Cold Cut Chronicles

Cold Cut Chronicles

Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian



Status: In Progress

Genre: Gay and Lesbian




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Chapter1 (v.1) - Cold Cuts

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 21, 2017



I was standing in the fruit section, checking the bananas. They were all so ripe, and ready for me to devour.


That was when this fuckdick bumped into me as if he ruled the world. I turned around and time stopped.


He was short, with eyes as blue as my balls when I saw him. He had a five o'clock shadow that made my heart skip a beat. It was like looking into a mirror to which I wanted to fuck. I tore my eyes away and he walked off. I turned my glance slightly from the bananas, checking out his ass strutting off. It was firm and swaying from his hips flawlessly, teasing me.


He did not seem to notice me, which made me want him more. I nonchalantly followed him, keeping ha distance of one soccer mom between us. As the mom bent over to look at the froot loops box, which everybody knew she was buying for herself and not her children, he sent me a look. It was subtle and at the same time almost had me jizzing my pants.


He directed his eyes toward my crotch, looked back up at me, and one of his sky blue eyes winked at me. He averted his attention back to a bottle of maple syrup and I followed his gaze. I thought of all the things we could do with that bottle of Aunt Jemima. He brushed up against my shoulder as he passed me by, leaving the syrup on shelf. What a shame....


He walked over to the pastry stand; I stalked behind him, like a fly drawn to light. He grabbed a box of regular crispy cream donuts.


“Oooo, my naughty boy…” I thought, strolling behind him. He stopped abruptly, turning around and looking me dead on. He walked right up to me, his breath close enough that I could smell the cinnamon toothpaste he used. He hooked his finger under the box lip, 

seductively lifting it. He kept his eyes on mine as he pulled a frosted donut out and put the box of remains back down on the table. He smirked at me, and walked off, again with the stolen good.


I picked up my feet, and met him at his side. I looked at him in amazement. Had he just stole something, in front of everyone? He had balls, which I hoped were not too big to fit in my mouth. He led me to the cold cuts section, abruptly stopping by the rows of prepackaged sausages. His eyes flickered over to me and I blushed, looking away. A smile creeped up my face as I noticed he was still looking.


"Wonder if they have any sausage in a bigger size." He sighed, tracing one of the packages.


"You like them big?" I smirked, and this time he blushed. The way the color spread across his pasty cheeks made me want to slam him against the wall and take him right there.


"Yeah. If you don't mind me asking, what is your name?" He asked, with a small laugh.


"Nolan." I smiled, and his lips formed an "o".

"Well this is funny… I thought I knew you from somewhere..." He giggled. He threw his head back once his laughter grew, giving me perfect view of the strong neck I would be marking later. I wondered where I had meet this perfect man. Surely, I would remember such an event.


"I am a teacher from Cherokee. I almost wrote you and your friends up for calling me gay." He explained, clearly amused about the irony of this situation.


"My god! That was you?" I laughed, my face becoming bright red.




I was sitting in the library, doing some bullshit project when my friend was talking about his dad.


"Yeah, I kiss my dad. I love my dad." He said, shrugging his shoulders. My other friend took this statement is another direction.


"You love your dad, are you gay?" He snorted. My friend rolled his eyes at the obscenity of what the twat had just said. One of the good-looking teacher walk past and my friend stopped him.


"Is it gay to kiss your dad?" He asked and the man furrowed his eyebrows at the statement.


"Wait are you gay?" My other friend questioned, the silence from the teacher grew his suspicion.


"Guys, if he was gay do you think he would come out to a bunch of freshman in the middle of a library?" I shot back, feeling bad for the man. He gave me a small smile then directed his attention back to my friends.


“I should write you up for using that word in such a derogatory manner.” He snapped, and then left. I never had an encounter with him again. Though we did exchange nods every now and again in the hallways. 


*End of Flashback*


“Wow.” I said, unsure of anything I could say. He grabbed my hand, and a soft gasp escaped my lips as I felt how warm and smooth his hand was. He took me to the bathroom, locking the door behind us. He pushed me in further and I stared at him wide eyed.


He took my shirt in the hand that was not holding the donut. He slammed me against the wall, his lips passionately meeting mine.


“Unbutton your pants, bitch.” He said his voice loud and dominating. I gleefully followed his orders, moaning as he sucked on my neck. My pants quickly fell to the ground and surrounded my ankles. I picked the right day to forget underwear. He firmly grasped my dick, carefully caressing the entire length. His breath hit my ear as he thumb brushed over my penis head.


