how i survived the titanic

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Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017




How I Survived the Titanic

The day the Titanic sank was a bad night for everybody.

It is 1912 and I am getting ready to board the Titanic in France. My name is Ethel I am on the titanic because I am a business woman and I am looking for sales in New York. As the boat comes, I feel a bit of regret for taking this opportunity of going on this trip because I really don't trust boats that much. A butler walks up to me and says “Ethel?” “yes” I said “I will take your bags.”


As I walk onto the ship, I start to feel quite famished I will need to get some food quick. As I walk in I smell food and I am immediately drawn to it like a fly drawn to light. Once I get some food I sit down and eat at the humongous dinner table located inside the Titanic. After I eat my food I notice I am also quite parched as well. I ask somebody for a drink and they say that they will try to get them to me as soon as they can. I finish my drink and I am ready have some fun so I go down and play poker with some people I met when I was waiting for the Ship in France.

Once I start playing, somebody asks us if we want any desserts “oh yes I do!” I say excitedly. They ask me what I want and I order the cheesecake. When I ordered it just made my mouth water.  The cheesecake was so good with its creamy texture and its pale white look and its rich vanilla taste. After we are done with our  desserts and game of poker we all decide to go back to our room and just relax for the rest of the night.


Suddenly, the boat starts vibrating and I start to wonder what is happening. Even though I am quite curious of what is going on, I try to ignore it. I am quite thirsty again so I go to the kitchen and see if I could get one. Luckily, they were running out and they gave me just the last drop.I start walking back to my room and then I notice I didn't walk this way to the kitchen. “Oh no i’m lost” I think to myself how would I get back to my room now!


Finally, I run into somebody in the hallway “Do you know how to get to room 107?” I ask.

“How would I know?” he says. I start to freak out then I remember my way when I run down the staircase in relief I notice that the carpets are damp but I just keep walking. When I get down I notice there's even even more water then their was on the staircase it is about ankles deep. When I finally reach my room and when I reach my door the engines turn off I really start to panic now. I decide to go the deck and just what is going on now!


When I am walking toward the deck I notice that there are many people blocking the hallways making it hard to get to the deck. I start squeezing my way through all the cold hands and the wet life vests to the ship's deck. On my way there I see a kid crying “poor kid” I think “what the heck?” “I dont care about anybodys feelings!” Once I finally reach the deck of the ship and I'm trying to find the captain “Hello!” I say Just then I hear someone screaming her head off.  “Its sinking! it's sinking!” he said when he is running he accidentally bumps me and  I hit the wall with a loud THUD the pressure is just enough to knock me off of the ship's deck.

As I face plant into the water, with a SMACK I hit the water “OH come on” I said to the man but he was to busy screaming like a baby.Then I start to scream but still the lookout doesn't see me. So then I scream “HELP ME!” Then he goes looking in the water and he sees me. They throw a ladder into the water and I try to get on but the current is too strong. The lookout just gives up and throws me a life vest.


As I struggle to get the vest on I hear screams I look over onto the titanic and I see that the titanic is halfway sunken.  I was very happy I fell off board but I'm gonna get frostbite “this water it freezing it must be like 2000 degrees below zero” I say shivering. I notice something in the distance “It's the carpathia!” “it come to save us!” I say. “OK it's four o’clock” I say as I look down at my very expensive designer watch.


Once the ship swings onto the side of the titanic, saving all of their passengers the captain sees me they again throw a ladder down and this time I actually am able to get onto the ship. Once I am on the ship, I notice that some passengers have emptied out some cabins for us I take a good look at the room “well it's not the titanic but it's a dry bed” I say. I start thinking how bad it would've been if the Carpathia didn't come or if the man didn't push me off. I see someone walking in the hallway, I walk over to him and ask him “How cold is the water” “28 degrees” he says. “Why do you ask” It was just on my mind I say.

I start thinking about my friend that I met on the titanic. “He didn't make it,” I say starting to tear up. “At least I’m safe” I think to myself the ship  goes back to New York and drops everyone off. “It's good to be on land,” I think to myself.

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