Twilight in the Old Cabin Part. 01

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Hello, guys! First submission tell me what you think of the first part!

Submitted: March 22, 2017

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Submitted: March 22, 2017



Twilight in the Old Cabin

It feels cold, I say drawing my arms closer to me. Huddling up I realize I should probably find a way to warm up. I look around, it seems there’s a light in the distance. A fire? Perhaps a house. I begin to mechanically walk towards the light source, my body screaming for its promised warmth. After walking for a bit, I see that it’s an old cabin. I hurry up and knock at the door, I can feel warmth coming from the cracks around the doorframe and hope somebody hears me. After a moment, the door swings open and I’m greeted by a smiling old man. He’s mostly bald with a few scruffs of hair on each side of his head. He’s hunched over a cane; he looks quite feeble. While I’m thinking, his voice interrupts me, “My lands, what brings you out here at this hour? Why don’t you come in and have a seat by the fire? Warm your bones for a while.” His smile seems genuine and his voice kind. Feeling a shive run through me I’m reminded of just how cold it is, and eagerly walk inside of his home. He smiles and motions to a chair by the fire, I sit and he takes a seat across from me. We sit in silence for a few moments, the rocking of the chairs and crackling of the fire fill the seconds. I look around and notice just how small this cabin is. It seems only one room. The two chairs and the fireplace located on the right wall. A bookcase across from the fireplace. The old man and myself. After I’ve warmed up the old man’s gentle voice interrupts the silence once again, “So young man, how ‘bout I tell I story? One about a guy named Simon, I think you might’ve heard it before, but I refresher won’t hurt.” He says this with a smile, stands and walks over to the bookcase and draws an old book from its shelves. “Let’s get started.” He says taking a seat.

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