Dark future of bright present

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Why the current education system is falling?
Want to know why?Check it out!

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



Albert Einstein once said: "Everyone's a genius"
But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."

Todays schooling system not only makes fish climb a tree but also makes them climb down and make them do a 100 mile run.

So,are they proud by doing this? They are turning millions of brains into machines.Brains are usually very fast but to your horror, our schooling sytem forces them to wear speed machines and make them work.

We try to compete with "The Americans",the work that is to be completed in 1 month, we try to do it in a day.So,what do you think will happen to that "Speed Machines"?

Obviously they will give up someday,fully tired and destroyed.

Do you even realize how many children relate to that speed machine and fish swimming upstream and believing that they are useless?

Todays schooling system are accused of killing the creativity,thinking power,talent and innovation of millions of students.

We teach the students about the computers that were used a hundred years ago,a phone from 150 years ago.So are we preparing them for the future or the past?

Researchers agree to the fact that no two brains are same.Every child is born with a quality in them,some identify their talents and become successful in life and some are just suppressed under the loads of study and never identify their hidden potential and will lead a unhappy life where they will have to break bones for money and food to sustain their life.Is this a life that you want?

If Sachin tendulkar's and Michael jordan's parents would have said them to become a singer and dancer in future,I am sure we would have even noticed their existence.

But if a doctor prescribed the exact same medicine to all of his patients
The results would be tragic; so many people would get sick
Yet when it comes to school this is exactly what happens. This educational malpractice where one teacher stands in front of 20 children each one having different strengths different needs different gifts different dreams and you teach the same thing the same way. 

Suprisingly,not only students but teachers are also a victim of this schooling sytem.

The teachers are responsible for melting a child by showing them their love and care,catching the drops of talent and creativity,moulding them for a bright future.They make Scientists,Doctors,Lawyers who earn lakhs of money but the teacher who makes them all are paid less than the average of their monthly income.

This is what our schooling sytem does.

According to a survey,many students die because they think that they are useless and simply by destroying their bodies they can get rid of this.Literally,is this what Gandhiji wanted?

We wont blame the students because there is some reason behind it that needs to be revealed.

For instance,I will tell you about my experience that will surely help you to understand what I mean to say.A little girl who lived in my neighbourhood used to steal my cosmetics and even clothes sometimes,I never tried to know why she is doing this just the fact I knew was she used to steal my stuffs.Once I went to her house and noticed that she was starving but didnt had food to eat,she wanted to wear new clothes but even dont have a pair of them.So,we cannot just blame them without knowing the reason because "Appearances are really very deceptive".

We teach students to go in a line as factory workers do,we ask them to raise their hands if they know the answer,we give them a 10 minutes break and 8 hours of study.

We find it very mechanical.Students are not given a right to speak if they find something wrong.In families,the children are not supposed to speak in family discussion,even here they are tied with a cloth around their mouth.

Treating every child as indivisual,we have to change our perspective.

They are individuals and no two children are alike: physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually, Because children are unique, even if there are common needs and characteristics that children of a particular age or stage of development share, they must be understood by their parents and teachers in their uniqueness, and their individuality must be respected.

The benefits of treating every child as unique individual:

Help to develop their personalities, talents and abilities irrespective of ethnicity, culture or religion, home language, family background, learning difficulties, disabilities or gender. This guidance helps adults to understand and support each individual child's development pathway.

Make child responsible for this own actions, giving him the independence so many seek, typically acting out as teenager while trying to assert his independence. Listen to your advice and reasoning and take the more responsible choice.

By treat each child as unique individual we designing an environment that positively influencing all areas of children's development: physical, social /emotional, and cognitive. Language and learning are nurtured in an environment that values and plans appropriate opportunities which can support the development of behaviours that are valued in our society, such as cooperation and persistence. An aesthetically pleasing space can develop a child's appreciation for the beautiful world around them.

Help children and youth become full participating citizens of society and help to build a sense of community.

Dont force them to take any wrong step.They are our future and dont push them into dark without even knowing their interests and view points.See there is difference in everything,all dont share a common notion,if everybody did then no need of different Government,no need of security among people.

Every child wont make a house if he/she is given with the building block toys.Dont force your child,respect their emotions and interests otherwise due to immence pressure they will destroy their bodies otherwise will lead a unhappy life with sorrows  and then the parents will eventually feel guilty.Dont wait for that moment,broaden your mind and allow them to flourish.

Every child is a different kind of flower that will make a beautiful garden.So parents and teachers,it is up to you to unwrap them.

The Schooling sytem should be changed otherwise the bright present will suffer from dark future and dont turn them into robots.





















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