Sinking the Unsinkable: A Titanic Narrative

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A Titanic Narrative that I made in my LA-B class this year.

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



Sinking the Unsinkable: A Titanic Narrative

The Titanic was supposed to be unsinkable. At least that’s what Julius thought, until IThappened. Earlier that day, he had just been lounging around in his room, doing absolutely nothing! Now he was alone on a floating raft in the middle of an ocean with two other people. This is how it all happened when IT happened.

Julius was a little guy at the age of 12. His 2 siblings, Emma and Viktor, were bubbling with excitement to board the Titanic. Little did they know what was going to happen. His parents, Thelma and Louise, were also excited, but trying to contain the little ones is very hard. Julius, who was on his own in the corner waiting for the Titanic to come, really didn’t care whether it was here today or yesterday. He was boarding the Titanic so he could go to America and live in a new mansion. His family was boarding from France, a popular trade place. MANY people were waiting on the creaky, old dock, which was soon to be replaced by a full fledged harbor. As the Titanic approached into view, he could smell the saltwater rising then falling back down with a “Splash”. He could hear the boat horns that the Titanic was sounding, he could smell the smoke off of the smokestacks. While Julius was waiting to board, he could tell that something was going to happen, something very bad.

By all means, Julius and his family boarded. Lots of people were already on the Titanic, yet there seemed to be an infinite number of rooms. “Wow! This is amazing!” exclaimed Thelma.

“ I agree. This is truly the best place I have ever been!” replied Louise. None of the rooms on his floor were occupied yet. Then again, they had to go to Ireland still.

The room was luxurious! Gold lined the bed and the bathtub. There were multiple beds instead of just one, like steerage. The little ones had space to put their toys and play. Julius thought that this was what his room in his mansion was going to be like in America. Yet again, he was used to this. The home that he had lived in when he was in France was not quite as nice as this, yet it still worked. As Julius settled down for the night, he couldn’t stop thinking about how his life would be in America.

Suddenly, it was the next night. Julius had slept in late and did literally nothing that day. No swimming, no talking to others, no walking. He just sat there motionless, thinking about what he was going to do in America. His mother had asked him, “Why don’t you go out and explore something, Julius. You’ve been doing nothing all day!”

“Mom, I already told you NO! I don’t want to do anything. Nothing. Notta. Just leave me alone. Stop ordering me around like a little kid.” That night was the same thing. Laying down and thinking. But at about midnight, while he was trying to sleep, there was a little shake. Things started to rattle for a split second, but soon stopped. “That was weird. What was that?” Julius thought to himself. As he slipped on his shoes and coat, he couldn’t help but feel a bit hopeless. Off he went into the massive corridors.

Remarkably, the impact of the iceberg woke few. Julius was one of the ones that it woke. He decided to go out and wander the many corridors while investigating what that shake was. “If I wake some others, maybe I’ll be able to find out what happened!” So he tried it. Nope, that didn’t even come close to working. Three times he tried, three times he got yelled at and sent back to his room. There was only one more option, and that was to talk to the captain. Julius quickly ran up to the deck and reached the captain’s cabin. Julius didn’t know if the captain would welcome him, but it was his only choice. He went in.

“Who are you, and what do you want from me?” were the captain’s first words.

“Captain, I have a couple questions to ask you about the ship. Let’s start.”

“Hold up, you are asking me to answer questions in this tight of a time?! Alright, it better be for a good reason.”

“Ok, first question: What was the rattle that I felt in my room?” asked Julius.

“Well, I shouldn’t be telling you this, but I need to. Summing it up, the Titanic has been hit by an iceberg.”


“Stop shouting! This will all be over soon. We need everyone to get on the deck. Get your family now. Go!”

Julius rushed down to his cabin. “Everyone, get up. We need to get on deck NOW. The Titanic has been hit by an iceberg, and we are sinking.”

“But I thought this ship was unsinkable!” exclaimed his mom, Thelma.

“Same, but we are hit. Vic and Emma, hold hands with mom and dad. I’ll grab the life jackets for us.” In about 30 seconds, his whole family was ready to go. It may be the time that any delay will kill you. “Let’s go.”

Consequently, people had already filled the corridors, trying to get out. Julius and his whole family were able to get to the front and get up to the deck.

Women and children, this way to board a lifeboat.” shouted a crew worker. Thelma knew that she should go, yet she didn’t want to go. She knew that the decision was between life or death.

“I’ll see you guys later, I guess. That is, if you survive. Bye.” Her decision was heart-wrenching for Julius and his dad, as Thelma was very important to both of them.  But she made the right choice. Both Julius and Louise knew that this was true. Julius and his dad walked on for about a minute longer and found an open lifeboat. As soon as they approached it, a group of women and children surged forward, saying, “Move! Make way!” The lifeboat was immediately filled up and sent down.

Moreover, next to this lifeboat that was just occupied was another empty one. A crew worker opened it up and Julius got on with his dad. They were here for about a half a minute when Julius remembered that he had something he wanted to take to America. That item was his grandmother’s photo album from her life. It was very important to Julius, so he went down to get it. He was able to find it, but with great difficulty. By the time he got back up to the main deck, all of the lifeboats had departed and were gone.

For this reason, lifeboats went quickly. Since there were no lifeboats left, Julius was forced to jump in the water, which is what lots of people did as well. The water was VERY cold and he could feel the ice biting at his skin, but Julius didn’t care. It was a bubbling, blue bottomless hole“Why did I even jump? What’s the point?” It was like a block of ice that is around your whole body at all times. The last lifeboat was in sight, so he swam to it. Only a couple of people were in it, so he climbed in and made himself at home.

The Titanic needed approximately 61 lifeboats to save everyone. Julius was one of the estimated thousand people to not get a lifeboat. In about 4 hours, the ship Carpathia came in sight to save the lifeboats. “Man, after that whole experience, I want to get on that thing.” But there was one problem. The lifeboat that Julius was on was not seen by the Carpathia at first. Everyone was yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs to get the ship’s attention. It started to lurch their way, but steered off toward the opposite direction. The lifeboat that Julius was on was stranded and alone in the middle of the ocean. “Well, this really was a lot of money down the drain. I could’ve bought something better with that money. Why are we even trying to live in America in the first place? Is it better or is it worse? I called it. I knew something bad was going to happen. Honestly, I didn’t think I would make it out alive when I was trying to get the photo album. Now I know that I won’t make it back to America and spend some quality time thinking about France” Were his final thoughts as the Carpathia slowly drifted off into the horizon.

As can be seen, after 2 days without good food or water to consume while he also reflected on his life, everyone in Julius’ lifeboat was deceased. No one had seen this coming, but it happened like a flash. Julius had died with the Titanic, along with his lifeboat companions. Both of his parents never got to America either, but his siblings did. Emma and Viktor both made it to America and both owned the mansion, they owned it for around 26 more years, then sold it to another family. Their family lived on until 1940, when they were both murdered like they were free man’s game. The story of the Titanic has died in Julius’ family.


Eyewitness Books: Titanic by Simon Adams

Titanic Sinks! By Barry Denenberg

Times Titanic Magazine




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