Lion of Soweto

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When Bandele got to the Polemann Castle, he called Molefi to his sitting room and told him to expect Sheline the next Saturday. He briefed him to take care of the house and prepare the rooms for an important guest.

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Submitted: May 16, 2017



While Sheline was away, Bandele didn’t go to the church that Sunday morning. Margaret was sure that it was because her niece wasn’t around. It became evident to her that Sheline was the source of the increased attention she was getting on the street.  

Margaret’s profile had soared in the area since Bandele started dropping her off at home on Sundays. For many years she was a loner on the street. Sheline’s presence had brought about a change in that. Even her sworn enemies in the area wanted to associate with her. Those who didn’t speak with her before were suddenly exchanging pleasantries. Some waved at her when she walked past. She also made a few new friends.

Most residents didn’t see why the Zimbabwean woman was more respected. Since Bandele had suddenly become interested in her house, there must be something special about her.

 For those reasons, Margaret’s warmness towards Sheline was special when the lady returned to Soweto. She was excited even more than the first time the young girl arrived there. But her motives were purely selfish.

 “Welcome back, my dear niece. How is my sister? I hope she is doing well?” She danced towards Sheline immediately she entered the house.

“My mum is fine. She extends her greetings.”

 Sheline was feeling energised and renewed again. Her visit to Zimbabwe had lifted her moods.

“I hope there is no problem whatsoever back in Bulawayo. Is she not feeling lonely as she is living alone?”

“There is no problem. She has a new maid that assists her at home.”

She brought some gift items for Margaret and her kids. Her mum had directed her to do so. She also handed over her husband’s presents. Margaret was taken aback by Moyo’s move. She accepted it with a pinch of salt, as she didn’t consider it necessary.

Sheline noticed the animated drama of her aunt. Since she didn’t have a clue, she thought it was because of the gift items received from her mum. She also imagined why Margaret didn’t ask about her husband. But she dismissed the thoughts, thinking that it was because the two hadn’t met.

Sheline quickly arranged her things and started preparing for school. There were a number of activities at school that week, and she didn’t want to miss more lectures.

During that week, Margaret kept close watch over Sheline. She wanted to know if there would be a change in her attitude since her return from Bulawayo. She gave the young lady some time to soak in the effects of her journey home and catch up on her studies. The young wife must have been cuddled by her husband and so would probably not want to hear stories about another man’s interest. She also could not tell if Sheline discussed Bandele with her spouse. But as she was back to Johannesburg, she must live the Soweto life.

After a few days, and as Sunday was approaching, she decided to talk to her about Bandele’s advances.

 “Sheline, do you think it would be nice to encourage Bandele to bring us home on Sunday after church.”

“Aunty. Why are you asking about that now? We are used to him already. Do you want to go back to those days of looking for taxis in the hot sun?”

“I just wanted to hear your view. Bandele has been nice to us.”

“Yes, he is a great man.”

That reply settled it all. That was what she wanted to hear. She was keen on knowing how the young lady felt about him. It appeared she was fully in support that the wealthy man was close to them. It meant that travelling to Bulawayo to meet her husband would not prevent her from being close to Bandele. Margaret was happy with that.


“Boss, who are the favourites on the LCP list?” Pono enquired from Molefi.

“The Lion is carried away with Sheline.  He has been very soft on that girl. I think he wants to settle down with her.”

“What? The boss wants to settle down? Who is the girl that’s tickling him that much?” Akida queried, listening to Molefi.

“It’s Sheline, the church girl next street.” Molefi hinted.

“That’s hard to believe. The Lion doesn’t settle down with any lady.” Pono quipped. “Is she the reason he has been attending church service on Sundays?”

“Exactly,” said Molefi. “He has been reading the Bible, buying her all kinds of presents and taking her out.”

“Yet, she has not shown up here. The girl must be a special one.”

“Not really. The boss just liked her ‘churchy lifestyle’ and homely nature. She is not the type that sleeps around. She claims to be married, but no one knows her husband.  The boss doesn’t care about that anyways. Married women come here and get bedded.”

“When is she visiting?”

“Maybe soon. Boss asked me to put her on the CPL, without tasting her first or even inviting her here. He has stopped seeing other ladies since he started dating Sheline.”

“Yes. I noticed that.” Akida joined in the conversation. “Many of them have been turned back for the past three weeks or so. Is he trying to be a new person now?”

“We shall see with time. I’ll let you guys know what’s happening.”

“Okay, boss,” Pono said and went out of the house.

The recent focus on Sheline had called for that brief meeting.

The number of ladies that usually flooded the house had reduced. Usually, when they visited, they brought hand-outs for Akida and Pono. Many times, it was money that they handed over. Such tips went a long way in keeping their pockets lined. As the ladies reduced in number, so did the tips.

