EVP Dangers

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Submitted: March 22, 2017

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Submitted: March 22, 2017



March 18, 2017

1:20 am

 I’m about to try to go to sleep. Tomorrow is my day off from work so being up this late isn’t really a big deal tonight. Besides, my noisy as hell neighbor downstairs is blasting his television again. Today was pretty average as far as the voices go. I tried to rest a bit when I first got home from work but I was getting hit pretty hard with the physical sensations. So, I’ll see how it goes tonight. As I mentioned earlier, “they” actually backed off for a few nights this week with messing with me with the physical disturbances, but now it seems that they are back at it again.  This is really all that they have left that still gets me really aggravated. They have lost a lot of ground since 2015, even though I write a lot about how pissed off I get from them messing with my sleep, in the bigger picture, they are much weaker now and I am much stronger than I was when all of this first began.


March 19, 2017

  10:20 am

  It’s a pretty mild morning so far, not much to report really. I can hear the voices chattering away, but at the moment at least, it’s just a relatively faint chatter. I cannot make out what is being said (nor do I want to really). Nothing significant happened last night either. I’d say that I got off to sleep rather quickly so I don’t recall feeling the physical disturbances for that long. Yesterday afternoon when I tried to take a nap right after I got home from work, I was hit with the physical disturbances rather intensely, but that has been the worst of it in the past 24 hours. Other than that, things have been fairly mild.

  These harassing entities try a few new ploys and tricks here and there, but in my opinion they have not gained any newfound strength or power. If anything, the abilities of these entities to disrupt my life has drastically decreased since 2015. Back then, these malevolent entities would often pull off what I call “shock & awe” stunts. During that time, I experienced some poltergeist-like activity around my home. I also had numerous incidents of these entities literally calling me on the phone or leaving EVP messages on my voicemail at my work. I know that this sounds strange, but on numerous occasions during the Spring and Summer of 2015, I would receive phone calls from these harassing entities. Most of the time, there were unusual distortion qualities to these phone calls, but on at least one occasion, a phone call came in to my work that was so clear, that at first, I didn’t even suspect that there was anything out of the ordinary about this call.

  When I picked up the phone call, I at first heard a male voice and he was inquiring about whether or not our company was hiring. I honestly did not detect anything out of the ordinary with this phone call initially. The male voice sounded perfectly clear and normal. When I told this person on the phone that we were not hiring at that time, he began to become belligerent. At this point, I began to suspect that this call was nothing more than some type of juvenile prank call. But then, in the background I heard another voice say “is that Brian?”

  This was a younger sounding female voice. This voice I would know anywhere. This particular voice (in its harassing form) I began to hear during the second and final month of my EVP experimentation. I am not exaggerating here when I say that I would recognize this particular voice anywhere. Throughout my oppression situation, I have heard a number of various voices, but this voice has always been there each and every day and her voice has been the most harassing. This is why I’ve come to refer to her as “Pippy the Nazi.”  When I heard that female voice in the background during that phone call that day, I recognized it right away. It was then that I knew that I was not receiving a normal type of prank phone call here and that it was in fact a phone call originating from somewhere else beyond our physical dimension.

 Throughout the summer and into the Fall of 2015, I would receive numerous phone calls from “them.” These other calls were never quite as clear as that one job inquiry prank call, but during most of these calls, I could clearly make out “Pippy’s” voice. Sometimes, I would receive several of these mysterious (and harassing) phone calls a week. All of these calls came in over the land line at my work. To the best of my recollection, I never received one of these phone calls on my cell phone. I’m not sure if there is any significance to this, but that’s how it happened. Eventually, the phone calls became less and less frequent. I can’t even remember the last time that I received one from them.

  Towards the end of 2015, the phone calls were not nearly as frequent, as clear or as unsettling to me. The voice on the other end of the line became much weaker over time, but I could still hear it, faintly deep down in the background. I don’t receive any direct phone calls from them anymore. I’m not saying that it can never happen again, but it has not happened in quite a while. Sometimes though, if I’m talking on the phone with someone at work, sometimes I do believe that I can still hear a voice speaking to me, very faintly, but still present in the background. Usually, it is “Pippy’s” voice and as I said before, I would know that voice anywhere.

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