Little buddy

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a little step into something new

Submitted: March 21, 2017

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Submitted: March 21, 2017



Brief disclosure, this was made in 10 minutes. Cringe warning applied. For ages FUCK IT and above

Bravery, adventure and hilarious fucking Christmas sweaters.(help meh)

This is a story about a little brave buddy...who is also a human in a human dumped him out of hi..Anyway he was lonely as the rain washed away three years of his so far miserable life. Left on the street when he was a littler little buddy, forced to feed himself in whatever way he could because he spent all his money on crack cocaine and 15 inch toys. The little turd didnt have an idea of what to do. He wandered the world searching for people to screw them over with 5$ cheese rings and giant strawberrys. The one day he made a hit like that was when Donald Trump was hungry back in 2014. He gave him 3 cheese rings the size of a penny for 34$ each, also managing to sell a gallon of industrial lard. Now turd can go and buy more crack and drop to the floor shit Im out of ideas). So the weather outside is dark, communism revolutions are everywhere and Im pretty sure someone got murdered a 109 yards from here. The atmospheric pressure is HOW THE FUCK SHOULD I KNOW Pascals. Bats are screeching in my face as I am desperate to get a story out. Theres a turd on the steps outside, its our little buddy laying flat, probs dead.(ineedhelp)

So that was a story about an extraordinary little literal piece of shit.

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