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please keep in mind this story is still in the very early stages of being written and will be subject to a lot of editing in the near future.

held under lock and key her entire childhood, sana sohma (or so she has come to be known as), was finally transferred to a permanent home in rural japan. little does she know that she had been purchased as a house pet to a wealthy man. eager to escape the dark depths of her reality, sana reaches out to her old family only to be discouraged and shunned. she fears for not only the life of her younger sister but now she fears for the lives of her two-year-old daughter and unborn child. she is just fifteen years old.

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The Client

Submitted: March 23, 2017

Some children may be foolish enough to wish upon a star and believe it'll come true. I am not one of those children. In fact, I don... Read Chapter