The First Maze

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



Chapter 1

Yamato woke up in a elevator which was going up very very fast. The wind was making his vision blurry as he seen a door open in the sky as he is suddenly launched out from the elevator and lands on hard cement. He covered his eyes with his arms as he sees Tokyo but with the buildings moving and crunching againts each other. He looked around and he was in a courtyard with 13 other people looking around. All standing on elevators. Then they look up and seen a logo said WICKED painted in red letters. 

The year is 1993 the first maze to be tested by teens.

Yamato walked to the people as they all turn to face him. “What is going on?” He asks the people as a girl said “We have no idea, I was taken from my home and got sent here?” She said as she was looking at Yamato as he nodded “So did I” Yamato said as he looked around and seen 12 other teens. “So…they are all here as well” Yamato said as the girl nodded. “Name is Katsura” Katsura said as she held her hand out as Yamato said “Yamato” He said as he shook her hand. She walked around the courtyard. 

“So what is the purpose of this?” She asks as Yamato said

“Who knows” He said as a kid who looked like he was 10 or 11 said “My dad said its for a new test for graduation” He said as they all turn to him as Yamato looked up at the logo. “Has anyone heard of WICKED?” Yamato said as they all shook their heads. “They just started just 1 month ago. Maybe they are still quite new” Katsura said as he turned to face her. “So do you remember anything from the ascent?” He asks her “No. I don’t remember how I got here I only remember my name and the events leading up to the kidnapping. Do you remember anything?” She asks him

“No. Only certian bits. I remember the wires and the screens and the american people all walking around a room. They looked sad for some reason…that is all I remember” He said as a large man walked “Name is Ryohgo, yah I don’t remember jackshit! They kind of drugged me, I felt woozy” He said as Katsura turned. Then a mechanical voice said in the air.

“Welcome to your first test. We are very proud of all of you for participating in this exam. This is just a test not serious. What we have made is a replica of your city Tokyo. But we made it a moving changing maze. The maze is designed to be very difficult to solve and almost impossible to escape. That is your test escape the maze before 72 hours is up. If you don’t escape….You will be trapped there until you get out” The voice said as they all looked at each other as they seen cement walls burst through the ground as they all stepped back into a huddle. They seen the city slowly being covered by the pillars and walls as they seen smoke coming from under the walls. Then 4 SLAMS can be heard as they were trapped inside a 300 kilometer base of land. Then large thick metal doors popped up and planted itself inside the jutters in the walls. The doors locked and the city moved.

“Well.We are screwed” Ryohgo said as they all stood in the courtyard staring at each other. 

“Phase 1 Begin” The voice said 


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