Hungry enough

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Tales from beyond the shadows..

Submitted: March 22, 2017

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Submitted: March 22, 2017



Annie gripped the receiver so tightly her fingers had gone numb; she held her breath as she listened to the ringing. Her heart pounded in her chest as she repeated the mantra in her head, please let it be mum, please let it be mum. The receiver was picked up on the other end and the coin dropped, "Hello" her heart sank as she heard his voice. The tears she had been bottling up now flowed freely down her face, she wanted so badly to plead with him to let her speak to her mum. But she could not bring herself to speak to the old lecher, she missed her mother so much but she would die before she let her step father touch her again. That is why she had run away from home, a picture of his sneering face and the memory of his touch made her shudder. “I know it is you spoilt little bitch, you will have to come home when you are hungry enough". His sneering voice making the tears flow more quickly. A click at the other end of the line and he was gone.

He led her down the stinking alleyway past the silent girl with the strange eyes, Annie thought to call out to the girl but it was too late. In her tightly closed fist she had his twenty dollars, the bargain was sealed, no going back now. His breath stank of cheap booze and the cold concrete grated against her bare backside, she closed her eyes and wished he would hurry up and finish this. Her mind took her away to a different time a sunny day and a family picnic, back before the disease had taken her father. The sound of tearing flesh and cartilage caused her to open her eyes but the liquid spray turned everything crimson. When Annie came around she was no longer in the dirty alleyway, the bite marks on her shoulder throbbed but otherwise she felt fine. No! More than fine she felt exhilarated, the girl with the strange eyes sat opposite her. The blood stains around her mouth should have frightened Annie, but she really felt a connect with this girl.

 "So the hunger drove you home you little whore and you brought another little whore with you" he could not hide his contempt and did not even try. He stood sneering at Annie and the girl with the strange eyes," Well bitches my house my rules, you want to eat here you pay your way". He had that lecherous look in his eyes again and a drop of saliva dripped from the corner of his mouth, he stared at their bodies and his eyes glazed over. It took him along time to figure out what was happening when they began to change, Annie sank her fangs in his jugular before he had a chance to scream, well he had gotten one thing right the hunger had driven her home. They were ravenous and made short work of his big frame; he really did provide good eating.

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