Rain of Umbrellas

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A man is contemplating his life, when some umbrellas show up. Cover Image credit; http://imgfave.com/view/2615771

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



The man was sitting on a bench, when the world suddenly became a lot darker. He had just sat down after one of the hardest moments of his life, when the doctor gave him a little more than 24 hours to live. Hearing that you’re going to die isn’t the hard part, because everyone knows that one day they will pass on to the next life. It’s what makes us human. Coming to the realization that your final breath could be any moment was the hard part. It made him savor every inhale and fear every exhale.

When he saw the world around him go dark, he was sure it was the end. He looked up to face the heavens; however, when he looked up he did not see his creator. He saw umbrellas; not just the run of the mill gray or black umbrella, but there were an imaginations worth of colors. There were deep blues and bright yellows and every color the man could think of. It seemed as though life wanted to give him one last show before it had to leave the man.

People from all around the busy street were gawking as they stared at the conglomeration of colors above them. They were laughing and taking pictures and enjoying life. The umbrellas were slowly falling and as they did, their shadows danced on the sidewalk below. The light shining through them came together to make an even brighter spectacle.

Eventually, the umbrellas came down to earth, and the disappointment in their eyes was visible. They didn’t want this childish glee to leave quite yet, and the man on the bench felt that same sense of longing. He knew that if he let go of the hope that was still inside him, he’d leave this world and move on to a better life. He was running this through his head, when the water balloons started.

Unfortunately, he only realized this after he was soaked by a purple water balloon that popped perfectly in the center of his chest. As he looked around, he saw large buckets filled to the brim with balloons, almost as if they had appeared by magic. Then a small boy grabbed a balloon, threw it at his mom, and started a balloon fight.

As the man peered through the mist, he saw the umbrellas that had fallen from the sky being used as shield by the pedestrians who were currently inhabiting the street. One of these umbrella wielding citizens happened to be his daughter. The man ran through the haze of mist and joined his daughter in the fight.

“Dad?! What are you doing here?” The daughter ducked to avoid a balloon, and it hit an innocent ice cream salesman.

“I was sitting on the bench before all this happened. I came here after…” the man trailed off and he was suddenly reminded at how little time he had left.

“After what, Dad?”

“It’s nothing. I’ll tell you later. Just know that I love you more than life itself.” The daughter cocked her head in confusion. This confusion did not last long however, because a new wave of water balloons was sailing towards her and her father. Just before the water balloons hit, time seemed to stop for the old man. He looked as the water balloons hung in midair. The man looked around and he saw his daughter sitting next to him, and he smiled. He came to the realization that he was experiencing his last moments on earth. Despite this, he continued to smile because if this was the last moment of his life, he wouldn’t want to spend it anywhere else. He was with his daughter, he was in a state of childlike glee, and he was happy and ready to leave. He exhaled on last breath, and moved to the next life.

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