gary the hideous speedster

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
this is a hilarios short story that goes for around 2.5 minutes that will have you laughing your ass off because of one hidous person and the world.

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



once upon a lime there was a guy named Gary, Gary was very lonely and had no friends so he would take long walks in the park to make him happy. He loves looking at the birds and the trees and loved feeling the wind on his face. But one day a terrible thing happened. He was walking at the park when he saw his reflection and screamed and run so fast he got home in his record time of three hours. He was puffing and weasing all the way home when bam a lightning bolt strikes him and he goes into a 6-month long coma. And when he woke up he was a hideous speedster, so he could run from his reflection even quicker.

gary came out of his room crying because he saw his reflection in his computer, and he sees Startreck on the tv and decided his reflection looks better than Startreck. So he goes back into his room and cries looking into his reflection, his mum comes in and asks him “how you do…” and runs straight into the tv with the shards of tv hitting her brain and dies slowly. So Garry walks into the street crying, and a man who comes out of the bank with a gun screams “I can’t live anymore.” And he shoots himself and all other pedestrians, except the blind guy who had started crying. so garry takes their walets and goes back home screaming.

boom a aeroplane starts to crash so Gary decides to save the passengers with his extreme speed and they go to him to say thank-you but they then they all had a heart attack. So Gary tries to kill himself by running into the water and drown himself but his extreme speed that he used to get there heated up the water and evaporated it all. So garry went back home and cried himself to sleep but was woken from someone knocking on the door. Garry got up and opened up the door and the guy at the door started clawing out his eyes until all that was left was sockets, then he chocked himself to death and dropped his clipboard. Still crying Garry picked up the clipboard and read it. It said that his mum was behind on her payments and that if he couldn’t keep up on them he would be kicked out. Garry then cried himself to sleep again.


garry woke up the next day and picked up his stuff he then ran across the whole world killing everyone out of spite then went back to the past with the dinosaurs and yelled at a t-rex to eat him. The t-rex sadly died by his mind blowing up, the entrails spelt out UGLY. Gary then decided to hell with this I just wont breathe. Then god came down and said suicide isn’t a option but then god saw Gary and became the biggist hypocrite ever. He killed himself by looking at his catholic empire in the future. Then the meteor came down and killed every living thing left except Gary.


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