The Ultimate Deception in History

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Fear and Hope, The two most effective weapons which are widely used to control human beings.

'We are never deceived, we deceive ourselves.'

Johann Wolfgand Von Goethe


As we understand, a person needs to have about equal or comparable strength and size to successfully compete against his or her rival in a physical combat. The Sports Bodies have outlined specified weight ranges to ensure that the contest is fair and balanced.

It is however not very uncommon for two athletes from different weight classes to face each other. It generally happens on the insistence of the one who wants to prove his or her worth in the ring, by challenging a stronger opponent, and then attempting to overpower him or her in order to win the match.

The purpose of defining and enforcing such a system of similar physical capacity is to ensure fairness. While the two opponents from different weight classes can still fight each other, where the stronger candidate has better chances of winning the game. 

However, if the lowest weight category athlete faces the highest weight category contestant, then the result is obvious with no hard guesses, in most cases at least.

Now, view it from another angle; If the lowest weight category contestant can somehow use the strength and force of his stronger rival working against him, then he will perhaps be a winner; but how?

There are proven techniques in martial arts and other physical sports where you can use your opponent’s force against him/ her.

In that case the technique, speed, and flexibility, can make you a winner, provided the skills have been mastered well over a period of time, and are effectively used during the fight.

Applying the same principle to non-physical combats; what is required to make your opponents work for you under the impression that they are working for themselves, fully focused and aligned to achieve their personal or common objectives, whereas they actually work for you, and against their own interests?

That, if accomplished, would be the smartest move on your part, suggesting that you consistently exhibit superior intellect, immaculate planning skills, and have all the required competencies to effect flawless execution of your plan, the essential ingredients needed for you to come out as winner, despite the fact that you are much smaller in terms of size or number.

Q: Ok, easier said than done. Is there an example?

A: Many, which you can, without much effort, infer from your own personal experiences, but let me present to you one such possible scenario, which if true, is most assuredly the greatest strategy ever conceived, formulated, and executed in the entire human history!

An elite group that controls everything, except a legitimate and popular government, has put a system in place which makes people believe that they are free, and that they are working for themselves, for their families, for their communities, and for their respective governments etc; whereas in reality, they all are working for the group!

How come the group managed to implement such a sophisticated, extremely long-term, in fact totally immune from the erosion of time and change, and highly integrated strategy, without anyone ever realizing that it was in fact a mega forgery?

Promulgate that scenario as part of one’s faith, that after the kingdom of Anti-Christ (Beast) is established, the Messiah (Jesus Chist) will return to rescue all His followers from the Beast.

That beast will be any person representing the group. In other words, the group will rule the world with a legit government, and people of faith will extend their full support to them, and will religiously work towards establishing a government for the elite group.

Strategy Rationale:  Let them work tirelessly for you, for free, in order to help you establish your kingdom without creating the slightest trace of doubt in their minds, that it was in fact a forgery, the greatest ever scam in the entire history of mankind, a strategy of epic proportions, an incredible feat of superior intellect, remarkable planning, and impeccable execution.

The thought was planted, supported by tainted documents, with sole purpose of controlling, motivating, and directing billions of people to help the group establish its legal government on the Planet, with no challengers in sight. Just an illusion created, and sold, to motivate and drive billions of people to help them achieve their ultimate objective.

While those working believe that for the phase two of a project to occur, the phase one must first be completed. That notion further elaborated is; to enable , the second coming of Christ, the throne of the Anti-Christ must first be established!

Recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel was a recent major milestone achieved. Here the person responsible for the unprecedented decision was driven, and supported by those who want to expedite initiation of the phase two, hence they want to help phase one to be completed ASAP, you can sense the urgency...

That premise itself is utterly flawed, because, if the timing of such an extremely important and most significant event of the entire human history can be changed by some humans, then the knowledge of the creator of this universe is inaccurate, hence he is not god. Which simply means that the premise is false, a fraud which had basically been orchestrated with an intent to deceive others!

The second coming of Jesus Christ by that token is not linked to whatever event (s) the tyrannical forces are trying to achieve now??? The phase one of the project is on track, and will be in place with the help of more than three billion strong, but the phase two will not take place anytime soon, because it was a mere illusion, a dangling carrot to lure so many zealots for such a long time!

You see the point here... The scholars must conduct an extensive and impartial research to find out, if the story was distorted and tweaked, because if it was, then it certainly is the greatest deception ever committed in the entire history of mankind. And despite being on the receiving end, we have to admire the superior mental capacity and immaculate planning of our rivals!

Fear and Hope; The two most effective psychological weapons, which were, are, and will always be used to control the masses, unless people change their perspective, use intellect and common sense to see things as they are, and not as they are portrayed or shown to them, which is the biggest problem, and the greatest challenge for mankind to acknowledge, comprehend, realize, and then seek alignment to take control, and stop being exploited as puppets. 


Submitted: March 23, 2017

© Copyright 2022 Razi Akber. All rights reserved.

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