Mysteries,some thousand steps below

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It is a interesting story of a girl who finds a mysterious piece in her garden.Find out the mystery of that object.You will get to know about your ancestors.It is a science fiction.

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 22, 2017



What was the source from which life now exists? Still confused huh? "Same here"

The answer for this question differs as scientists,vedic books,myths and tales apply their own taste and make them work.

Till now we are unable to find any resonable answer for this.

But!To your horror,I know the mystery behind it.Yes you heard it right! I really do ! Who am I ?

Believing in decent introduction,I introduce myself:-My name is Shweta,people call me nike.I had a great curiosity for science.Whenver someone gave me a chocolate;I used to melt it hoping that i would find something extraordinary in it.So,from this you know that retarded minds are very necessary for the inention,discovery and development of science.I think everybody know about "The Mendeleev".He failed in his exams but now known as "The father Of Genetics".So,Not knowledge but curiosity made him "The Mendeleev".

On a rainy day,I was busy studying.The droplets of water were in a competition to react the horizon of the window.The weather seemed to be soothing.Cold winds were blowing.Suddenly I heard a frog groggling.First of all,i was so busy studying that i scarcely noticed its existence.Then i took my eyes off my book.It was wet with mud.I thought of some relaxation and took the frog in my hands and allowed myself to the garden.The eyes of the frog was shining brightly.I Still dont know why the frog gave me that look.I placed the creature in between the softscape of my garden.I started to roam in my garden as it provided me soothing happiness with the gentle winds blowing.Sunshine gleamed my face.Then suddenly I found something very unusual.All the area of my garden was wet and produced a smell that we always face after a rain shower,to my horror a small portion of the land was totally dry and water was actually not stable in that spot.

As a curious girl,I started digging the surface.Then i heard a thundering sound when I hit the sand with my tool,and to my greatest honour i found my dog jerky's collar belt.I didnt give hope so easily and digged it further more .It took many days.Day and night i used to dig my garden as a grunt worker and then one day  I found a structure similar to the limbs of lizard.I handled it carefully to my room.I had merely no idea about that mysterious piece.

I kept it my cool storage and I was totally blank and was walking like a loose body.I picked my chips packet and went to upstairs then i searched about the mysterious piece but found no worthy information.

I tried to extract a lot of information but was unfortunate.Next months i had my exams so i thought to concentrate on my exams rather on that piece which was seeming rather useless.

After my exams were over,I went to the Book fair with my doggie.I had a great lust of reading so i started opening each book and taking a glance of it.

The books were so large with huge number of pages.Then suddenly jerky dashed on the shelf and was a little hurted.some books were displaced from their position and were fallen down.I tried to pick the books as fast as possible because the owner of the fair was a crood man.If he would know about this,he would surely throw me and jerky out of the fair.I placed all my books in the shelf and suddenly i found a crumble of pages.I opened the paper and found something scribbled . It was time to leave the fair so I took the paper with me .At home,I opened it and i found the wordings "My name is Maxwell and i work for Scott.I found a structure that is similar to limbs of a lizard.I investigated about that piece and came to a conclusion that it might be the remains and traces of our ancestors.Some scientists are jealous of my discovery and i am already aware of my death.So please I request whoever gets this paper please serach for that piece and be the first contributor to the world of Ancestors".

The piece.the piece;I shouted.I ran to the cold storage and took the mysterious piece in my hands.My hands were literally shaking and a cold wind travelled in my spine.

I searched about Mr Maxwell and found that he was killed by some Scientists who were aware about the discovery made by him and the same thing was written in that paper. I tried to know a bit more and it was written there that he wanted to show that piece to the Head of World of Ancestors.But he was killed and the mystery too died with him.

Myeyes were filled with tears and that day I promised the soul of Mr Maxwell that I would surely find something about that piece and handle it to the World of Ancestors.

The next day i started my work.The day seemed to be more bright.I tried to know about the bones in that piece and found a covering of carbon compound around it,but the thing was it was in the surface of earth for may years so it was acted by the decomposers.

I tested the particle but i didnt find anything.I was unfortunate everytime and was very dissapointed.

For months,I studied the piece but found nothing.Then i took the crumbled paper of that Scientist and read it again and again.

After a cup of coffee a masteridea striked my head which blew me off.I recalled the word "Ancestors"as mentioned by Mr Maxwell.

Why not to compare its DNA if it was assumed by Maxwell that they were our ancestors.

I kept the DNA of that piece and compared it with the DNA of humans in my DNA machine and left it for some time for the results to come.The DNA machine was meant to tell me the percentage of similarity between the mysterious piece's DNA and the DNA of humans.

After 45 minutes of scanning,a paper slowly came out of the terminal of the DNA machine.

My tears ,pain, hardwork,curiousity and patience for about years paid me off.

The moment i saw the percentage I jumped out of joy and tears rolled down my cheeks that contained 90% happiness and 10% of surprise.The DNA of the piece was 98% similar to the DNA of humans.

Then i wrote all the information about that mysterious piece that was the future of genetics and no longer a mystery.I handled the information to the World of Ancetors.

 It was concluded that the piece was actually the limb of a creature which lived millions of years ago.

It was named as "Superhumans"

The discovery of Mr Maxwell was not wrong and i successfully kept my promise.

I enjoyed the moment with cluster of happiness thinking grateful about that frog that came to my room and jerky for dashing at the shelf.

So my readers to your greatest surprise the superhumans travelled to another planet for their survival because our planet was totally polluted.

And i have found that planet  were superhumans travelled millions of years ago.

I am on my way for that Frizzy planet to meet my Superhumans.

So,want to come with me ?

Trap my traces!!!


© Copyright 2018 Shweta Das. All rights reserved.

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