Even Molefi was kept at arm’s length. No one was sure of his next move. For two weeks, Bandele had been doing things on his own and didn’t involve his aides much. That prompted Molefi to call the others to be alert. He’d wanted to pick their brains and ask what they were up to.

Bandele was resting upstairs and didn’t want to be disturbed. He was focusing his attention on his new found love - Sheline. He expected that the lady would contact him when she returned from Zimbabwe. Their last discussion before she travelled made him think so.

While she was away, he didn’t entertain any other lady from the street. Neither did he visit his usual night club to corner new ones. The Polemann Street emperor just maintained his calmness and, for the first time in years, he was patient— patient for a lady he thought should be his. He had never been so tolerant while a girl resisted him. He was being re-introduced to himself in a different way. He decided that he must wait for her call.

Bandele kept away from his aides to access his level of commitment to Sheline. That lady had influenced him in a way that was hard to explain. Her beauty apart, she was a model of virtues. There was a certain air of confidence that she exuded that amazed him. Most ladies in the area would duck merely at the sight of him. How Sheline found it easy to discuss with him, receive his gifts and money, yet refuse to show up at his house baffled him; even the presence of his cohorts didn’t instil fear in her.

He concluded that it was because he was in love with her. Love only was the reason he could be so soft towards any lady in the area. “The Lion of Soweto” never played love with anyone before. At that moment, he was obsessed with a young Zimbabwean girl.

The Friday after Sheline returned to Soweto, Pono sighted her returning from school. He dialled Molefi to tell him.

“I saw Sheline on her way back from school today. She is around now. Findings show that she’d been around for three days.” Pono said over the phone.

“Okay. Thank you.”

Molefi walked upstairs and relayed the message to his boss. He knew the love-struck man wanted to receive her the shortest possible time. As he turned away to leave the room, Bandele called out,


“Yes, boss.”

“What do you think of this lady so far?”

“You have been easy on her, boss.”

“The Lion is in love. Ha ha.”

“I thought so too. You have been quiet. Unusually quiet.”

“I’ve shown her enough of my soft side. I thought she would call me on the phone when she returned from Zimbabwe. She didn’t do so.”

“We need to intimidate her a bit, boss.”

“Do you think that would be necessary now? I already appeared to her like a church-goer. If we change our approach now, we will not be consistent.”

“That’s true, boss. I fully agree.”

“I have a plan.”

Immediately, Molefi ran to his table and sat on the chair close by. He picked out a pen and paper from his pocket and gestured to his boss that he was ready to write.

Bandele stood up, paced up and down the room and sat down close to Molefi.

“We have two weeks to implement it, boy. She is taking me for granted now. I’ll bring Sheline here next week after church. If she refuses to come or doesn’t agree to be bedded soon, we shall make our next move.”

He moved closer to Molefi and whispered into his right ear. Molefi nodded in support of it. Bandele patted him on the back, and Molefi left the room. 

That Sunday, Bandele went to pick the ladies up from the church again. After dropping them off, he told Margaret that he would like to take Sheline out on a date. Margaret agreed instantly and took her kids with her into the house.

Sheline didn’t have issues with that. She’d gone out with him before and didn’t see anything wrong with another date. In fact, she looked forward to it.

The cheerful man drove her out of Soweto and headed towards Randburg. He took the excited lady to a number of stores to get her designer wears and shoes. When done with shopping, they headed for the cinema. It was a new experience for her, being at the cinema in South Africa.

Sheline always watched movies at home with her mum. The few times she visited the cinema for movies, it was with her school friends. Moyo didn’t have enough time to take her there, and she never asked him.

That cinema visit with Bandele would be her first time at the cinema with a man.  She was very comfortable with him and enjoyed his company.

At a point, the young wife recalled that she told her husband that she received gifts from a church member and he didn’t bat an eyelid; he’d received the new news calmly. Therefore, she didn’t see anything wrong with going out with Bandele. To her, it was part of the South African experience. She continued to enjoy his company, and he made her feel at ease.

 When they got back in the car to return to Soweto, he sat her up to talk.

“What are we doing Sheline? I’ve shown you that I care for you so much and I want some private moments with you.”

“I thought you would not ask. What do you want with me?”

“Let’s meet at my place this weekend. I’ll be expecting you around noon.”

“Okay. I’ll be there on Saturday at around one o’clock, but I don’t know your house.”

“One of my boys would come and pick you up at home.”

“It’s alright then.”

They drove back to Soweto, and he dropped her off.

When Bandele got to the Polemann Castle, he called Molefi to his sitting room and told him to expect Sheline the next Saturday. He briefed him to take care of the house and prepare the rooms for an important guest.


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