The Bottom of The ocean

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When Beatrix Is able to find a way out of her life in Southampton, England she runs into many problems. One of what she cannot fix. She meets Sydney, a 18 year old girl with long bronze hair, and has a interest in singing. They board the Titanic, not knowing what comes next.

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



My name was Beatrix, age 19, born in Southampton, England. I hoped to start with a new life and without a family, but things didn't go as planned. I Nervously walked up the gangplank to the titanic. I said thank you as a servant took my luggage to the storage room. After that, a guide led me to the front deck leaving me by the crowd of thousands of people. I heard the kids crying and the their parents calming them down. I heard the rumble and the vibration of the boat starting the engine

A man in a white suite and nicely trimmed beard spoke“Hello everyone, I am Edward Smith. I am the captain of the titanic and a guide will lead you to your room, we expect you to act respectful to everyone, Thank You.” At that moment I knew there was no turning back.

Just before the ship left, I wrote a simple note to my family telling them how I felt around them and how harshly they treated me, I remembered the day Mom had yelled at me for getting bad grades, then she include how I did my chores wrong, I was badly punished, it may not be much to some people, but for my age it was torture. I had to do extra chores and sleep in the attic for weeks.

I Slipped this letter into an envelope and hid it in a mail carrier, I ran swiftly through the crowd dodging the carts and poles.

I saw the boat slowly being lifted with one pull after another ”Oh no! I’m going to be late.”I said as I ran faster.I leaped like a cat, but barely making it on my feet.

When I walked into my room, I was amazed, there was a full bed on the side of the room a small desk, and a bathroom in the corner. I bet the titanic holds thousands of people and rooms, and this is only one of them! My room in Southampton was smaller than this room.

I’m lost, Again nothing could get worse.

” Hello, do you know where room 238 is,”I asked with panic in my voice.

“I’m sorry, I am only a maid for this part of the titanic.” A Maid responded.

I finally found my room after asking three servants. I was exhausted from all the running the entire ship, I haven’t even eaten yet. I am starving!

During my second night, I enjoyed a long bath and a big dinner! Did you know that there was a whole deck just for games! This is probably the best I’ve been treated. I still feel bad though, my sister was always nice to me even though she went through the same punishments as I did.

On my Third day, I spent much of my time outside, I felt homesick, I didn’t know what to do. It’s dinner time by now and I still didn’t feel right.

“Do you mind If I sit here? By the Way, I’m Sydney.” A girl around my age asked, well I guess you could call her Sydney.

“Yeah, no one would bother to sit by me. Am I really that scary?!” we laughed, but only for a moment

“I am Beatrix, nice to meet you.” I implied. We talked for hours about family, why we had came, and ourselves until we noticed everyone was back in their room’s sleeping soundly.

“I’m sorry, I forgot all about the time. I hope I haven’t wasted any time of yours.” She Addressed.

”It’s Fine, not like I have any plans tonight,”I said

”Good night.”

I wandered around the Titanic for a while until I heard the captain come out of the cabin, I scurried back to my room, the voices getting softer and quieter by the second.

I tried to go to sleep, but I kept on think about Sydney. She told me that she left because she had a interest in singing and wanted to start a new career, hopefully she will accept me as a friend tomorrow.

1 day later


I woke up to silence. The Rumbling is stopped. I could actually hear the ocean from the window in my room. I have never heard such a silence before, you heard the tick of the clock clicking to the end of the minute. It was different than a Joyful silence it was mysterious, and dangerous.

“Why is the ship so loud.”I yelled to myself. I look out the source of the noise, the door. Everyone, for what it seemed, was running or either fighting for some reason. I could feel the rush of wind as the passengers spend by.

”It’s almost midnight not morning!” I barked.

”Please everyone out, bring your life jackets to. It’s just a drill…” I heard a servant said.

Oh no, I need to hurry! Even though they said it was a drill, it isn’t true. I could feel the Titanic tipping to one side by the minute We need to get off the titanic and fast. I grab all of the special pictures and the necklace my sister gave me and darted out the door. I could feel the wetness in my socks as I ran.

“Beatrix! Come on, over here!” Sydney finally came with a heap of books and a puffy life jacket.

“Finally, I thought you were gone! The boat is really sinking! We need to go.” We inched our way to the stairs and to the front deck.

I saw many people jumping off the boat hoping to survive. I didn’t see them come back up again. I wiped away my  tears and ran even faster almost losing my grip on Sydney.

We both grabbed onto each other's arm, desperately trying to stay together every moment. From the look in her eye’s I could tell that I could never let her go. So I reached and I forced myself to go farther, pulling her with me.

We made it to the lifeboat. It only had three seats left, we jumped in with no hesitation. Who knew, only in four days I would be off the sinking Titanic. Things happen so fast.

The lifeboat dropped slowly, It felt like an eternity until it softly touched the water. We drifted off into the ocean, like how a lotus flower sways to the rhythm of the lake.

We were told that the carpathia would come and pick us up in a bit, so we sat there and waited while we slept and wept

When The carpathia finally came,which felt forever,I was so relieved. I remembered how I was so amazed about my big room I had, it was kind of funny looking back.

I heard mumbling and chattering, As whispers sweep by. When I finally reach the front of the boat my eyes widened. There was a huge statue in front of us getting bigger and bigger the more we rowed.

“Land,”I said excitingly”I see land again.”

“Wake up. I have a surprise to show you.” I chimed

“What could- We made it to New york.” A single tear trickled down her cheek.

After we got off the carpathia, we were urgently raced to the hospital on Ellis Island. The halls and rooms were jam packed with people, from babies to elders. The nurse gave us a brief tour of the Island and lead us to our rooms for the night.

I could hear the soft crying coming from Sydney's bed. I felt the same way.

I reached over to comfort her. ”We’re safe now, You have no need to worry anymore.”I said soothingly.

“I know, but so many people … are gone.”she said

“You know what, I learned something over the past few days. It’s okay to be scared, it’s normal, but you shouldn’t run away from things that you fear. Stand up to them,” I said ”At the beginning I was very scared and it was nerve racking. If I hadn't met you then I would be crying my eyes out.”

¨Thanks.¨ she admitted

“No problem¨

I fell asleep letting my dreams drown me in fear and pain. I woke up with the  sun in my face and the window opened. Though it was cool in the room, I was sweating through my clothes. I standed to wash my face and get ready for the morning. When I strolled down the hallways I could smell the sweet aroma coming from the kitchen. It smelled like freshly cut fruit, just the thought of it made me hungrey. The rug underneath me warmed my bare feet as I stood there. From the small window the seagulls danced around the building, as if they’re playing a game of tag. I heard the faint sound of the waves crash against the shore. I looked out the window knowing I will always remember the night of the Titanic as it sank to the bottom of the ocean.





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