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come out of it!

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



Live and die is what you were made for

Eat and sleep was the only law

Then you chose to seek

For treasures you could keep 

So when lost you could weep

Even became odd when you created god

One that you believed made things happen

Seemed to bring back what was taken

Your inner self slackened

Your mind no longer sharpened

You trust in yourself no more

Impulses are no use anymore

More of a puppet you’ve become

Learned to lie, lived like scum

You fall and you fall, you never learn

Your own respect you fail to earn

It is others you now worship 

You help build a world of gossip

You make fun

Not the last one laughing

All you do is not for your taking

You are now part of a riddle

That has no beginning, end, or middle

You stand there dazed out

It’s time you phased out

A sudden realization hits you now

A shattering sensation shuts you down

Your mind and soul deliberate 

To get out of this mess they’re desperate

You decide to recover instead of regret

You see brightness and you choose to forget

The things that kept you from you

And begin to love the truth that is you

You stand your ground, with no more strife 

You know you’ve reclaimed your life.

© Copyright 2018 Nitya Swaruba. All rights reserved.

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