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Here is my first ever blog

Submitted: March 22, 2017

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Submitted: March 22, 2017




Something that really gets me is people teasing me even though you did nothing wrong. Especially with people who you call "friends" and then tease you.

So here is my first story:

I just got to school and put my bag down. Then I decided to join my "friends" because they were all together. Once I get there, they act normal you know messing around and stuff. Our first break then came and I came to join them. All of a sudden they started saying I like some guys even though I don't. They started yelling their names; lets call them Gerald Guits, Carlos Chaos, Evan Enlight, Anton Arrogant, Alfie Arch, Elbert Eager (yea LOTS of guys), and they told those guys. Before I use to like Anton Arrogant but then I stopped because I realized he isn't my type. I am starting to have feelings for Alfie Arch, but I don't really know. Anyways, my "friends" decided to go up to each and everyone of them and said I'm "MADLY" in love with them. The guys started to judge me and I felt so betrayed because I trusted those "friends" I had.

My "friends" hurt me verbably because like I said, I trusted them with my life. When they did that, I just felt like I don't even know them anymore. Oh and by the way, they still do it to me.. 


So what am I suppose to do?

Should I still trust them?


Leave a comment below on your opinions on what I should do!


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