“I like my snacks sweet and salty.” He whispered, causing me to shiver. He looked me in the eyes as he slid the donut over my erect cock.


He smiled, giving me a peck on the lips before dropping to his knees. His breath lightly floated over my hard member, his blue eyes staring up at me. They dazzled like diamonds as his gave my erection a kiss; with the same passion he had given my lips. He consumed my cock at an inhumanly slow rate, inch by inch. I bite my lip and grabbed on to his hair, pushing him further down my shaft. He choked and the vibration hummed against my cock, which caused me to hold him tighter.


He pulled off my dick after a couple minutes, and brought his attention to the donut. He slid it off my sensitive cock, causing me to shiver. He stood from his crouching position, taking a bit of the donut. He then, proceeded to throw the rest away and lick the rest of frosting off my dick.


“Do you have lube?” He asked, out of breath.


“Fuck, no. I didn’t plan on fucking in the 

bathroom when I came here…” I responded, quickly looking around the small room for resources.


“Its fine, I think I got you slick enough.” He said, as if he was talking about a topic more casual then the act of eating a donut off my genitals.


“Okay so um, how do you-“


“You can take me from the back.” He answered, cutting me off. I nodded.


He placed his hands on the wall and arched his back. I tried not to think about how many times he has done this, probably a lot considering how experienced he was. Then there was I, who in my twenty-seven years have never had sex in public. How many people have been in my place? Why was I so concerned? Not like, we were together. He was just a quick fuck, that is all.


“You going to put it in anytime soon?” He asked, clearly annoyed by me wasting time pondering about his various partners.


“Yeah.” I whispered, grabbing his hips and pushing in. He let out a soft moan and I started pushing in and out. I was going slow, unsure if I would hurt him by going faster. Sure, my dick was covered in spit but he was surprisingly tight.


“Please tell me you’re not a virgin...” He sighed, killing the mood. Well, whatever mood is formed from banging a stranger in the Publix bathroom.


“What? No.” I responded, my voice sharper than I intended. I thought I was doing well…

“Well you fuck like one, pick up the speed! Jesus…” He complained and I rolled my eyes. So much for being thoughtful.  I picked up my pace with no mercy. At first, the only sound that filled the room was the sounds of my balls slapping against him. Now, his loud ass moans were the only things to be heard, and it was music to my ears. I was starting to get tired five minutes into our aggressive intercourse. I noticed he was about finish so I pushed on and grabbed onto his hips, leaving bruises. He was barley standing now, holding onto the wall.


“Wait, stop, stop.” He ordered, and I collapsed on his body. I need release so bad, but my energy was gone.


“I want to finish in your mouth.” He said, and I felt my face heat up. I agreed. I pulled out and felt a bit dizzy as I stood back. He turned around and grabbed my dick. He lead me to the trash can, by my cock, and started jerking me off until I came. He smirked once I finished and pushed me to my knees, which did not take much effort on his part. I was exhausted. He looked down at me, waiting for me to do something, and I slowly took his dick in my mouth. He was big, and my jaw hurt once he started fucking into me.


He finally came in my mouth as I was sticking my finger inside his clenching butthole and I was unsure if he wanted me to swallow. I did, assuming that is what he wanted. The pineapple semen hit my taste buds and I hungrily sucked every drop.  It was going to take a shit ton of mouthwash to get the taste out. He seemed satisfied though, already putting his clothes back on. I lazily put mine on too, not caring about the dirty looks I would get. 


“Here.” He said, handing me a piece of paper and a couple dollars.


“I am not a fucking prostitute, you ass.” I snapped, pissed that he would even consider that.


“I know, that’s money for the donut, I have to get home soon so I can’t pay.” He explained.


“Oh, sorry.” I apologized and rubbed the back of my neck awkwardly. I looked at the piece of paper and saw it was his phone number was scribbled on it. When did he have time to write it? We literally just finished fucking.


“Call me when you would like to do this again.” He said with a wink, unlocking the door. I smiled at the piece of paper and followed him out the door. I could not put a finger on it but, I felt the need to kiss him.


He walked past the cold cuts and I could not take it anymore. I grabbed him by his messy collar and kissed him. He did not kiss back, but did smile as he walked off.


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