Travel, advice and stories

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Submitted: March 22, 2017

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Submitted: March 22, 2017



Travel, Advice and Stories

Once upon a time I was the kid stuck in her room watching youtube videos while eating cheetos on her bed. I had absolutely no desire whatsoever to go outside and do something. I finished the last season of game of thrones and wasted valuable time on daydreaming about adventures that I couldve had. I wasnt satisfied with my life and on top of that i was gaining so much weight.

Yes that was pretty much my life but before that me and my family had travelled alot. Ive seen alot and then came my depressive ways of only traveling to the other corner of my tiny bedroom. I obviously changed my ways and started moving alot more. I spent my freetime just going on trips in my tiny country that is now starting to become too small. I’m looking for the travel experience again. And i mean the beyond borders kind.

I changed my studies too, i’m planning to study  Tourism. I’ve planned a trip to Blanes, Spain and I’m planning to learn at least 5 new languages. My wanderlust is getting stronger everyday. I’m going to pay attention to the world and her people around me. My life is turning around.

I’m getting my old wanderlust back, so right now I can give you advice about the best travel advice from my old dusty experiences:

  1. Try to travel to an entirely different place.

This one is quite obvious but challenging at the same time! Try to go to a place that is nothing like your own country. Thats the amazing part about traveling is that you gain new experiences and point of view about the world we live in. New culture, new language, new food and priceless stories of adventures that you can tell your folks back home!

2. Meet the locals!

This one is my favorite. Alot of people choose to go to places where they are sure to meet some folks like the ones back home, which is great too! You can make friends and keep in contact with them after the holidays! Sweet! That’s okay too, but you can make sure that you and your new friends spend some time in the local area and try to strike a conversation with a local. Mix and expand your group of friends! The more the merrier! You can learn alot from the locals and vice versa. That would sure be an extra in your foreign adventures.

3. Go more out of your comfort zone

You can go out of your comfort zone and start to look for weird, awesome and fun things to do in the cities outside of your hotel. Imagine youve got yourself a diverse group of friends and you guys are starting to become bored, what do you do? Go and get some of that adventure of course! Try to do something youve never done before or what you always wanted to do! Google great things to do in ( insert country). And get the most out of your destination. Be curious and go out and explore. This is great for any kind of traveler.

4. Travel together!

Remember when i said the more the merrier. It creates more fun factor. Wherever you decide to go and for whatever reason it s way more fun and less lonely if you travel together. This is especially true for the families with just only one introverted kid. It is getting lonely for them. So bring their friend or a family member around his or her age to go with you. I know this from experience and it can go less fun for them when they are constantly at the side of the pool all by them selves. If bringing one along is simply not possible you can choose a destination with alot of fun activities for kids like a vacation park or a resort hotel.

5. Money matters

Money is important to get there and to be there. I understand the traveling doesnt go cheap ( unless you are so full of wanderlust and curiosity that you are planning to go backpacking). Affordable holidays are out there too. You just have to go looking a little bit harder and ofcourse lots of planning. If you want all these experiences but at low costs you can look hard on the internet for the beyond borders kind. ( I found eastern Europe affordable but I live in Europe so that makes it alot easier to make an affordable trip to Eastern European countries.) Or explore the other side of your country. ( mine is small so there is not much to ”explore”) your country may have islands or you have never been to that part of your country. Neither is bad. The other issue with money is the valuta. All i can say is be prepared, check the valuta and take some spare cash. Some suprise experiences have a price tag. Be prepared for unplanned situations. ( I had one of those and i was not prepared for that at all!)

6. Be safe!

You can be stupid but NOT DANGEROUSLY STUPID. Be sure to trust your guts when being in difficult situations. Beware of swindlers and con artists that are scattered across the globe. Don’t go home with strangers. Make sure with whatever you do, you do it safely. Trust your instinct, research your destination and listen to every warning whatsoever because sometimes great things can turn unpleasant. Don’t be naive and make sure everyone knows where you are or bring a friend ( wise friend) along.

All this advice makes me think of my adventures. This article turned way too long so…

Stories is going to be a part 2

Explore and stay safe



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