die than work with Gilchrist that was the General vibe of the atmosphere. Leaving his fellow party members to discuss the matter for a brief moment Tobias gave a gesture of well I did try, to Keith who remained stone cold.

An explosion from outside shook the News Crews the flames roared through a window the glass raining down onto the ground. Immediately concerned Captain England armed himself and headed out, the Media ducked for cover as the glass continue to shower from a top floor window, at the same time they tried to catch the action.

The assembly room shook glass of water fell over security came barging in.

“Mr Mackenzie we need to get out of here” a Security Guard cried

Bewildered by the sudden blast Tobias looked towards the Security Team, something didn’t seem right. Stepping back the deputy Prime Minister shuddered as he realised these Security Guards were not the extra team he had brought in.

Chapter Nine

“What’s the matter Sir are you alright” the main Security Guard asked sounding rather concerned

Captain England was now minutes away the City was dead locked as chaos reigned supreme the three way dance between the main groups battling for control continued their fight for power.

Tobias gulped as he saw the main security had a pistol tucked in a holster on his trousers. The other MPs bamboozled by what they were seeing waited for their leader to motion for evacuation.

“We need to get out of here” cried Gilchrist “What we waiting for?”

Brushing past security White Mask emerged the Far Right criminal smiled through his mask, an assault rifle dangled from him.

“Have you missed me”? White Mask taunted

Captain England screeched to a halt, bolting out the car he scaled the gates and barged through the front entrance. Heading towards the assembly room back up wasn’t far behind. The Police waited fearing the MPs had been taken hostage they drew back. Leo Cromwell the ancestor of both Oliver and Thomas Cromwell pursued Captain England hoping to help his friend and colleague.

Cromwell much like Guy Fawkes had questionable methods but the vigilante/ former mercenary joined Team England in the hope of protecting the Government and the Country.

Tobias stared at the main Security Guard, in one fast paced movement he lunged for the pistol, grabbing the guard stumbled back. Trembling with fear Mackenzie waved the weapon in White Mask’s face. Unintimidated the English Nationalist looked back at the fear struck man.

“Go on shoot me” White Mask taunted

Spinning on his heal Tobias swung the weapon he fired a couple of shots. An MP fell to the floor the blood trickling from his forehead. A wave shock swept the Conservative Party by complete surprise as their leader had joined with White Mask.

Captain England was now inches away from the bold brown double doors.

“Captain” Cromwell shouted

“Leo” Captain England smiled

“You can’t do this on your own” Cromwell told

Acknowledging his friend was right both men stormed the double doors. The impact sent Tobias, White Mask and the men falling forwards. Standing boldly at the door Captain England prepared himself to tackle his notorious foe.

White Mask got to his feet as did the men the MPs hadn’t moved like startled sheep their feet froze in terror.

“I knew you would come Captain, you’re so predictable” White Mask smirked

“It’s over White Mask” Captain England replied

“It’s only just beginning” White Mask grinned

White Mask pointed the weapon at Captain England, the protector of the English lunged towards his foe. A shot rang out.

Chapter Ten

Grimacing in pain Captain England clutched his leg, Leo Cromwell stepped over his former ally.

“Do you want me to finish him off”? Cromwell quizzed

“No not yet” White Mask grinned

Shocked completely Gilchrist stood almost motionless.

“What’s the matter Keith”? White Mask sneered

“This was your vision”

BANG! Gilchrist fell to the floor.

“Take Captain England down to the old dungeons” White Mask ordered

Two guards dragged Captain England away.

“What about them”? Mackenzie said pointing to the MPS

“Kill them” White Mask grinned

Machine gun fired rained heavily as the bodies soon became mounted.

A few days had passed Tobias Mackenzie was now Prime Minster of England flanked by his protectors Leo Cromwell and White Mask. Those who did not agree to the new regime were sentenced to death and publicly executed. The rest of the world watched in horror as England had now turned in to a fascist police state.

Scotland had severed all ties with its neighbour as did both Wales and Northern Ireland. Foreigners were rounded up and enslaved the women sent to whore houses the men mainly killed. Marcin and the Foreign Freedom Army kept fighting the English far right.

Guy Fawkes buried himself deep underground along with his soldiers fearing he was being hunted. Di Luca and the others had made a tidy profit and were protected by the Government for their contributions to the cause.

Banshee and Highlander were fleeing the country and crossing back to their homeland. Many English tried to escape to Scotland but many died doing so. A wall was in construction alongside a heavy border patrol. No one was allowed in or out. Unless you supported the Government your life was made to be an utter misery.

The Russian remained in England he was rewarded for his part in the cause also. Killing the Prime Minster and Dmitry Miskin. You see Miskin was a Russian Intelligence officer who was determined to catch the man who called himself the Russian. Through a well- connected source Dmitry was closing the net on the assassin.

The intelligence gather indicated the killer had gone to England but the reasons were unknown. Fearing his friend Robert Jefferies could be in danger Dmitry aimed to warn him about the contract killer. But the Russian had prevented that from happening.

Russian Revolver who had waged a one-man war against the assassin disappeared into the shadows waiting for his opportunity to avenge the deaths of the loved ones the Russian killed.


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