The Italian Thief

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Its a story about a girl named Cressida Ven. She will loose her passport in the airport and attend her father's funeral. She gets it back by the Italian Thief.

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017




I am Cressida Ven. I live in London but my family and friends live in Paris. I was in my office working on a important project. The telephone rang and I got the news that my father who was sick for a month died. My dad’s funeral was in my house and I had to go there before Friday but at Friday was the day I had to release my project. I cancelled my project and decided to go Paris 2 days before the funeral. I requested my boss leave for 4 days. I booked the ticket, the plane would take off on Monday and I was packing my bags. It was Monday, I took a taxi and went to the airport. After the checking and all, I sat in the plane and beside me was sitting an Italian girl who didn’t know to speak English. Well I knew to speak Italian. I said , ‘Hey! I am Cressida. What’s yours?’. At the first, I didn’t know she was Italian, so I asked her in English. She didn’t understand what I meant. I asked her again, ‘Name….I want your name.’ she still didn’t understand. I left her and was looking out of the window. I turned the right side where the Italian girl was sitting. She was keeping her passport in her small hand bag. I saw the sign of her country and it was Italy. I understood then, she was Italian. I knew to speak so I asked her in Italian, ‘May I know your name?’

‘Yes. I’m  Angelia. What’s yours?’

‘I am Cressida.’

‘What is the meaning of your name?’

‘Cressida is a Greek name and its meaning is gold.’  

‘Mine is Angelic. Angelia means Angelic.’

‘I heard that Italians speak English then why don’t you know to speak?’

‘ Because I was educated in a Italian school in a small village.’

I asked her enough questions and started hearing songs on my music player. The air hostess was serving drinks and snacks. She came near us and asked in English, ‘Do you like to prefer any drinks or snacks mam?’. I said, ‘Yeah…I would like to have a potato chips and a cocktail.’ She gave me what I wanted and asked Angelia, ‘Mam…would like to have anything?’. I translated for her and she shook her head. After a long journey, we arrived Paris. I said her a Bye and stood in the long line of passport checking. Angelia stood back of me. I checked whether my passport is in my pocket. My passport was safely there in my pocket. After a long time, finally it was my turn. They asked for the passport. When I put my hand in my pocket, my passport was missing. I was shocked and said them that my passport was missing. They called up the cops and informed them that a girl has reached Paris without a passport. The way they informed the cops was so appalling for me because it felt like they were complaining as if I was a thief. After an hour, the cops reached the airport and brought cuffs for me. They were gonna arrest me and I stopped them, ‘Wait….I’m not a thief nor I did a crime. My passport is missing.’ The cops left me and said, ‘ How can we trust you?’

‘ Listen Mr. Officer you got a misunderstanding. The passport was with me all way. When I reached here its missing. Maybe its fallen here somewhere,’ I cleared.

‘What if you are lying?’, he said.

‘Sir I’m getting late for the prayer. Actually, its my dad’s funeral.’

‘When is it?’

‘Its on Friday.’

‘Wait… What? he didn’t die? It means you are gonna kill him tomorrow and his funeral will be the next day….arrest her.’

‘What? No…I didn’t mean that. In my family there is a tradition that when anyone passed away, we should keep his funeral 2 days after.’

‘What will you do in these 2 days?’

‘We will be so religious to god and pray to god to erase his or her mistakes who is gonna go very far from us and never come back.’

The officer thought that I’m still lying and stared at me for a while. ‘Please…let go. My dad has sacrificed a lot for me. He will be sad if I wont attend his prayers and funeral,’ I said in a sad way. The officer believed me alas. He allowed me to go and said to meet him at the Police Station after my dad’s funeral. I agreed and took up a taxi to go home. I thought the cop trusted me but instead they sent a man who was one of the police to keep an eye on me.

I reached home safely an met my mom. We all were sad cause of the death of my dad. I sat in my room, getting ready to go to the church. I saw out of my window, a man was keeping an eye on me. That was pretty disturbing for me. We sat on the car to go to the church. I saw the man and I hated it when he saw me and my family. I didn’t take it seriously and gone to the church. At the church, the father of the church was reading a prayer and we kept our complete attention on the prayer. Suddenly, I saw at the window. The eye keeper was peeping again. I was very furious and kept staring at him. He saw me and acted as if he wasn’t looking at me. After the prayer, it was night and me and my family were getting in the car to go home. I saw him again and was fed of him. I told my mom, ‘Mom…you carry on.’

‘You are not coming?’

‘I got some work and I will reach home on time.’

She agreed and I straight away walked up to the eye keeper. In a rage, I caught his collars and shouted him, ‘Listen eye keeper….I have a problem. If you really wanna keep an eye on me, then stop disturbing me coming in front of me hundred times. You get that?.....idiot.’ I left his collars and got in a cab to go home.

The second day passed peacefully. The third was a really sad day for me. The funeral was over and I rushed to the police station. I asked the officer, ‘ Did you find it?’

‘Find what?’

‘My passport…Wait...Are you seriously gonna say that you didn’t even know to that you had to find my passport?’

‘If I say yes, are gonna be mad at me?’

‘What the heck! I thought you would find it.’

‘You never said.’

‘What you mean I never said? I clearly said that my passport is missing. Didn’t I?

‘I’m sorry mam.’

I sat in the chair sadly and keeping my hand on my head. I was crying and was angry too. The officer kept a chair and sat in front of me and said, ‘I am really sorry mam but don’t worry we will find your passport on time.’ I stared at him in anger and said, ‘Sorry?.....Ok fine…..if I accept your sorry  am I ever gonna get my passport back 2 hours before cause now its 4:00 pm and I must reach the airport at 6:00 pm.’

‘I really want to help.’

‘You wanna help? I guess its no use cause you are of no use. I will complain about you to the main person. You know who I’m talkin’ about.’

‘No mam…I’m…Pls mam don’t do it.’

‘I don’t have any choice either. You’ve forced me to do so.’

I said this in anger and was going to the exit. Suddenly, Angelia appeared in front of me and said in English, ‘Hi! You are Cressida...right?’

‘Yes…but you didn’t know to speak English right?’

‘Oh….No I’m not Angelia, I am her twin sister Angelina. I’m here to return this.’

She gave me the passport. I couldn’t believe eyes and wiped my tears and took the passport from her. She entered the police station and said, ‘Pls come inside. Hello Mr. officer. Everyone pls settle down. I know Miss you might be thinking how it reached in my hands. Actually, at the airport when you was checking your passport in your pocket, you didn’t keep it properly in your pocket and it fell own. My sis was standing back of you. She saw your passport on the floor and picked it up. Suddenly, her phone rang up and she forgot to give you back and kept your passport in her bag. When she reached home and was unpacking everything, she found this and felt really guilty. She don’t know to speak English, so she said me to send you this message. she is here with me…in the car.’ Angelina bought Angelia and she said, ‘I am sorry.’

‘So I guess there is no need of the police now. You’ve found your passport now.’

‘I really didn’t want your help. You are of no use.’

I said, ‘Thank you… for giving it back…Italian thief.’

I took the passport and reached London. I met my boss at the office to inform him that I was back. He said, ‘So Ms. Cressida…you left your biggest project for your father and I know the reason why… you told me. I know you didn’t wanted to leave it so…’

‘So?’, I inquired.

‘So you will be getting a chance to resume it again.’

This was the biggest good news for me. Anyway, this was the incident happened with me. I got my passport back happily. I will never forget the Italian Thief. Well she wasn’t a theif.

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