Backdoor To Heaven

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The Led Zeppelin classic, with updated lyrics to fit today!

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



There's a Donald who's brags, gold is everything he owns

and it's paving his road to the white house

He demands he gets his way, every single day,

With a check he can get what he came there for

and he's buying the backdoor to heaven


Keeps a sign on the wall 'cause he wants to be sure,

that he's seen as the most powerful man anywhere

In his bank up the way, he makes a deposit everyday

'cause it reaffirms his power to everyone

Ooh, nothing makes him wonder

Ooh, nothing makes him wonder

There's a feeling he gets, deep down in his pants

and his power is screaming for it's release

In his dreams he has seen, he's worshiped like a queen,

except he's a king--his swelled head will only increase


Ooh, nothing makes him wonder

Ooh, nothing makes him wonder

And he whispers that soon, we won't see him the buffoon,

and the whole world will gorph on its nasty words

And a new day will spawn when everyone bows down to Don,

and the fine line between truth and lies is completely blurred


If there's total chaos in the white house, don't be alarmed now,

it's just the usual for this man-child

Yes there were two paths he could go down, but in the long run,

he chose the self-aggrandizing route

Nothing makes him wonder
ewe-wu, nothing makes him wonder


His head is buzzing, and it won't go, because he's right, and don't you know,

apology is weakness in his macho world

No ladies can earn respect, not from this alpha male

stay home to cook and clean, do nothing but live to serve


And as he uses the house to prove that he's a god

hair color not found in nature, and that bod

He walks the halls all day and night

this power zombie, an erratic king, and it's alright


And everything that he owns

makes up his self-worth as a man.

and we will understand at last,

what makes this whopper-ego dick tick


And he's buying the backdoor to heaven


© Copyright 2018 Mike S.. All rights reserved.

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