Award Winning

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Doubting what is the truth.

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



Award Winning


I’m one hell of an actress I’ve heard it be said,

especially by those who feel like they’ve been mislead.


I can put on a performance and lie through my teeth,

all the while hiding what is underneath.


I can be so convincing when I distort the facts,

so know, when you’re around me, you shouldn’t relax.


I’ll act out my story, my web I will spin,

Pulling you into the fiction that’s hidden within


this fanciful trickery, this so blatant mask --

just what is true you should know not to ask.


I cannot be trusted, should always be doubted

because how can you see through this deception I’ve flouted.


I’ll over-exaggerate, just make pretend,

you know from my fantasy you should defend.


But I’ll tell you a secret, there never were lies,

for doubting the truth you should get first prize.


One day you’ll be confronted with all of the facts

and realise that your doubt has made you so lax.


I never have acted, you just wouldn’t see,

but treated with contempt what really was me.


By the time you discover this it will all be too late,

I’ll have slammed closed the door and bolted the gate,

and you’ll see that the problems were also the truth,

not some dreamed up facade from some misspent youth.

You treated me like I was some kind of fake,

for any self-confidence was yours to take;

I could no longer trust what I really did feel

for you’ve stamped on my perception of just what is real.

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