The Sinking of the Unsinkable

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A realistic fiction about the Titanic

Submitted: March 24, 2017

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Submitted: March 24, 2017



The Sinking of the Unsinkable

I’ll never forget the terrifying night the “unsinkable” ship sank. I’ve never seen a ship close to as big. After that terrifying night I’ve never rode a boat since. But my memories still swim through my nightmares.The worst of it was the screaming. I couldn’t believe how much people died that night. It all started on the big day. It’s pretty depressing that our first decision together was to honeymoon on a ship that was the cause of the end of 1,503 people's lives.

I was downtown in Southampton, England waiting for my bride to gather her things and get to the Titanic. We were both eager to start a new life once we found out about the Titanic’s maiden voyage so we decided to honeymoon on the titanic and head to New York to start a new life. I’m kind of a quiet one so I was glad the wedding ceremony was over. I was standing on the dock next to the great Titanic. I checked my stopwatch and finally Mary arrived. “Sorry I kept you waiting James!” Mary called.

“No, no. It’s fine” I called back. Though I was a little irritated I held it inside me because I wanted to quickly buy two 2nd class tickets but we were running a little late so I ran quickly with Mary and bought two first class tickets. As I ran I glanced down at my ticket and realized that it was a first class! Shoot! I thought, well too late now we’re already up to the booth. I quickly explained to Mary that we’d be boarding as first class passengers. She grunted in response. I suddenly felt guilty because I had just remembered that she likes having the money to do cool stuff but she hates being one of the most important people on a boat or somewhere just because she has a lot of money. Suddenly, I realized that the man at the booth was talking to me.

“Hey you, yeah you. What’s your name man? Gotta know your name man. Oh and also gotta see your ticket man.” said the man.

I quickly handed him my ticket and answered, “Oh, heh. My name’s James Guy Maguire and here’s my ticket.”

“Oh ho! First class eh? You two don’t look like no first class.” But alright. How ‘bout you madam? Name and ticket please.”

“My name is Mary Florence Maguire and I’m first class two. If ya don’t believe me take a look at my ticket” she said.

The man glanced at the first class on the card and slapped it into Mary’s hand. “Alright ma’am and sir go ‘head board the beauty.” By the way you’ll be stopping in Ireland before you really head out to sea” he informed us.

Later that night, after we had just finished eating our dinner. “It’s pretty peaceful now ain’t it Mary?” I asked.

“Yeah but it kind of feels like it’s a little too quiet” Mary answered nervously. “Let’s try to find one of the men who work on the ship.” she added fretfully. It seemed like hours as we walked the seemingly endless halls but we finally found 3 men knocking on doors telling people to get their lifejackets and get up onto the deck.

“What’s going on here?!?” Mary blurted. She sounded so agitated that the hall was starting to feel agitated to.

“Well it seems we’ve uh, we're having some engine difficulties.” one of the men answered nervously. Why is he nervous? I thought. I suddenly felt a slight shift in the floor and I quickly glanced downwards.

I glanced at one of the men and asked  “Was that norm-” CREAK!!! The sound emitted from the boat sounded like the it was crying out in agony!

“GET YOUR LIFE JACKETS AND GET UP ON DECK!!!!!” one of the men screamed unexpectedly and shot off down the next hallway.

“Let’s go Mary!!! We have to get back to our room and grab our jackets!!!” I hollered over the creaking and moaning of the ship. We quickly scrambled up the stairs after we had retrieved our jackets. We abruptly came to a halt. “Why did we stop?” I asked Mary and she nodded to in front of me. There were a bunch of 3rd class passengers trying to get up the stairs. I looked closer and realized they were moving backwards! No pushed backwards! I thought frantically when I finally realized what was happening we were already moving again. I didn’t let myself dwell on the fact that hundreds of people weren’t being allowed to get to the deck and were being barred off. We made it up to the deck and were immediately offered a spot on a lifeboat. “Go aboard Mary” I ordered.

“OK but I’m taking you with me!” she cried as she tried to drag me aboard the lifeboat. I quickly jerked out of her grasp and found and offered my seat to a crying wife and child. I watched as more and more lifeboats slowly dropped into the icy water below until there was one left. I suddenly somebody crying like a child. I looked over at the location of the crying in disgust and saw it was an actual child! I swiftly ran over to the child scooped him up in my arms and sped over to the last lifeboat. It was too late! The boat was already lowering to the water. I knew what I had to do. I took a deep breath, leaped over the rail, and hit the lifeboat below. Searing pain flashed up my leg. I looked down to check the condition of my leg and saw it was broken. I stumbled over to the terrified group of women and children and gave the child to the nearest mom and said “Watch over him will yah?”. I then turned to my broken leg and tried to stop the quick flow of blood rushing from my leg.

I noticed that we were at least moving away from the boat and was finally informed that the Titanic had hit an iceberg and was flooded. I sat up at the sound of an explosion and saw the Titanic

slowly tipping toward the sky. Seconds after that I drifted into unconsciousness. I woke with a start hoping it had all been a bad dream and that in the past hours I wasn’t drifting in and out of consciousness. Sadly I waxd. I realized someone was lifting me into a ship and as I was being raised I saw the name Carpathia on the ship. I slept most of the time after and when I heard someone talking about seeing land I sat up and limped around frantically asking if there was a Mary Florence Maguire. Someone pointed me towards the bow of the Carpathia and there was a woman standing alone shivering. I looked again and saw she was crying. “Oh, James….” she sobbed softly. Her blonde hair reminded me of Mary. Plus that lady was saying my name. Ought to give it a try I thought.

“Mary? Mary is that you?” I asked softly.

“I thought I told you people to leave me alone!” she snapped back and turned around. When she saw it was me in the dim light she stared in awe and ran up to me sobbing.

“We’re gonna be alright Mary we’re almost there…” We just stood at the bow in silence floating to the land mass we hadn’t noticed earlier in the sunset for however long it took to get there. We were finally starting our new life and we had survived as one of the lucky 705 people to make it out alive.


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