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part two of Thunderode.

Submitted: March 22, 2017

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Submitted: March 22, 2017





The storm was gone,

Gone with the wind,

And so was Guy,

Trumping on by.


Guy blew to the sea,

Puffing out smoke,

On ship called Decider,

As the Thunderider.


The Captain looked out,

With his cabin crew,

Dressed like penguins,

Going to the zoo.


The white steaming vessel,

Powered to the West,

Drowning stupid seamen,

Surfing in a vest.


On the chimney sat Guy,

Not knowing what or why,

Burning his ass as he sang,

Boom, bang a bang.


The ship went faster,

Was soon lost at sea,

With Captain Disaster,

Yelling out, why me!


A blue whale swam close

And blew Decider a kiss,

Made Guy jealous,

Who rumbled with a fist.


The ship hit the rocks,

With a nice gin and tonic,

The Captain sank with his ship,

And found it quite ironic.



Guy was stuck to the boat,

And burped and trumped in terror,

Is ass was sat in the funnel,

Found himself in error.


A seagull passing by,

Sat on a mast,

Told Guy the truth,

Thunderider would never last!


Your not very bright,

For a super hero,

You should have gone inland,

And played Mega Bingo.


So Guy did drown,

But did not really mind,

As he heard the Captain,

 singing, Auld Lang sine.


This is the end of this silly ode,

Do not read anymore,

Tis the end of Thunderode,

With the whale of no abode.


Come and visit if you can,

The tomb of Thunder Guy,

Have a laugh and a sing,

A merry lullaby.


For the man who did not last,

Was a hero in the past,

Farting and trumping you may hear,

Cus, Thunder Guy is stuck in here.






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