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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
a story about a high school girl "falling in love" with another student during her sophomore year.

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



In the halls, the girls and the boys whisper to make a difference… And as I walk down the hall everyone greeting me with a smile; I know most of them don’t care, but that’s their problem. When I pass each person I smile bright so they don’t see the sadness under my skin. I walk walk down the small hallway to a closed brown wooden door, I pull it open (my classroom door) take a deep breath and I slowly walk into my class. As I walk to my seat and see all motion around me like my head is spinning. I gently sit down,  my thighs tightly pressed together, slide my hands under my thighs; leaving my feet dangling from the blue chair. I watch as every person walks in, until I see you walking in the cold classroom; I get goosebumps. Your dark brown hair kind of messy (which means you didn't do it this morning). Which is kind of hot. I notice you're wearing sweats, you never wear pants so anyone could easily notice. I find your eyes set on me so I bow my head, looking down at my desk; slowly biting my lip.  


As soon as I hear your calming voice , my head shoots up. I catch myself observing you. The way your dark hair compliments your lightly tanned skin, and how it falls so perfectly when you tilt your head just the right way. How your hands are so delicate but strong at the same time. And the way your smile lights up the room, and your laugh; god your laugh I think to myself as the thought of you comes to my mind. It’s contagious and it makes this crazy smile come upon my face. You stand up, slide your hands in your pockets and casually walk to get your laptop. Your head slowly turns to look at me and you flash the brightest smile my way. You shuffle back to your seat, making goofy faces at your friends. You slide into your desk, gently set your laptop down and and grab your glasses, set them upon your face. And adjust them so they fit to your face perfectly, like a mold.


You turn to talk to your friends; your voice completely making me melt, falling more and more in love with each and every word that you speak. And everyday I wish to see you, and when I do I jump a little inside and my stomach falls… I blush and fall into some kind of daydream. I push my brown messy hair out of my face, fix my glasses, and continue reading my book (Come Back to Me -Mila Gray). It’s a great book and quite frankly it reminds me of you. The situations, the way they look at each other, the way they talk to each other, the way they see each other… How it all intertwines together, like our fingers in that happy moment in time as we look upon the mountains and hold hands.


The occurring thought of you in my mind, might sound a little creepy. But I can’t control it, it just happens. As I look at you I remember all the great things you gave to me. All the beautiful things you’ve said to me, how you said them. But then I think of how you left me… you pushed me away, and once you came back I used everything you said to me against you. I was such an ignorant selfish bitch, I should have given you a second chance… but you would never have to ask me for one; I would’ve just given them to you over and over again. I understand I used your words against you, that wasn’t my intention; to hurt you. I love you, I think... I mean I think I do.


And though now you’re gone, you will always be that one for me. The promise we made will never change…And in the end I will always come back to you.


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