Someone to play with me

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This is a story of a little lover who could not be able to confess with his first love but now he is again is in love with someone else and do not want to lose him again

Submitted: March 23, 2017

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Submitted: March 23, 2017



Someone to play with me

An unfulfilled wish













The apple of everyone’s eye:

This is the story of a child who only wanted someone to play with. He was born after a year of his elder sister’s death. That is why he was the lovely of everyone in his house. His grandfather, grandmother, aunts, and uncles loved him so much. He was loved by everyone but only he loved was his father and mother. He was raised very carefully and was really a happy boy. His first birthday was celebrated excitingly and he got so much of gifts.

Everyone around him care about him so much and put him far away from any danger. When he wanted to play everyone said why not. But everyone had to grow up. As he grew up he saw the changing behaviours of persons around him and then he saw everyone is so busy at their works that no one has time for him. That thing disappointed him most.

A worst event:

One day he was so eager to play. He asked everyone to play with him but no one said yes. Even his mother and father was not ready to play with him. The boy in search of someone went far from house. He saw a strange man there. He asked him to play with him. The man said yes. The man take the kid to his (man’s) house. The kid came with him hesitatingly. The man after taking him at his home closed the door.  The man unmasked himself and the kid saw that he was a monster. Kid afraid to see the monster. Monster scratch the kid. When monster was about to kill him someone appears there and that cause the monster run away. That person told the kid to not to tell about this anyone. So kid didn’t tell anyone about this and scratch becomes a dark truth of his life that no one’s ever knew.

There is someone:

After many years of that event he almost forget everything about that. Now there was someone who was always ready to play with him. His uncle’s daughter. She was very playful and she never said no to him. The boy and his cousin sometimes also quarrel with each other sometimes and then the boy’s attitude was very adorable as he love her so much that he cannot be separate from each other. The boy was so much interested in fairy tales. He was talking with his uncle one day. His uncle just asked “how about if you marry with a fairy”. The boy replied “not a fairy but I will marry with your daughter”. On this his uncle slapped him on face so hard that he was about to weep. He then became silent completely. But nevertheless he liked his cousin more than he liked any of his relatives. They both were closer than anyone could thought but they have no relationship between them except for cousins.

As he grew up:

Boy was very happy that there is someone who will be always there whenever he will call him. He grew up and saw that he was in love with her. Because no matter how angry and upset he would a gentle touch of her make him feel much better. As the time passed boy got really fall in love with her but was never be able to tell her. He often went to her home and play some games with her. He also admired her looks so much. And she also admired him.

As the time made both of them too busy so they were not able to play like before. But the boy never wanted that. That is why he missed her and also his childhood. But those days could not be come back so there was no use to think about them.

One day:

One day boy thought to tell him about everything he want to tell but he thought that this is not the right time. Waiting for right time he spend many years in waiting for her to say it first but he soon realize that she did not have any feelings about him. This made the boy very sad. But then boy thought that maybe it will take time for her to say it. So he waited, waited and waited until one day his mother told him that she is being engaged to someone. Engaged! How could she? Don’t she remember me? Don’t she loved me? These questions begin to revolve in mind. His mom asked that is he ok with this? He just could say why not! That was a greatest shock of his life.

The disappointment:

That was a great disappointment of his life. But he learned to live with it. But he could not be able to forget her soon. He always been having dreams about her telling her about his feelings. This thing depressed the boy so badly. He thought as his life has been so dark that he do not have any purpose to live. He began to miss his precious childhood. He thought as he is alone without her.


The hope of life:

He was unable to tell anyone that he loved her. This created a gap in his life. But by the time being he got some understanding friends. He tried to live his life again. He was becoming better and better every day. He started to enjoy his life again. He shared some of his secrets to his nearest friends. This thing somewhat consoled him. He started to see the hope of life again. What a beautiful feeling that was. The world is better than he thought it could be. He was not alone who did not get what he wanted. So he began to live happily.

Not again:

One of his nearby people there was pretty girl. She was so beautiful and cute. He had to meet her in some of his daily tasks. She was a well-mannered girl just looks like angel to him. He always got confused near her. He wanted to talk to her but was very shy to do so. He talked really awkward near her. That was because he didn’t want to give her clue. He acted so crazy one day as he is total insane. He started to like her in some way. Was that love? He was really confused about this. But anyhow he was on his way to another moment of happiness or disappointment.

Is he was in love with her or it was just an instant feeling of respect and care for her. Is it love will he be so brave to tell her. Or this will be another disappointment like the 1st time. As life is

So unpredictable that one night you sleep as a millionaire and other day you wake as a person who has nothing but himself.

What can I say that’s the life.

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