Half Child - Opposed Memory

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The second to last expansion to Half Child, detailing Andrew Shephard's adventures with Black Mesa and it's faults.

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



Andrew laid in his bunk bed, with the other junior soldiers who were coming over to participate with they're fathers in they're HECU jobs. Andrew whispered over to the child under him, Samual. "Hey, what time is it?" Sam replied, "8:00" Andrew thanked him and then put his book under his pillow, sleeping. About ten minutes later Andrew was shoock awake by his father, Adrian and they got into there equipment and weapons. Adrian had the standard equipment but Andrew only had the pistol for safety reasons. Then, Andrew got onto the junior copter while his father got onto the standard copter. Adrian ran the junior checklist then the junior copter flew up before the standard so they could get to the observation and participation area. When they arrived, they were in one heck of a whirlwind. Xen creatures were flooding, explosions were blasting and energetic gunfire was shooting. The copter was hit, and it crashed into a wall of Black Mesa. Andrew woke up and looked at the wreckage, no one survived. He grabbed some of the mags and Samual's watch and ran for the laboratories. He entered one, where he kept running and stopped. A garguantuar's stabby legs where reaching out of a hole, and he saw a man running on the pathways. Andrew saw a button and slamemd it, then ran and got stopped by a Black Ops Agent. Andrew's muffled screams annoyed the Agent, and then the agent took the pistol. "Shut up kid. How did you get here?" Andrew explained. "I should be killing you, but your a kid. I'll bring you to the truck and talk to my partner. About five minutes later they arrived and the Agent talked with the others. They agreed on bringing him to base, but before they started driving Andrew ran. He tripped on the bomb intended for Black Mesa, and broke a wire. Then Andrew kept running through the gate. He was stopped by a Vortigaunt who captured him and dropped him into the Nihilanth's chamber. There, Andrew climbed and climbed to the top of the Nihilanth, and tore open the nihilanth's head, before being teleported away. When he arrived at Black Mesa, he was stuck in a tram. Then, a boy with a backpack and a suit appeared. "Andrew. My dad's tired of every witness running around, so i'm gonna leave you here with stuff." The boy threw water and food and a bunch of other stuff on the ground then disappeared. 


(sorry this one's a bit fast I just want to get it done.) 


The end.

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